Well, who’d a thunk it. The Canucks are on their way to the Stanley Cup and all is well in world. All the botched calls, all the flukey goals…all the attempts to injure…all the ugliness…..washed away by the Hockey Gods…who obviously have some sort of divine plan for the whales.
When, in the second overtime period, the puck mysteriously vanished from everyone’s sight only to fall magically in front of Kevin Bieksa’s stick…it was as though there really was such a thing as karma. Maybe those Buddhists are on to something. But who cares now. The important thing is that the best team won….albeit with enough ambiguity that the Sharks no doubt feel they were screwed by the Fates. Gary Bettman and other Americans who control the NHL must be fuming today. The California TV market….caput! That would involve actual TV viewer numbers equivalent to the Saskatchewan market in Canada. Now if Boston gets bumped, the only people watching the final in the US will be the seniors of Tampa Bay….wherever that is.

Uh Oh

TG: Hello?
GB: Hello?…is this Gregson?
TG: Yes. Who is this…it’s three o’clock in the morning?
GB: Gregson, this is Gary. What the hell is going on?
TG: I’m sorry, what….uh…what do you mean sir?
GB: I mean what the hell is going on? I thought I made it very clear when you were appointed Head of Officiating that I wanted the Canadian teams to be treated “extra” fairly in all officiating calls. In today’s game, everything looked fine for the first period…..five straight calls against the Canucks…but then the son of bitchin wheels fell off. Havn’t you made my intentions clear to your officials?
TG: Well….uh..yes..uh..I have sir. But after 5 straight calls, it was getting a bit bizarre and we just had to call that rather blatant hook on one of the Sedin boys.
GB: Yes…yes..I know all that. But what, in God’s name, were they thinking….three straight 5 on 3’s and the game was over.
TG: Yes sir, but we had to make the call when they had too many men on the ice…then when they shot the puck out into the crowd, there was no choice. You know, frankly, who would have thought that, firstly the Canucks could possibly kill 5 straight against that power play and then score 3 quick ones themselves. Within minutes it was out of our control.
GB Well you listen to me, Gregson. I don’t care if we have a riot in that hell hole they call Vancouver…I want the right kind of officiating at the next game. Do you understand? For God’s sake, today’s game was on NBC. We moved the damn thing to noon on Sunday…. Those bastards up north all want their hockey on Saturday night. Anyway, we took a big chance putting the boots to CBC so we could move the game to prime time in the US and your idiot officiating crew completely screwed the whole thing. I want to see this thing fixed on Tuesday night, do you understand?
TG: Of course sir…we’ll be “extra fair” to the Canucks. Just like usual. Sir….do you mind if I ask you a question?
GB: What?
TG: Well sir, no one has actually noticed yet that we are being “extra fair” to the Canadian teams but I think it’s going to be harder to keep under wraps if Winnipeg gets in. I mean, those Jets fans are crazy….and frankly I’m a bit worried for my crews’ safety.
GB: Yes, they’re a bunch of damn freaks…like all the others in that piss pot of a country. But, you know, Terry, our Canadian franchises are the only ones, outside of the Northeast, who are making any real money. So, unfortunately, we just have to hold our noses.
TG: I guess so. Anyway, you can count on me sir, there’s be no mistakes on Tuesday.
GB: There damn well better not be. CLICK

Having a “Silver Moment”

Mrs Ruminator seems to be getting more and more creative as she approaches those “golden” years. The other day, she coined a phrase I hadn’t heard before and which is much nicer than the “senior moment” we are all so accustomed to. She used it recently at a retail store and all the staff were suitably impressed…they even said so.

“Silver Moment” is the term she used to describe those occasions when the mind suddenly stalls or misfires for no apparent reason. I did a Google search and it does, indeed, appear to be her own creation. There are some “Silver Moments” jewelry stores, and song or musical group called “Silver Moment”, but certainly nothing that I can find which matches this new approach to the baby boomers’ situation.  So here’s to ‘silver moment’….much more appropriate, I think. A bit more flattering to those moments which seem to be coming along more often these days.



Oh Joy! Another Florida Stanley Cup

As a Canadian youth, I remember skating on frozen ponds, and scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal. I remember dark nights on frozen streets playing road hockey with my little brothers. Our ears were frozen stiff, our cheeks bright red, but every thought was focused on the “winning goal’ or the “great save” and hoisting the magificent cup above our heads.

