CBC Election Campaign

I was going to just sit back and go with the flow as far as CBC’s coverage of the current election campaign was concerned. But I can’t stand it any longer. Their ‘Vote Canada’ poll, or whatever it’s called, is hair brained scheme cooked up by the neo-coms at CBC and there socialist chums within academia to help idiots figure out how they should vote. What the…..? If you have to take a poll to figure out how to vote, you shouldn’t be voting in the first place. Although, I guess we do allow the certified mentally incompetent to exercise their prerogative…so why not.
But the CBC’s “coverage” itself is really what is driving me crazy. They deliberatley avoided reporting on any polls….taking the so-called high-road. We’re not going to fall into trap of poll mania, they said…in the full knowledge that all the polls showed Steven Harper on the way to re-election. But suddenly, there was a surge for the NDP and all bets were off. Their high principals were cast to the side and the NDP’s surge in Quebec was the lead story on the National. I wonder if they would have reported a similar surge by the Tories? I’m joking of course. I know it wouldn’t have happened.  Terry Melewski was the CBC reporter assigned to Harper for the first half of the campaign and every night it was the same thing…..snide double entendres and hyped up speculation instead of forthright reporting. Then Terry was switched to Ingnatief and suddenly it was straight shooting all the way….even boring, by Terry’s hyperactive standards.
Of course, the Old Ruminator is hoping against hope that maybe the NDP does split the vote, allowing Harper to actually gain a majority and then will it ever be fun to actually open up the CBC’s $Billion/yr budget for public scrutiny.

Elections Canada Fiasco – Denigrating a Sacred Privilege

Somehow, the pinheads at Elections Canada (a group of political hangers-on who no doubt receive generous federal wages, benefits, pensions, and the usual tax-payer funded round of expense paid “business trips”etc.) have determined that an illegal, unauthorized vote by students at the University of Guelph, is now perfectly legitimate.  Just don’t do it again…is the official message. Somehow a “well-intentioned” electoral officer decided it would be good idea if University Students were given an opportunity to vote …AT THEIR SCHOOL…..LAST WEEK…..

Here’s a portion of the official press release from Elections Canada.

“… a well-intentioned returning officer undertook a special initiative to create an opportunity for students at the University of Guelph to vote by special ballot.

Once Elections Canada officials were made aware of the local initiative in Guelph, the returning officer was instructed not to engage in any further activities of a similar nature. All returning officers have received this instruction.

A special ballot coordinator, appointed by the local returning officer, oversaw the activities at the University of Guelph. All information at our disposal indicates that the votes were cast in a manner that respects the Canada Elections Act and are valid.”

So, some unnamed “special ballot coordinator” was appointed by this “well intentioned” local returning officer to oversee the activities…whatever they might have been. My first question is…how do we know that the local returning officer was “well intentioned’?  What evidence do we have that the local returning officer was not a political hack for some party or other (one would be tempted here to lean to the left on this supposition..given the political climate generated in our Universities by socially active professors)?  I can imagine the “special ballot coordinator”. Possibly an exchange student from the Democratic Republic of China or one of the more liberal nations in the Muslim world.  Was the “special ballot coordinator” even a Canadian citizen?  What evidence do we have that the students who voted were Canadian citizens or even old enough to vote? Was campaign signage and literature prohibited from the voting area as is required by law? Were individuals attending the voting area prohibited from from any attempt to influence voters..as is required by law? Or should we just drop the laws and allow students, with years of wisdom at hand, to vote in a way in which no other Canadians are allowed?

This was not an officially endorsed advance poll. This was not an attempt to allow soldiers in war zones, workers in forestry camps, or  immobile seniors to exercise their franchise. It was a “well intentioned” rogue electoral officer, acting on their own initiative, to organize their student buddies to hold a vote in the midst of a federal election…before the campaign was even half over…a full three weeks ahead of the actual election date. Gee, I wonder how they voted? I wonder how this would be beneficial to the students? How would this help them appreciate the democratic process…which presumably includes the opportunity to fully, intelligently and soberly, consider the various positions put forward DURING THE CAMPAIGN. This phony poll did not advance the cause of democracy….it is a rude caricature of democracy. Election Canada’s endorsement of this fiasco is nothing less than a denigration of a sacred privilege.

Taking it one step further. Why not have “advance polls” at hockey games…or movie theatres…or labour conventions…

Let’s really get in the mood and get everyone to vote early and often…simply by clicking their mouse while checking their morning email. That will truly  guarantee a democratically and responsibly elected parliament.

