Boycott the United Arab Emirates

The UAE has betrayed itself as a totally unprincipled irrational and quite likely despotic regime and all Westerners should not only boycott the country’s airlines but also refuse our airspace to all their aircraft.

The UAE has one of the largest international airlines in the world…. largely due to huge subsidies from the country’s abundant oil revenues. Now, in defiance of United Nations efforts to eradicate Islamic extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan, it is denying Canada the right to land its aircraft at a staging base in UAE. While Canadian soldiers are fighting and dying in UAE in an effort to fight international terrorism, the UAE is playing petty politics. The UAE is apparently peeved that Canada will not allow UAE to operate international commercial flights from Canada. Well, aside from the obvious; that Canada is trying to protect it’s own international carrier, Air Canada, from unfairly subsidized competion, there is now the very real issue of a security risk. The UAE has clearly demonstrated that it is more interested in commercial gain than fighting terrorism and that has to be a major concern of any nation, which would allow UAE to use its airspace.

At the very least, Canada and all western nations must immediately deny their airspace to this tin pot dictatorship.