NYT and Post Hurting America

The General who has led U.S. Special Forces in the defeat of ISIS claimed today that leaks from the NY Times led to the escape of ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, just when they were closing in on him. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Washington Post publishes another “sources” story that, if true (that is that Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. referred to discussions with AG Jeff Sessions about the recent U.S. election campaign) could only have come from the highest level of a U.S. security agency. But, did it not occur to the Washington Post that the Ambassador to the Kremlin would of course be aware that his calls were being “tapped” and that in true Russian style, he would be sorely tempted to mention a red herring in an attempt to bamboozle intelligence officials?  Surely, officials with the Washington Post could not possibly be that dumb, could they? Useful Idiots for the Kremlin?  Well, based on the raft of Fake News coming from the NYT and Post in recent months, I guess one shouldn’t be surprised.

But my point in all of this is that these two grand old mainstream media outlets have completely squandered any credibility they might have had in their blind rage towards Donald Trump. They’ve let their emotions control their reason and severely tarnished their reputations and possibly caused the loss of American and Allied lives.  After all, by publishing news that would allow the leader of ISIS to escape, the NYT essentially aided and abetted ISIS.  ISIS has been “dismantled” and is on the verge of complete collapse with conservative estimates of at least 60 to 70,000 ISIS terrorists killed. But with the ISIS leader still loose, there is still a dim hope for his dwindling followers and he serves as an encouragement to them to continue their rampage against Christianity and Western Civilization.

Shame on the NYT and Washington Post.

Trump is right. Western Civilization in Peril

There’s been a lot of bleating from the Liberal elite lately concerning President Trump’s recent eloquent speech to the Polish people. Harkening back to similar speeches by JFK, President Trump provided  a marvelous summary of the struggle underway to preserve the greatest civilization the world has ever known. That, of course, is Western Civilization, which every historian knows is built upon the pillars of Christianity.

When Liberal elites describe Trump’s speech as “White Supremicist” they might want to review speeches and many written texts by one of the greatest, if not the greatest world leader of all time; Winston Churchill. Was Winston Churchill a racist? I daresay there are some University Professors out there who believe so.

I’ve been reading an excellent book called “Churchill and God”, in which the great leader’s fundamental belief in Christian Civilization is explored in depth. Churchill knew that the Anti-God Nazis posed a threat to Christian civilization which, of course, is the foundation of Western Civilization. But Churchill also had considerable contempt for those he described as Mohammedins….the force which has been trying to destroy Christian Civilization for fourteen hundred years.

The latest news is that Statistics Canada has crunched the numbers and within 20 years, Canada will be predominantly a land of people who will be ignorant or downright hostile to Christianity and the civilization it spawned. Most of the new immigrants will come from Asia and many if not most of them will come from Muslim countries such as Pakistan. The Old Ruminator has nothing against Asians. For the most part they are wonderful, bright, hard working human beings. But a nasty current of cultural evil runs within the Asian Continent; Islam. It has created vast swaths of human misery, destroying nations such as Pakistan and threatening others such as the Phillipines and Indonesia.

The Globe and Mail reports “A massive demographic change is taking place that could alter Canada’s economic, political and education systems and exacerbate the divide between rural and urban communities.”   Of course, one element is glaringly missing from the Globe’s report….the “cultural” change which is coming. The Globe and other media outlets don’t want to go there. Too sensitive. But the truth is, Canada will change and I believe NOT for the better.

Goodbye Canada. Goodbye to the Christian Civilization upon which you are based. Goodbye to the Christian based laws which established you and allowed you to flourish and become the world’s greatest nation. Goodbye to the values, which by the way, welcome peoples of all cultures and faiths to adopt Canada’s Liberty.

Unless we are extremely lucky and new immigrants learn to adopt Canadian values, we could see the Muslim “no-go” zones familiar to so many residents of Sweden, France and Belgium.

All the more reason to support efforts to ensure all new immigrants are familiar with the Canadian values which make our great nation what it is today and that they swear allegiance to those values upon entering the country.

Canada’s Wine Price Rip-Off Worse than Ever

Canadians who have shopped for wine in the U.S. are often shocked to see the difference in prices. For a long time now, we’ve been aware of the outright theft that goes on under the guise of “taxation” and “mark-up” of Canadian retail wines.  Canadians get hosed when it comes to buying any kind of liquor.  But things are getting worse.

In the Old Ruminator’s home province of British Columbia there have been great strides recently in making wine, especially BC Grown VQA wine, available through grocery stores and specialty wine shops.

But something must be done about the ridiculous trend in wine pricing.

On a recent trip across the boarder to Washinton State, I noticed two wines in particular which were so dramatically cheaper than their identical cousins in Canada, I just had to capture the evidence for posterity.

