Canada’s Shame – Our Official Opposition

The Liberals, Blocheads and NDPers continue their assault on Canadian troops while at the same time debating the possibility of sending more Canadian troops to their death in quelling warring factions in Africa.
They can’t have it both ways.
And I think it’s time to stop all Canadian involvement in foreign enterprises….especially when we know our troops will be second guessed, undercut, criticized, scrutinized, accused of cover ups, accused of lying, accused of handing over “innocents” to torture, by ivory tower political hacks whose only interest is seeing their names in the news.
If these clowns can’t support our troops and are going to second guess everything they do when sent into combat against murderers and rapists, then don’t send our troops anywhere from now on.

Afghan Detainees…how long will this nonsense continue?

Copy of my letter to the parliamentary Committee.

Afghan Testimony‏
From: Patsy (name and email removed by Administrator)
Sent: April 17, 2010 3:33:09 PM

To: Mr. Sorenson (Chair), Mr. Wilfert (Vice Chair), Committee Members:

I have watched with incredulous dismay the recent testimony provided to your committee by a former Afghan Translator.

I recognize the fact that your committee must have onerous submissions to sort through and deal with, however I humbly request that you give at least a minimal amount of consideration to my observations on this issue. I will try to be brief.

The testimony of this man should be looked at in the context of his position here in Canada. I am assuming that he (and his family) was brought to Canada under an initiative announced last year by our Government to bring Afghan Translators and their families to Canada as a reward for their service to us in Afghanistan. Under this initiative, he has been provided with resettlement allowances, housing allowances, retraining allowances, etc. in order that he and his family be rewarded and comfortable here. Because of this, his whereabouts must have been common knowledge and he must have been easy to contact by both of the opposition parties who are doing their best to find some sort of shocking testimony or revelation or accusation to make political points. It does not seem to matter that these accusations are second hand or unsubstantiated. This witness told C.B.C. that if issued a Visa that he would return to Afghanistan and bring back witnesses and proof. Excuse me?? Did we not bring this person to Canada because of fear of retribution by his fellow Afghanistans for helping the N.A.T.O forces? If he is issued a Visa to return would his life not be at risk? Should the Committee sanction or even not oppose the issuance of such a return visit, I would think that it would be akin to returning him to his fellow Afghans to perhaps be subject to some abuse or torture. So…there is just no way that this witness’s testimony can be corraborated or proven or backed up by anyone. I suggest that he knows this.

The incidence he testified to occurred in 2007. In the year 2007, thirty of our troops were killed in Afghanistan. I would respectfully remind the Committee members that the incident the Translator is referring to occurred in the fog of war. In a war zone…where a
mere 2500 Canadian troops were attempting to deal with a brutal and lawless enemy: the Taliban. It happened in Kandahar where the U.S. is presently in the process of sending forty thousand troops to deal with the Taliban threat there.
So….he overheard something after the fact. . . how long after? From whom?

I respectfully urge your committee and it’s members to avoid prejudiced testimony and to demand that should a person appear before you that their testimony be subject to proof and not be heresay.

I respectfully remind the members of your Committee that we still have Canadian soldiers and Airforce and Navy personell in Afghanistan and it is my humble opinion that their presence could be compromised and their morale seriously hampered by the priority and status that you are providing to unfounded, frivolous, and likely politically motivated accusations.


(Name and address removed by Adminstrator)
St. Catharines, On
L2P 1K4

The Fix is In- Version 2

Most sane people will think the Old Ruminator is dilusional. But I’m telling you, last night’s game between the Vancouver Canucks is proof that the Fix in In. The NHL will never allow a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup as long as Gary Bettman is at the helm.
Vancouver was making a fantastic comeback. A goal, declared perfectly fine by the referees and then endorsed emphatically by the on-air play-by-play and colour commentator, for some inexplicable reason, was denied by nameless, faceless, invisible “officials” at NHL headquarters in Toronto. I demand to know how much they were paid to make that call. It’s a sickening development, repeated countless times by the NHL.
Look, hockey is a lightning fast sport and a lucky bounce or a bogus call can make the difference. ONE CALL per game. ONE CALL PER SERIES. That’s all it takes and the NHL is screwing Canadian fans royally.
I wonder if most people know that Broadcasters have a clause in their agreement with NHL, that they cannot criticize official calls. That’s right. There is wording in the agreement prohibiting broadcasters from criticizing the NHL, and by extension, the calls of their officials. That’s why you just don’t hear the commentators saying “that call sucks”. The only person who isn’t afraid to says such things and who has to the power (advertising) to says such things is Don Cherry, and I expect he will, one of these days, endorse everything the Old Ruminator has been claiming these last ten years.

The Fix in In

The opening game between Canucks and LA isn’t even half-way over and its clear that the NHL’s efforts to rescue struggling franchises is squarely focused on LA this year. The referees have lost their whistles when it comes to anything bad happening to the Canucks (Like an LA stick caught in Daniel Sedin’s visor) and are handing out match penalties to the Canucks like candy. We’ll see. The Kings have been completely outclassed, but the refs are doing everything they can to help them win the game.

I Demand an Apology

A grave injustice against my forefathers has come to my attention, which demands a complete and unequivocal apology on the part of the Canadian government. I’m not so proud that I won’t accept a financial settlement as well.