When some people who respect the democratic process questioned this whole episode, the CBC reported their concern as an attempt by Conservatives to circumvent democracy. Good Lord!  Just another example of the Mother Corp’s attempts to sway the electoral process towards a party which fully endorses their yearly billion-dollar subsidy. (Will follow this up with another post on what the CBC is really up to in this election)

This scandal is the latest in a pattern of incompetence which has me seething at the way in which my tax dollars are being wasted by Elections Canada.  It’s one thing to spend millions of dollars to ensure that every voter is given the opportunity to fully exercise their democratic right. Yes, we should be prepared to spend our tax dollars to ensure democratic elections. But it is totally unacceptable that my tax dollars are wasted on multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to try to persuade ne’er-do-wells to actually vote.  For several decades now, we’ve handed over hundreds of millions of dollars to Elections Canada to “get the vote out” and the exact opposite has happened. Voter turn-out is declining. It would appear our money is being wasted. Instead of the smiley-face simpleton ads pleading with laggards to get off their asses and just vote…no matter who for, or what….we should be explaining to kids why voting is an honored privilege and an act of civic responsibility.

Why are my tax dollars being wasted on ne’er-do-wells, too lazy or too preoccupied with other matters, to exercise their prerogative? I’m glad they don’t vote. I only want people who are fully engaged to vote. I want people to vote who sincerely believe in the political process…who believe in the collective intelligence of their fellow man; who fully understand and respect the honor bestowed on us through the sacrifice of our forefathers. And I want them to vote after a full election campaign has run its course, with all candidates given the opportunity to use every trick in their intellectual arsenal to persuade me they’ll do the best job.

Who Owns the “Hat Trick”?

It would seem that my claim that hockey invented the term “hat-trick” is being challenged by the Brits. The story goes that the term was first coined at a cricket match in 1858 when a batter got three wickets…whatever that means. But this matter is by no means settled. I see this as nothing more that an attempt by a relatively lame sport to circumvent the traditions of a truly noble sport through the misapropriation of this most sacred of hockey terms. We all know that hockey goes back at least 300 years and it is highly likely the term predates the mid 1800’s. In any event, the Brits claim some bloke received a felt derby as a present for hitting the three wickets. With all due respect. That hardly rates. It doesn’t compare to the unequalled spectacle of a hockey rink littered with spectators’ hats.

Very much enjoyed the following quote issued by John Beattie of NESN “While it may not be the most interesting, it’s certainly the most-shared, most classy and most sacred traditions in sports. Plenty of teams, schools and countries have their own traditions, but the throwing of hats onto the ice following a third tally by one player can be seen and respected by fans of any team, in any city across the world and at any level.”

Anyway, when one truly contemplates what actually occurs in celebration of a “hat-trick” (a player scoring thee goals in a single game), the momentous result of the spectacle becomes apparent.  First of all, I don’t usually wear a hat. But I do own a couple hats and have owned these hats for many, many years. They are like old friends. And I put one or other on when I go fishing, hiking, walking in bright sun, etc.  I love my hats and would never part with them willingly. So to think that I might throw my hat onto an ice surface is to imagine a time when I would be so delirious with joy as to have lost nearly any semblance of sober action. To see hundreds of fans perform this sacred ritual…to sacrifice their treasured, precious and “close-friend” hats..is truly to witness one of the greatest expressions of fan support in all of sport.  So lets not rush to clean up those hats. Let the moment linger for a minute or two.

