Michael Moore’s Ignorance

Thisevening, Michael Moore, guest on CNN’s Pearse Morgan show, said he hopes that Pope Francis is “the Catholic Church’s Gorbachov”. What a stupid comment. How ignorant and simple minded could anyone be to make such a vile comparison. Moore should apologize to all Catholics. He displays a base ignorance and a profound religious bias. Moore and his extreme left-wing base will do everything they can in the weeks and months ahead to debase the decent man who is the new Pope, because they cannot stand the fact that the Church has stood up to a warped society that honours the taking of innocent life in the womb and pretends it’s a matter of “women’s health”.

Saints and Athiests

According to an article in the Toronto Star…that pinnacle of apolitical reportage. (NOT). Three “academic” pin-heads have published some sort of paper in the “Journal of Religious Studies”, which, it seems casts aspersions on Mother Teresa. The pin-heads ( a, couple with the same surname at the University of Montreal and another from the University of Ottawa) apparently claim Mother Teresa didn’t run “hygienic” centres for the dying in countries like India. What a shocker!

First of all, let me make a completely unsupported but likely assumption. These “academic” pin-heads are atheist Christian-haters. “Ooo…that’s so unreasonable and unfair…Old Ruminator. How could you possibly reach such a bizarre conclusion?” Well, let’s just say, I have about 50 years of personal experience with such individuals and after awhile, I can smell them coming from a mile away.

Anyone over 35 years old (perhaps these pin-heads have not yet reached that ripe old age) would know that for most of the years that Mother Teresa looked after the poorest of the poor in India, that country was among the most desperate, dirtiest, filthiest, plague infested, class-divided nations on earth. India has come a long way since the years of Mother Teresa, but it still is not a place you want to visit without getting every available vaccination known to man.

So now these pin-heads are second-guessing the work of hundreds of nuns, under the guidance of Mother Teresa, who took in thousands of suffering souls from the squalor of the world’s dirtiest districts and gave them a bit of Christian love.

First of all, one can’t get a copy of this so-called “study”. Go ahead, try a Google of the Journal of Religious Studies. You’ll get nowhere without buying a subscription to the “Journal”, and the Old Ruminator has a lot better ways to spend his dollar. For all intents and purposes, this so-called “study” is a lot of ivory-tower swill intended for internal cocktail chat by so-called “academics” who don’t have anything better to do than criticize others who actually go out into the real world and do something productive.

If these pin-heads could have done things better, why didn’t they? But theirs is a world of “intelligentsia”; a world of nit-picking and second guessing the activities of others who actually make an attempt to contribute something to society.

Mind you, even these clowns don’t come out and actually make a solid accusation about Mother Teresa. A quick review of the Toronto Star’s story reveals a “study” build on innuendo, unproven suspicions, second-guessing about miracles and a nun’s financial management skills.

Even by the Toronto Star’s low reporting standards, this one’s a stretch.