This foul historical event is referred to in Brendan O’Grady’s excellent book “Exiles & Islanders – The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island”. And further research indicates that England’s Penal Laws…the reprehensible subjugation of Catholics for 300 years, were actually in effect in Canada…on Prince Edward Island, until 1847….a full 18 years after being abolished in England. Oh, they’d been drastically revised and toned down over the decades…but they were still in effect.

It turns out, my great, great grandfather, newly arrived after a tortuous six-week journey across the North Atlantic from Country Kerry, in Ireland, would have had to suffer discrimination in his newly adopted home for the rest of his life. For under the laws of the day Catholics were forbidden to vote, to hold public office, to participate in a legal profession, to attain higher education, to possess arms, and to own a horse worth more than five pounds. It doesn’t matter that Canada wasn’t yet a country. After all, British Columbia had not yet joined confederation when the Chinese suffered similar discrimination when helping to build the trans-Canada railroad (no doubt with many Irish brethren among them). And Chinese-Canadians…110 years later have their apology. Where’s mine?

300 years of discrimination… and it was a lot worse in the earlier centuries with many a Catholic being drawn and quartered for simply practicing their faith. The famed Irish born, British Parliamentarian, Edmund Burke, described the penal code as “a machine of as wise and elaborate contrivance for the impoverishment and degradation of the people, and the debasement in them of human nature itself, as ever proceeded from the perverted ingenuity of man.”

Destiny and the Canucks

It’s been a damn good hockey year from the Old Ruminator’s perspective. Canada won Olympic gold in both the women’s and men’s events, giving us bragging rights for four more years. Henrick Sedin, of my beloved Vancouver Canucks, captured the Art Ross trophy, as the NHL’s leading point scorer and Sid the Kid Crosby ended up winning the Rocket Richard trophy for most goals scored. Sidney beat out Alexander Ovechkin, a player who must be admired for his supreme hockey talents but who must not necessarily be respected. I think he’s a bit of an egocentric ass……the antithesis of Sidney Crosby. Sidney actually reached the 50 goal plateau in a game against Washington Capitals, but after the game he told officials that he was quite sure a goal credited to him was scored by a team mate instead. That pushed Crosby temporarily behind Ovechkin in the scoring race with only two or three games remaining in the season. I just don’t believe that Ovechkin has the kind of character to do the same sort of thing.

As we approach the play-offs it is time for me to once again sound a note of caution to any fans of Canadian hockey clubs out there. We ain’t gonna win so long as Gary Bettman is head of the NHL. Have you noticed how American teams have been winning the cup ever since he took control? More importantly, have you noticed WHICH American teams have been winning? Well, for the most part, American hockey teams in deep trouble at the box office have had miraculous turn-arounds on the ice, thanks in no small part to very fortuitous officiating at critical times. Remember the Tampa Bay Lightening….then the Carolina Hurricanes? The New York Rangers (with the largest TV hockey audience in the U.S.) snuck in there along the way….finally winning a cup after 60 years of futility
And this year, the two teams which were the dregs of the league last year, Phoenix and Nashville, have somehow made unbelievable recoveries. What a coincidence! The very same two teams that Canadian Blackberry Tycoon, Jim Balsillie, fought so hard to bring to Canada last year. The very same two teams that couldn’t give away tickets and which played to empty stadiums but were bailed out by the NHL at Bettman’s insistance. Suddenly, they are contenders for the cup. Stay tuned. If a Canadian team gets to the cup final, you can be sure they’ll be screwed by a phony call such as last happened to Edmonton and Calgary.

Pests and the Pope

In the 2000+ years since Jesus designated Peter as the rock upon which His church on earth would be built, there have been some pretty bad Popes.  That’s a bit too mild. There have been some miserable, corrupt, murderous, lecherous Popes…. individuals who lived lives similar to that of the prophet Muhammed. They feigned holiness while making war, committing adultery, etc. (I gather Muhammed had 12 wives…the youngest being 13 years old).

The church has seen corruption because it is run by men. And men (and women too) are corrupt by nature. So there will be bad Popes. But 2000 years after it was formed, the Catholic Church remains as the most ancient, continuous running institution on earth. And it’s not going away any time soon, no matter how many hours so-called reporters for the Globe and Mail, New York Times or CBC put into the effort.

Does anyone think the liberal media and Hollywood does not hate the Catholic Church? The church stands for everything that Hollywood and the modern media elite despise. The church wants to protect babies in the womb, it stands up to euthanasia, and it condemns multiple marriages and adultery. It believes that homosexuality is unnatural…not sinful in itself, but an aberration.

Very few, if any, media consumers in North America have a clue as to the specific allegations against Pope Benedict. But fundamentally, they are that a Bishop, who served under Benedict before he became Pope, pardoned a child-abusing Priest who had sought treatment and who had renounced his priestly duties. Well, I guess they could have condemned the Priest, but the last I heard, that’s not part of the Catholic tradition. To my knowledge, there is no evidence the Priest in question ever went on to abuse another child. And there is certainly no evidence whatsoever that the Pope was even aware of the case, let alone that he rendered a decision on the matter.  But even if he did know, it’s important for all those nattering nabobs of negativism to understand that Catholicism is much stronger than this Pope or any other Pope. It is God’s church on earth, in human form. It is both human and divine in nature…as Jesus was himself.