The first example (seen below) is a California red blend made by Bogle. The price of a 750ml bottle at Trader Joes in Bellingham, $8.99 U.S.; the price of the same bottle at Everything Wine in BC $35.99 Cdn. (Incidentally this is an excellent wine)  There is no way that any level of reasonable taxation, currency exchange or mark-up can account for that unbelievable difference. (about 4 times more costly in BC than in Washington)

But that’s a U.S. wine, you say, and perhaps that accounts for the difference. Or maybe it’s because “Bogle” is not one of the more popular brands in Canada.  Well not so fast.

Here’s another example of one of the world’s most popular wines, Yellowtail Big Bold Red, from Australia.  Priced in Bellingham’s Fred Meyer’s at $7.99 U.S for 1.5ltre bottle. ($7.19 if you were to buy six) Meanwhile, the price in British Columbia government Liquor Store outlets for a bottle HALF the size is $13.79 Cdn.  Outrageous! (that’s roughly three times more expensive in BC than in Washinton)

These prices are before sales taxes, which in BC are about 12% and in Washington State about 7%. So the end price difference, after tax, is even more outrageous.  We are being robbed in Canada and it’s time we started making a stink about it.

Nashville latest to be screwed by bad NHL officiating

The Nashville Preditors were f…ked by NHL refereeing tonight in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Is anyone really surprised?  Now the Nashville fans have a taste of what so many Canadian fans have had to endure in recent years as Gary Bettman and the NHL focus their efforts to ensure big markets like Boston, New York, Chicago and Pittsburg take home the trophy.

In a call which was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong, a perfectly legitimate goal by the Nashville Preditors was dissallowed because some fool of a referee blew his whistle in a panic while the play was still alive. Lord help us. Why do we tolerate this BS? I just can’t be bothered to go into all the details but over the years there have been too many cases of a Stanly Cup being awarded due to incompetence of malevolence on the part of NHL referees.  It’s sickening.

More Muslims Equals Greater Chance of Terrorist Acts says CBC

I watched in stunned disbelief tonight as CBC’s The National finally reported the obvious … the more Muslims a Country has, the more chance that country could face a terrorist act. Mind you, the CBC didn’t actually use the word “Muslims”. The report went something like this; an expert said , Britain has millions of people of whom a percentage might radicalize, Canada has thousands.  Clearly the comment was not about overall population, because of course Canada as millions of “people” not thousands. But we do have “thousands” of people who are Muslim. I think the official number these days is several hundred thousand.

A little later in the show, a panel of so-called “experts” pooh poohed suggestions that Canada should review it’s immigration polices. Surprise! But the good news is that our public broadcaster finally, finally reported an obvious fact which is so apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense.



Are There No Conservative Comics?

It seems a plethora of would-be left-wing comedians have seen their careers resurrected with the election of Donald Trump. I’m quite puzzled by all this, because it has always been Conservatives who claimed Liberals have no sense of humour. Scores of right wing commentators, including myself, have made the point that feminists, gay activists, academics are so politically tight-assed that nothing remotely borderline in terms of political correctness could possibly make them laugh. And with the latest round of late-night profanity the common rejoinder is; “they would never have allowed such things to be said of Hillary.” It seems there are millions of Hillary Clinton fans who stay up past their normal bedtimes to listen to Late Night TV hosts lambaste Trump with so-called ‘humour’. Now maybe Liberals just normally stay up late but haven’t been watching TV in recent years and this serves as a kind of catharsis following Hillary’s humiliating defeat. Whatever the reasons, it seems to me someone is missing out on a potential ratings bonanza by not going after the millions of voters who supported Trump.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the ‘right’ to have it’s own late night TV show, complete with a Conservative host making rude and disgusting jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? I mean there’s a boat load of material for anyone with a half decent ability to wright a gag. And, at least for a short while, millions of lefties would tune in, just to be outraged. It’s a winner.  And it certainly would go a lot further in addressing the imbalance currently at play in the spectrum of political comedy.

Flake named ‘Colbert’ disgraces CBS


I’ve never watched the show that someone named Steve Colbert hosts on CBS late at night. Ya, I’m a senior and I tend to go to bed around 11PM unless I’m enjoying the company of friends over another glass of wine. Anyway, there’s a big stink over some sort of monologue that this Colbert guy recently gave.

I finally saw a clip of the episode on Fox News’ Hannity tonight and was genuinely shocked that such a profane, disrespectful, disgusting rant would be allowed to the air on the (formerly) distinguished CBS network.

As a former news man, I always respected CBS for it’s perspective….that is until the famous scandal involving Dan Rather’s phony story on President HW Bush’s military record.

