Jean Chretien and the Old Ruminator

Anyone who knows the Old Ruminator, knows his opinion of the idiot known as Jean Chretien.

But it seems the Old Ruminator and Jean Chretien are somehow destined to cross paths on a regular and close basis. The Old Ruminator interviewed Jean Chretien at least a dozen times in his previous life as a reporter. The first time, was when Jean Chrietien was Minister of Indian and North Affairs in 1970; location, Churchill Manitoba. As a reporter, the Old Ruminator covered Mr. Chrietien’s bid for the Liberal Leadership and many years as PM. Can’t tell you how many times I stuck a mic in his face.

Then there was a long hiatus, until the 2010 Olympics. The Old Ruminator and Mrs. Ruminator, visiting downtown during the Olympics, decided to check out the latest and newest Fairmont Hotel (3rd one in the city) and who should we meet in the lobby. You guessed it. It figures he’d be staying at the swankiest hotel in the city. Where’d he get all that money on a PM’s salary?

Mrs. Ruminator asked if I wanted to pose for a picture with the old coot and, of course, I declined. Friends of ours, a Liberal inclined couple (one born in the U.S., the other in Ireland) gave old Jean a great big hug and had the most wonderful photo taken. Me and my principles! Even though I can’t stand the man or what he did to this country, it would have been cool to have such a photo.

Elegance from Afar

I was checking my Social Media profiles lately to see what was happening in my virtual life.

 Turns out, there’s an old story that Tyee Magazine published a while ago that mentions Carole Taylor and I, in almost the same sentence. Carole is a very elegant, gracious person, but was being pummeled by this left wing journal for making a smart business decision. She decided to eliminate capital taxes on banks in BC. This was a courageous decision, as everyone hates banks. But it was the right decision, because taxing capital investment is like taxing job creation. 

When Carole was BC’s Minister of Finance, I lobbied her to get rid of the tax, as did every other business organization in the province. And to her credit, she got rid of it. I believe that action will result in the creation of thousands of highly skilled, high-paying jobs in the years to come. The NDP just don’t understand this.

Anyway, it bugs me to see people like Carole, being unfairly treated in the media. I first met Carole in 1973. She was a reporter for CTV and I remember one particular day, while staking out a Ministers’ meeting, that I, along with every other male reporter there, were thankful that we could catch a glimpse of her every now and then; like a ray of sunshine chasing away the dreary corridors of power.

Many years later, I met her professionally. I have no idea whether she knew of our close media connection. But she was one of the most gracious and approachable politicians I have ever met.

Fools in the Backwoods

I’m sick of watching ATV’s and other “recreational” vehicles despoiling our environment on national automobile commercials. As though it’s perfectly alright to drive your oil leaking, noisy, fuming vehicle through Canada’s pristine wilderness, scaring local wildlife and leaking oil into fish habitat. I hate it. These bastards are almost as bad as snowmobilers and dirt bike riders. Sons of bitches, who don’t have a clue about the true outdoors. To them, our wilderness is like a giant Disneyland that was created just for them. They roar through backwoods, trout streams, mountains and lakes of this great northern nation without any consideration of their effect on the delicate and intricate strands of interdependency that the natural life of these environments need to sustain themselves. Snowmobiles and dirt bikes should be banned from public areas, period. They are monstrous, noisy, dirty, filthy, dangerous machines. What in God’s name were hundreds of snowmobilers doing, screaming up a BC mountain hillside last week, causing an avalanche? They all should be prosecuted. I’m sorry to say it, but the fools who died in that farce, deserved to go. They improve the gene pool through their actions.

The latest abomination has some clown tearing down a structure in the wilderness that is an advertisement for a K-Tel type TV promotion. The bastard leaves the shreds of his destruction behind as he drives away from the pristine lakeside or forest in his gas-guzzling, stinking machine. Then to top it off , there’s some sort of disgusting tag-line suggesting this guy is a real outdoorsman. Good God. What a farce. How do these car manufacturers get to drive their vehicle across our Mountain ranges and beside or through our pristine mountain lakes? This is not trick photography. They are definitely driving across very attractive and pristine-looking landscapes. It’s deserves an investigation.

Immigration raises issues that must be discussed

I read a column in the Vancouver Sun with the heading above. I thought alrighty then, about time. Let’s talk. The author goes on to say how good immigration is for Canada; I’m thinking ‘he has to massage all egos, when do we get to the discussion?’ He continues on to say that nearly 90 percent of young Chinese immigrants in Canada go to university, and 98 percent seek post-secondary education by age 21. Then he continues: that 75% of Koreans have university degrees, 59% of Filipinos, 52% of Arabs, and then he says: ‘and white Canadians?’ (up to this point I didn’t realize we were talking about skin colour ’cause no one else was referred to in such a derogatory manner), ‘only 26%’. I read this as an implication that those of European heritage are less intelligent.

