Well….just received my HST rebate from the mcGuinty government. Wowzers $100.00.
Don’t even get me started on this whole harmonized tax thing!
Now….the McGuinty Liberals would have me and other retired singles…actually singles who aren’t retired …… bowing and scraping gratuitously at their generosity to me. After all….they ARE compensating me for the hated HST. But….hang on….why am I only getting $100.00 when all of my neighbours; couples all, are getting $300.00.
I pay the same amount of property/provincial and every other type of tax. My utility bills are just as high as theirs. Why are the Liberals giving couples twice as much? No one seems to have an answer and of course the recipients of the $300.00 cheques aren’t complaining.
Are they suggesting that married people are each entitled to $150.00 in rebates. And – these cheques are coming out three times a year…but…here’s the clincher…only for the FIRST year. Ha Ha. By the time the second year comes around, all of the married voters will be all mellowed out with their $900.00 rebates.
This smacks of the lovely pension income splitting scam that the Federal Conservatives came up with. Whatever did they do for pensioned singles? Nada, that’s what. No soft spot for elderly widows (or widowers)..
Do they not realize that all of these elderly, single, and still healthy old ladies have the time on their hands to volunteer for different political parties? Go into any campaigh office during an election and you’ll spot reams of them.
They also volunteer at local food banks, hospitals and wherever. And, from the ones I’ve been talking to…(and, they do love to talk)..they’re mad as hell!
Watch out federal Conservatives and provincial Liberals in Ontario…all of these little old ladies in tennis shoes DO go out and vote. Piss them off at your own peril.