Anyway, CBS should issue an apology at least and it would be great if they completely banned this buffoon Colbert from the air. Actually, I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t some sort of legislative prohibition against this disgusting episode.

Mental Health Ads Miss Real Problem

We’ve all been deluged by ads in recent months from various mental health advocacy groups encouraging everyone to recognize mental health as an issue that can affect everyone; that no one should be afraid to talk about it, yada yada yada.

While that all is very true, I wonder if we aren’t missing the point, that is, the REAL problem facing our society concerning mental health.

Today, the Old Ruminator had occasion to make a sojourn into the heart of Vancouver. On two occasions, while trying to navigate the nightmare that is described as traffic, I had to deal to an obviously very troubled individual suffering from some sort of psychosis. The first fellow insisted on not finishing his crossing at a crosswalk. He may have been drunk but my impression is he was suffering from some sort of hallucinogenic or mental illness. Within 20 blocks I encountered my second “patient” who insisted on standing in the middle of the curb lane, refusing to move. I was unfortunate enough to find myself bumper to kneecap with the poor soul after the bus in front of me lurched into the middle lane. There he stood, cursing at me and thrusting his middle finger at me. I gave him a little “beep” and, in my best imitation of a Sister of Mercy, gave the look of “please, sir, would you kindly let me pass?” , at which he mouthed “F….. you” and made a Dirty Harry shooting motion with his right hand. I eventually managed to navigate my way around him, with virtually hundreds of hard working tax paying, contributing members of society jammed in traffic behind me, trying to make their way home after a hard days work.

These poor, unfortunate souls really shouldn’t be in the middle of city traffic, raging against life. They should be in an institution, medicated and comforted. But why are mental health advocacy groups completely ignoring this crisis? Is it because they fear they will not be able to navigate their cause through the idiots described as our Supreme Court Justices? I suspect so.

It’s much easier to broadcast messages that all of us are just a single, unfortunate turn of events away from some sort of mental catastrophe. I’m not sure what good that does for society or for the poor individuals who have encountered such maladies, but maybe it makes the advocacy groups feel they are doing something worthwhile.

Canadian Turks Try to Refute Armenian Genocide

A reprehensible half-page ad appears in today’s National Post. I was disgusted by it, but in the spirit of ‘freedom of speech’ must accept the author’s right to have it published. If only those who paid for the ad, also believed in truth, and freedom of expression.

In a nutshell, something called the “Turkish Canadians Peace and Solidarity Platform” (TCPSP) which one suspects is a cover group for a Turkish government propaganda arm, is claiming the Armenians are somehow subverting Canadian cultural diversity by propagating lies about the Armenian Genocide. The general claim is that many many Muslims were also killed in the First World War, so why point fingers at the Armenian Genocide?  It’s the classic smoke and mirrors/ red-herring campaign. Instead of getting down on their knees and apologizing to the Armenians, Turkish Muslims are stridently blaming the victims for bad press about the genocide.  The TCPSP has the unmitigated gall to claim that Armenians are somehow upsetting Canadian cultural peaceful coexistance by pointing out that Turkish Muslims systematically murdered or starved to death millions of Christian Armenian men, women and children at the turn of the century. (Actually, tens or hundreds of thousands of boys were kept alive following the murder of their parents in order that they might be forcefully converted to Islam or kept as sexual slaves. This is the Islamic practice of “devsirme”, practiced for the last 14 hundred years upon all conquered peoples.)


France and Mainstream Media Bias

I admit I don’t know much about Marine Le Pen, but only a casual read of the day’s news coverage following her spectacular showing in the French election ‘primary’ suggests she will have an uphill struggle against the mainstream media.  And we consumers of news in North America will have to take the reporting of events in France with a hefty dose of skepticism.

My first example is from an online CNN report today

“In the next two weeks, Macron will build on his pro-European, centrist message while Le Pen made it clear she would intensify the nationalist, anti-Islamist rhetoric that propelled her into the second round.”

Notice that our neutral, objective CNN reporter juxtaposes Macron’s “message” against Le Pen’s “rhetoric”.  Hmmmmm

In many other reports in Canadian media today there are innumerable references to Le Pen’s “pessimistic” and “dark” policies, compared to Macron’s “optimistic” policies.  Look, I get it that different people will interpret things differently, but the media is SUPPOSED to offer an unbiased interpretation of world events. Is it not possible that those millions for French citizens who voted for Le Pen, may actually believe her policies to be “optimistic” and “bright” for France’s future? As a former senior journalist with one of Canada’s leading News Organizations, the Old Ruminator, is perfectly capable of understanding events without some junior reporter, fresh out of a left-leaning University with a Communications degree, lending their worldly opinion to the day’s news coverage.