The rest of the article says that the government thinks everything is oh so wonderful but they also realize that it is a complex challenge to hammer out a coherent national identity. Okay now my turn:

The people of European descent who have lived here for generations and built the lovely cities with the stable government, the neighbourhoods tree lined streets, parks, hospitals, schools, clean running water, electricity, etc., have not been raised in the competitive environment our friends in more crowded countries have had. The European Canadians have never thought it absolutely necessary that their children have university education because their society was fair and just (another plus for the Europeans), and they believed that everyone in their just society would be paid fairly for their work. If they were truly unable to work, social programs had been developed to help them. These days a university degree has come to mean you will belong to the economic ruling class. Already if you see children of European heritage in school you can see that they are largely overlooked, their culture dismissed.

Often, though this point is never mentioned, they are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds but nothing, repeat, nothing is being done to include them in the rush for wealth our society is currently undergoing. For these children to succeed, they now have to do a complete 180 degree turn and become competitive, thinking only of their own futures and whether or not they will be successful. No longer can their thoughts be on whether or not their society is faring well, but shall have to focus on number one.

How does this bode for Canadian society at large?  Shall we still be saying sorry to our shadows or will be trying to figure out how to outdo our neighbour -no apologies required?



I was shocked tonight that the CBC didn’t have a lead story on the Afghan detainee “scandal”. I continue trying to figure out, along with the other 2/3rds of Canadians what the “scandal’ is, but then I saw the feature story on “Racist attitudes in Canada” and it all came clear. CBC had something really negative to chew on.
Turns out, 28% of Canadians think Muslims and Aboriginals might be discriminated against. Wait a second. Wouldn’t Muslims and Aboriginals make up about 28% of the population? It would certainly seem so if you scan the streets of Edmonton. So they all figure they are being discriminated against. Wonderful! Right after the Olympics and the inclusive spirit created across our nation, CBC can’t wait a week before tearing our unanimity apart. That’s the CBC spirit. Our tax dollars at work.
They showed a young girl, possibly of Arab descent, because it looked like she might be wearing something akin a shawl over her head, saying that someone insulted her, claiming her ear rings looked “like airplanes”. Well, that has got to be racism for sure.
Then CBC interviewed a Doctor of something or other, who claimed racism definitly did exist, but we are probably one of the most civilized countries in the world on this point.
A word here, from the Old Ruminator, who can say he has personally “suffered” under the yolk of discrimination. I’ve been to Japan a couple of times… an area where white men are very seldom seen. And I can tell you…the Japanese are more racist towards whites than the whites in Canada would ever dream to be against any citizen of this fine country no matter what their colour or persuasion. And don’t tell me about the Japanese Internment Camps in the Second World War…The Japanese were starving, torturing and beheading their prisoners while we were relegating ours to the Kootenays. For God sakes…Albertans, dream of retiring in the Kootenays.
We are being told this week by demographers that the Old Ruminator and his brothers of Irish and Scottish Ancestry will soon be a visible minority. We can only hope, in our old age, we are treated with the same respect as the darker complexioned visible minorities are today. I’m afraid, based on the squalor, corruption and degradation of the countries from which most of our “persecuted” visible minorities come from, that failing a complete cultural shift by the newcomers, we have little to hope for. We opened our doors to people who have come to Canada but not to be Canadians. It appears many of them hate Christianity and Canada. The countries they come from are abject failures as societies, cultures, and nations….and they want to bring those same “values” to Canada. Good luck to us all!

Toyota’s Artificial Intelligence

The Prius is a neat car. When you step on the brake, the batteries absorb the energy of the slowing car. This happens because very sophisticated computers run the car. Now, a rogue Prius is the subject of a huge scandal. An American, who could be mistaken for my brother, is claiming his Prius went wildly out of control…up to 150 Km/per hour..when he stepped on the brakes. He called 911, a rather clever and unusual thing for him to do..I thought. I’m not sure I’d do that. I’m thinking I’d try turning the ignition off and maybe shift it to neutral, before called 911. Anyway, the cops came to the rescue and actually got in front of his car and forcibly slowed him to a stop.. Sure…just like in the movies.
When I saw the guilty Prius being hauled away to the labs for inspection, I couldn’t help thinking of HAL 5000 in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey”
Could this be the first case of a rogue computer acting on it’s own? After all, Toyota technicians and USA federal inspectors are stymied. Either the Prius’ owner is a liar, they say, or the Prius, somehow, acted on it’s own. Hmmmmm

