Gutless Hawks get what they deserve

I’m not a big fan of the Phoenix Coyotes, but boy do I hate the Chicago Black Hawks. The humiiating defeat of the Hawks at the hands of the lowly Coyotes is one of the hi-lites of this hocky season. The Hawks are a talented but conceited bunch. Their coach is a bit of a wingnut and their ill-informed fans and ignorant sports columnists make the early exit from the play-offs delicously sweet.
The little creep, Bolland, was no where to be seen in the final game. A complete non-entity, the Coyotes had checked his sorry ass out the picture. He was keeping a low profile, even for a worm like himself. Chicago is one of the dirtiest teams in the league. The cheapshot taken by Andrew Shaw early in the series in an attempt to knock Coyotes goalie Mike Smith out of the series was just one example of many attempts by the Hawks to injure their opponents. The dirty elbow shot by Duncan Keith to the head of Vancouver Canucks leading scorer, Daniel Sedin, just prior to the end of the season was another recent example of the team’s dirty play and disgraceful sportsmanship. It was great to see the tables turned on those cheating bastards, as Mike Smith, a good Canadian boy from Kingston stoned them.
Na na na naaa na!