So it is that the the Tampa Bay Lightning are once again, Stanley Cup contenders. And we must contemplate the sacred chalice of hockey being raised in the muggy heat of a Florida barn. Talk about “casting pearls before swine”!

How does Florida do it, with little fan support and absolutely no hockey culture? Well they do it with a great deal of help from NHL referees, who no doubt know who their boss is…… and they do it by the grace of their of non-existant fan base. That’s right. No city in Canada would tolerate the years of oblivion that the “Bolts” subject themselves do…. in order to obtain first round draft choices of the top young hockey players in Canada every year. The Bolts spend years wasting away in oblivion, building their team with draft picks, because they finish in the basement…and then, with the help of beneficial refereeing, they work their way to the Stanley Cup. The last time, they stole the cup from the Calgary Flames with a host of bogus calls, no doubt inspired by Gary Bettman.
Bettman, had the the bright idea a few years ago, that hockey would thrive in the Southern United States. Since then, Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, the Panthers of Florida, and a number of others have been struggling against bankruptcy. Bettman’s experiment has been an unmitigated disaster. While Canadian cities beg the NHL to give them a team, American fans ignore hockey, preferring pompous, inflated, effeminate basketball of all things. But Bettman, the shrimp with the little man’s complex, is incapable of admitting personal error.

I was curious about hockey in Florida. What are it’s roots there? Turns out there are 13 high schools in Tampa Bay with hockey teams. (probably all use the same rink) Compare that with the 252 high schools with hockey teams in Boston.
Tampa Bay is an abomination to hockey. It is a sacriledge to the greatest sport on earth. Tampa Bay residents wouldn’t know a puck if it hit them in the head. I guarantee you, that at least 8 out of 10 Tampa Bay residents have never held a puck, let alone skated.
The first game between Tampa Bay and Boston was joke. The NHL has decided that Tampa Bay must advance in order to salvage what little credibility Gary Bettman has left. So the most ridiculous officiating calls were common place….. as was seen in the Calgary series several years ago.

CBC take on Layton Scandal? – Cop lucky not to be charged.

The CBC has finally come clean..through it’s web news service….reporting on “John” Layton’s nude appearance at a suspected Toronto bawdy house. But it’s one of the most perverse interpretations anyone could possibly put on the whole unseemly event. It seems the editors at CBC believe the ex-cop who reported the incident to the Toronto Sun is lucky not be facing criminal charges. That was way in which CBC finally revealed to it’s loyal and gullible audience that their hero, John (Jack) Layton, leader of the socially progressive NDP, was suspected of abusing women for the purposes of prostitution at a common bawdy house when he was a Toronto City Councillor. No charges were laid after police, reportedly, found Layton buck naked and laying on a massage table, being administered whatever “massage” services a young Asian woman might. It seems Layton was not caught in flagrante delicto and therefor the cops couldn’t really charge him, although they wanted to.

If there was a crime committed, CBC seems to think it might be the “leak” of the incident by a retired police officer. At least that was the slant their web service put on the whole thing today. Should be fun to see how this is all handled on the TV news tonight, if at all.

Aw common Stephen, play fair!

The pundits and Opposition MPs are expressing much hope that the Tories will “play fair” now that they have  a clear majority. “Let’s make Parliament work”, they say. Let’s forget all that nastiness about “contempt of Parliament” and the scaremongering. Yes, we tried to demonize you and paint you as a scheming fanatic, bent on destroying healthcare….but it was all just an innocent political game. Even though we swore to voters you were a tyrant…we obviously didn’t really believe all the hyperbole and we now want you to consult the NDP and Liberals on every new initiative.

While that’s not a bad idea, I’m not so optimistic it will work. After all, the Libs and NDPers have had nothing but contempt for the interests of average Canadians for decades now….actively working to push through  initiatives to destroy marriage, to make hunters and farmers criminals for owning a gun and all sorts of other anti-popular initiatives without any consultation whatsoever.  The Liberals especially were particularly contemptuous of Western Canadians for decades.  Objections from Western Canadians were characterized as strident babblings of right-wing kooks.