Golden Memories

A few final observations about the Olympics. I’ve had a chance to actually view the Gold Medal Men’s Hockey Game (I hate the Olympic Committee’s use of the term “Ice Hockey”…what the hell, Canada invented the game and we’ve never called it “Ice” hockey. It’s “hockey”) Anyway, I watched the replay of the game twice….the NBC version and the CTV version. I was so tense during the actual broadcast itself, I’m not sure I actually knew what I was watching. The replays, however, made a few things clearer. For one, Canada seems to have legitimately won. That is, they did actually outplay the Americans for the most part, although the Americans have to be given full credit for their tenacity and determination to withstand the onslaught. Two posts in the third period, certainly made things frustrating for the Canucks. The Americans’ first goal, by Ryan Kesler, who plays for my beloved Vancouver Canucks, appears to have been off-side. There were a few dirty shots by the Yanks. At the end of the second period, well after the buzzer, an American took a Canadian player into the boards. And twice, once in the second and once in the third period, the Americans continued the very dangerous enterprise of slashing away at the puck in the crease way, way after the whistle had blown. So the Americans were given a lot of slack in the game but it made for a good game. By the way, the Old Ruminator is actually old enough to have seen the 1972 series (the famed battle between democratic Canada – the birthplace of hockey, and the evil Soviet Empire) as an adult and that series was, by far, a much more dramatic and tense confrontation. It was a monumental clash of cultures, values and national pride which I believe has never been duplicated at any other time in any other sporting enterprise.

Hello World

Hey everyone….and all you CSIS spys out there lurking around this site just waiting for some ole lady retired widowed school teacher to say something incriminating and breath takingly political ……Guess what?
You’ve all got a long wait.
After much ado and many attempts to get in, my brilliant younger brother (The old Ruminator……I object to the “old” part – to me, he’s still my baby brother.)sent me a new e-mail link which allowed me to enter my password etc. and get in.
I mention CSIS spys because after my last e-mail on the Afghan Detainee issue, I received messages from two of my younger brothers….both who shall remain anonymous, but …hint….one is in Florida and the other is the Old Ruminator himself. I was told that I SHOULD post my most intriguing and politically startling musings anonymously on this site …but to remember….the world can read them (it).
Ha Ha…like I care?
Hmmm… was this a hint that they didn’t/don’t want their e-mail in box cluttered with the astute political musings of myself and my sister “Cioccolato”? Hmmmm……
Anyways, the reason that I didn’t post on here previously was because I couldn’t get into it. The Old Ruminator solved my problems – I’m in.
So, if anyone else is having problems getting into the Admin part of this site, I suggest that you e-mail the Old Ruminator for instructions. Who knows? He may even beat you to the punch and e-mail you first.
Happy March break everyone!!

CBC and Taliban “Fellows”

“FELLOWS”…now, just how warm and fuzzy is that? The only thing missing from this diplomat’s report are some adjectives in front of the word “fellows” to make the poor, misguided and ill-treated Taliban detainees even more lovable.

I, for one, am sick and tired of CBC treating these “FELLOWS” as if they are purse snatchers in downtown Toronto…or shoplifters in downtown Vancouver…what gives?
These “FELLOWS” were detained in the first place for God knows what in their religious zeal to kill our young Canadian troops.
This detaining took place in a War Zone.
What exactly, were the Canadian Troops expected to do with an Afghan they caught planting an I.E.D…..give them a candy bar, pat them on the back, and say “Sorry?”……..then let them go on their way to plant another I.E.D. later?
I guess that would be the “Canadian Way…….ay?”
Be Canadian and tell them that they’re being set free for time served. After all, it was a long, hot trek to the military vehicle that transported them to their fellow Afghans in an Afghan prison.
Maybe they deserve compensation for all of the dust they had to inhale along the route.
Not to mention the anguish their entire family must have endured because of their capture….they should be compensated too.
The Americans are sending in FORTY THOUSAND troops to deal with the Taliban in Kandahar.
Canadians have been doing the same for the past five years with 2500….that’s TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED…..and, I understand that only 600 of them are actual foot soldiers, the rest are support personell.
140 of our beautiful young men and women dead.

Enough said!

CBC’s Politics

My clock radio woke me this morning with the 6:00 am CBC news and it began it’s lead story with these words ‘The issue of Afghan detainee abuse is back on the front burner’. They then went on for a full 2 minutes of their 5 minute newscast to tell us all about how some woman, now retired, told them that we should know what happens to the ‘fellows’ we turn over. These guys are digging and obviously on a mission. What gives? They don’t like Conservatives and want the Liberals back in I think.

Personally I have no opinion at the moment about if one party is better than the other. What I’m interested in observing is that the CBC (and I’ll keep watching, perhaps the written media as well), are deciding who should be the government. They have no business doing that. They should give us the news and be impartial. We should make the decisions. That’s what democracy is about, not us being spoonfed biased information, the purpose of which is to influence our thought.

Okay so there’s my beef for today. Once again, I am going to be watching the media to see what they want me and you to think.