Finding the Truth in Ottawapiskat

Enough already with the CBC reports about sewage on the floor, frost in the beds, and desolation in every house of Ottawapiskat! I believe I could make some sort of reasonable evaluation of what the actual problem might be within one day, if I were to vist that poor, unfortunate community. But tonight, Wendy Mesley invited all Canadians to tell her what they think the problem is.  Whaaa? How the hell would I or anyone else know what the problem is in Ottawapiskat? We certainly can’t find any hint from the media.

How the hell could any Canadian who has not been to Ottawapiskatk possibly know what the problem is? Certainly all CBC has done is send a slew of reporters, repeatedly, at regular intervals to report on the dismal EFFECTS of whatever it is that is causing the problems in Ottawapiskat. But there is not the slightest effort to determine what is actually CAUSING the problems. We know that some of the homes there are nothing more than shacks, that water is polluted, that people are sick and in destitute circumstances. But it’s not clear why?  We know that something like $60million was pumped into the community in the last year, but there’s no indication that anything was built….or not.  Was anything built?  I don’t know. The media won’t say. Was anything NOT built?  I don’t know, the media won’t say. Are there ANY individuals who have possiblly benefitted from the tens of millions of dollars pouring into the community? I don’t know…the media won’t say.

Can’t anyone give us some semblence of opinion as to what the REAL isssue is? We all know that there’s been some sort of monumental screw up. Either some band members or goverment officials have absconded with millions at the expense of individual lives. They should be prosecuted with all the might available to the crown. But there’s got to be an actual story. Do you know what I’m saying?

If I, or any one of my dear readers, were to visit Ottawapiskat tomorrow and spend 4 hours there talking to people, we would form an opinion. My guess, after 20 years of news reporting experience, that my opinion would be pretty close to the truth. Why have we not heard from any reporter about what the hell is actually going on in that miserable community. Reporters do have the ability to integrat such things in their reports in clever ways if they wish. But it appears to me as though CBC is intent on creating the impression that the main culprit here is the federal government. This is done through the process of omission….by omitting key facts. Has political correctness brought us to this. Where the truth cannnot be spoken, when human life is involved?





The King (Jack) has no clothes!

OK. It is not good to speak ill of the dead. But this rule, apparently can be broken by “historians”.  Consider me an “historian” for the next couple of minutes. It may be a bit premature, but I think it’s time (now that all the NDP Leadership hopefuls are gathering for their first big debate) to mix in a little dose or reality to the NDP view of Jack Laytons’ world….a virtual socialist utopia where simple bromides out do common sense.

I liked Jack Layton. Not that I ever met him or anything like that. I mean, I liked him insofar as it is possible to like someone you don’t really know. He seemed like a decent enough guy. But I didn’t like his politics and I didn’t like his simplistic approach to complex issues; an approach which betrayed his disingenuous nature.  I’ve said this somewhere before, but I believe it deserves to be said again. Jack Layton was too smart to actually believe half the stuff he preached. I believe that. So I also believe he was not being entirely honest. Certainly not as honest as I would hope a national political party leader should be. Mind you, when we think of other national party leaders we probably shouldn’t have a lot of faith in any of them. But my point is….Jack was certainly no Saint. He was a typical politician, whose party performed rather poorly in every province in the last election EXCEPT Quebec. It was in Quebec, where the NDP took off. And quite evidently, the ‘sophisticated’ voters of Quebec were not trying for a better government. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact they were prepared to vote for children or absentee candidates in many cases. In the past, they had voted for candidates who would destroy the country, so I suppose we should not be surprised. I predict that, some day, a dog will actually be elected somewhere in Quebec. (It might actually be an improvement over some of the characters we’ve seen over the years).

So let me be the first “historian” to pour cold water all over the “Saint Jack” myth. Jack was a middling politician…opportunistic and somewhat hypocritical (he and his wife living in Co-op housing on $100-G+ salaries) who just happened to luckily ride to victory in the last election on the fluke results of a Quebec protest vote…and nothing more.