So, I would advise Harper to move forward quickly with his reforms and to ignore the inevitable whining that will come from the bleachers…including the media.  He’s got a mandate….about as strong a mandate as Chretien ever did. In fact, if you break down the numbers, and exclude Quebecers (who, frankly proved themselves completely loopy this time out) his mandate is very strong. Harper actually has a healthy majority of support in some western provinces and much stronger numbers than Chretien had in English Canada.  So the heck with the political pundits whining about pluralities vs majorities. He’s got a mandate to govern for four years and it’s my hope he will not waste the opportunity to do the right thing.

On Quebecers. Let’s stop all this nonsense about the “sophistication” of the Quebec vote. In this election, they’ve proven they’d vote for a dog if it had the right colours. While I always suspected they were a bit loopy when they voted in Bloc members, now I know it. After electing scores of NDP kids, and even some who spent the campaign overseas or in Las Vegas, let’s have no more of this nonsense about Quebec voting strategically. “Whimisical, capricious, dumb” would be the words that I would use.


Osama on his way to hell

The Muslim Mulla’s are all upset because Obama buried Osama at sea. Apparently, Muslims say their dead should only be buried at sea if they were making a voyage when they died. Although  us Christians are advised not to judge…there is no restriction on speculation, as far as I am aware.  Surely, a peace-loving religion such as Islam believes in the ultimate justice this mass murderer is liable to receive. Does it really matter how he gets there?



Finally, we have a real government. After five years of indecision and timidity we have a government that can actually govern and do some of the things so desperately needed to fix our broken system. Stephen Harper can finely act without worrying about the efforts of separatists and socialists to stymie every progressive move to reform the criminal justice system, the senate, the tax system and the massive socialist infrastructure built up over decades by the Liberals with support from their socialist/separatist friends. No longer the impediments of having to balance a system in which the balance of power is held by those determined to destroy the country. Mind you, there are no longer any excuses either. I fully expect to see the following initiatives within the next 12 months.
• A new system in which Supreme Court Justices are appointed publicly, after a full public review. Not in secret and not beholden to a political/social agenda.
• Real Senate reform. Allowing Senators to be elected and limiting their terms to a reasonable length of time.
• Scrapping of the gun registry. We will go after gang members and gun smugglers instead of tax paying and law abiding farmers and hunters.
• More and better prisons to deal with the increasing number of misfits spawned by decades of socialist government policy.
• A full house cleaning of the public service and government-grant-dependent political hangers-on like the Council of Canadians. Why should taxpayers’ money be used to support political/social organizations?
• Scrapping government funding of political parties. If they can’t get support from their membership, why should my tax dollars be used to support ideologies I oppose?
• A dismantling of Human Rights Inquisitorial Tribunals in which individual citizens acting on moral principals are persecuted and forced to cease their right to express opinions.
• A true, representative Parliament, in which the West is finally given the proportional representation it deserves – at least 30 more seats.
Will all this happen? I’m hopeful, but not optimistic. I predict that if this does not all happen, Stephen Harper will never be re-elected. That is because supporters such as myself will have turned, once again to a new grass-roots movement, composed of socially/fiscally conservative Libertarians.

The NDP “mob”

Shakespeare’s plays are full of wonderful mob scene’s. Especially, Julius Cesar, which is a spectular study on the effect a good speech can have on the “mob”. The “mob” is, of course, the common Roman citizen who seems to go one way…then the next…then completely changes position again….swayed by the eloquence of Brutus and Antony.

So it is, whith our latest “election mobs”, the practice at Canadian University Campuses, in which youth are encouraged to just vote…no matter who for…just do it.  And as might be predicted, the young folks, filled with political conviction (if perhaps wanting somewhat on the wisdom quotient) are voting for Jack Layton and the NDP.  Of course, none of these kids has actually really experienced an NDP government. There might be a few from BC or Saskatchewan who were beginning highschool when the provincial government’s were being dragged into oblivion by the NDP. But, as far as I can recall, the only students who would know anything about the NDP in real life, would be those from Manitoba…whose government is decidely Liberal in action if not in name.

Anyway, the kids are being swayed to vote for NDP Utopia….a world in which there’s a chicken in every pot, where all our energy needs are provided by windmills, where large corporations pay taxes but everyone else gets a union job and/or a free ride.  As the saying goes, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it. And it would appear that our University kids, have not fully understood their history lessons.