Media Covering for Obama’s Lies and Coverup

The U.S. Embassy is under attack by terrorists. Emails are being sent to the “situation room” in the White House. A military drone, with a video camera, monitors the terrorists on a live TV feed as they attack the embassy compound. The attack draws out for seven hours. The White House sits. Even though U.S. aircraft  and  troops are only 90 minutes awau om Cicily. The US ambassador, hiding in a “safe room” suffocates….perhaps around hour 6 of his ordeal. Three other embassy staff are killed.  U.S. President Obama, continues his campaign, travelling to Las Vegas where he meets some Hollywood stars.

Sun News, in Canada, reports the “terrorist attack”. The White House, apparently not as up to date as a Canadian right-of-centre broadcasting outlet, reports that the embassy was attacked by ‘demonstrators” upset about an obscure video which, apparently (although truthful) was disrespectful to the “Prophet” Mohammed. A week later, the U.S president goes to the United Nations and apologizes to the United Nations and Muslims because a U.S. citizen excercized his rights to freedom of speech (with the obscure video on Youtube).

Three weeks later and CBC, Canada’s national broadcaster, refuses to cover the issue…..walking lock-step with other liberal media in the U.S….determined to protect Obama and blinded by ideology. CBC is experiencing “Obamalove” and, as they say, “Love in Blind”. How can a so-called news service ignore a cover-up which makes Watergate look like a day-care dustup by comparison?