Up and Running

The noted historian, Michael Bliss, had an interesting piece in the Globe and Mail today.. (Yes, I actually do read it from time to time…to get the other perspective). Mr. Bliss points out that the proroguing of parliament, that nefarious act which has worked Liberals, the NDP and Canada’s academia (and their students) into such a frenzy of fervor for democracy…will cause Parliament to sit THREE less weeks than would be normal.
Michael Bliss asks the question…If this is such a big deal…why arn’t the Libs and NDPers willing to fight an election on it? Good question. Maybe cuz they know they’re asses are blowin gas. An election… now, that would be true democracy in action (David).

Here’s my theory.

Let’s just say I’m a lot smarter then I actually am…..say a professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta. I spend my tenured days…and years..and decades…teaching 18, 19 and 20 year olds about the nuances of Parliament.  Nothing has changed since Trudeau repatriated the Constitution.  I’m bored stiff.  So last year about this time…when the Opposition Liberals and New Democrats decided they were ready to side with Seperatists to gain power…..I was ready to lend my expert opinion to the public debate. After all….this was a chance for me to actually speak to people who watched a full news cast most days…adults.

So I joined my Political Science collegues across the land declaring that there would be nothing wrong with a coalition of Liberals, New Democrats and Seperatists running Canada within weeks of the Conservatives winning a minority government. Yes…it would be unprecedented. It had never happened before and certainly it might seem odd to the lowly voter that Seperatists (whom some would call “traitors”) would have a say in running a government that they were sworn to defeat.  But…technically…it was fine. While most mature Canadians breathed a sigh of relief when Harper used proroguing to protect democracy…the poly scis…saw nothing wrong with a coalition of power hungry imbeciles.

That was a great time for political scientists. I don’t recall…ever…so many University political scientists being interviewed about their opinion on the matter. Suddenly…for each of them..all those years of studying and rote teaching had born notoriety…even a kind of fame. Here they were…spouting political theory on the local Edmonton evening news…to tens of thousands of viewers who were obviously desperatly seeking their opinion on whether such an obviously convoluted and inbred mish-mash of political gamesmanship could possibly be considered constitutional.  “No Problem, they declared…slyly aware in their own concious or unconsious hearts that such a devil’s brew would provide no end of discussion for them and their innocent high-school graduate audiences for months to come. Self-serving? You bet.

Now, the latest “scandal”. The Political Scientists are even banding together…signing petitions. They are outraged that that evil Conservative despot will be making key decisions…essentially running the whole country for three whole weeks without the wisdom provided by the genius’s who masquerade as fools during Question Period.  Yes Bob Rae…who prorogued the Ontario Legislature…and Iggy..who’s predecessor, Chretien, was the master proroger….are indignant, outraged. We’ll see.  I would love to see them take this issue to the electorate in a real test of democracy in action. They’d get their assed kicked, they’d never be able to show their faces again…except perhaps at political science lessons at U of A.