Clean-up Fanatics Destroy Canadian Hockey Hat Trick Tradition

Is anybody else as peeved as I am about the anal retentive fanatics, apparently paid by NHL hockey rinks, to swarm over the ice surface the moment a hat-trick is scored? Apparently, their intention is to deny the home-town crowd and millions of viewers the opportunity to savor the unique hockey tradition of the “Hat Trick”. The Hat Trick was first coined generations ago….when hockey fans threw their hats onto the ice in delirious celebration after a big goal. It eventually evolved into the practice which occurred when a player scored three goals in a single game. This Canadian born custom is so deep rooted that the term Hat Trick is often used for all sorts of occasions when someone successfully accomplishes three difficult tasks. I’ve even heard American and British broadcasters use the term in completely different sports.
I’m particularly miffed tonight, because Ryan Kesler, of the Vancouver Canucks just scored his third hat trick of the year. But those bastard rink-rats who are hired to keep the ice clean rushed on to the ice while Kesler and his teammates were still hugging. He had barely liften his arms in celebration when the rink rats started swarming. I imagine some of them might even have a chance of catching a hat before it hit the ice. What the Hell?  No sooner could a hat hit the ice, then these fanatics would snap it up and toss it in a bucket. They moved so swiftly, that they clearly must have been sitting at rink side contemplating how fast they could swarm onto the ice should Kesler score his third goal and how fast they might erase any visual evidence of this great Canadian tradition. The tidy festidiousness of these nerds thereby denied thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of young hockey fans the contentment and joy that can be found in contemplating a hockey rink appropriately littered with hats after a great sports feat. I fondly remember great occasions in hockey when esteemed players for Les Canadiens or The Leafs scored a hat-trick. The hats would lay on the ice for minutes…many minutes and the crowd and viewers at home would wallow in the satisfaction of the moment.  Poor Kesler. By the time his team mates had stopped hugging him, he gazed forward and not a hat could be seen. I think I caught an instant of puzzlement on his face. Then he saw the rink rats scurrying away with their buckets full of hats and he realized that loyal fans actually had deliberatly sacrificed their familiar hats in tribute, only to have their offering swallowed into oblivion by over zealous idiots.

A coalition by any other name

Andrew Coyne, of Macleans magazine, tied himself in knots this week in a valiant, but futile, attempt to rationalize Harper’s warnings of a coalition. It seems the media is doing everything it can to convince Canadians that there’s nothing wrong with coalitions. Oh? How so? Perhaps in times of war they arn’t a bad idea, but the average Canadian is too smart to swallow the bull that is being handed out by our “intellectual elites” as medicine that might be good for us.

As happened with the Meech Lake Accord, Canada’s intellectual, political and media elite would have us all believe there’s nothing wrong with a coalition. But I am hopeful that the average Canadian voter knows that anything less than a Conservative majority will guarantee a government in which the balance of power will be held by socialists and seperatists. Case closed.

Call it a coalition, call it a minority, call it whatever you wish. But does anyone other than the 20% of Canadians who vote Socialist and the 10% who vote Seperatist, really want a government beholden to these forces?

Bring it On!

Actually, I’m glad we are having an election. Should have had one right after Iggy and Jack tried to form the Coalition with the Separatists, two years ago. We should have settled the matter right then and there, once and for all. If Canadians want to have their government run by separatists than they should have been able to the settle the matter when they first came into parliament…when was it….twenty years ago?

While I am hopeful that Canadians will, this time, give Stephen a legitimate chance to actually run a real government with a majority, I am doubtful. Think of the Vancouver Canucks. They are, without doubt the best team in hockey…first in the league, first if offense, first in defense, first in penalty killing, first on the power play, and with the top scorer in the league. But I’m worried they will get bumped out of the play-offs by some referee making a bad call (as has happened before).

Harper is like the Canucks. He’s definitely the best “player” in Parliament. And he’s got the best “team” although that’s not saying much. Still, he risks being bumped out by a bad call on the part of Lib/NDP/Bloc voters.

Harper has been criticized by the very people who have refused him the license to actually run any semblance of a real government. In my opinion, his performance has been stellar, given that he has had to endure five years of minority government with the Liberal cronies, NDP hacks and strident Separatists doing everything within their power, at ever turn, to frustrate any kind of sensible legislation….e.g. anti-crime, Senate reform, gun registry, etc.

Although it is certainly the right of Canadians to complain about their government, it is illogical for them to do so, if through their duplicity, they insist on establishing dysfunctional electoral assemblies of the sort Stephen Harper has had to deal with. It is illogical for Liberals and New Democrats to continue knocking their heads against the wall by electing political hacks to represent them and then to criticize Stephen Harper for not being able to keep the zoo in order. (Although he’s done a decent job of that over the past five years).

I suppose our nation is still strong enough to withstand another assault by the forces of Liberal-Socialism. I suspect we could weather another four years or so of pensions for newly arrived immigrants, higher taxes on the middle class and business owners, appointments of socialist activists to the Supreme Court, taxpayer handouts to Separatists and Socialists so that they can maintain their political parties, free-passes to bogus refugees, free day-care for the rich, etc. But we can only keep this up for so long …as so many socialist governments in Europe have shown.