NHL Fix is in – Again

The Pittsburg Penquins don’t need a lot of help to beat the hapless Ottawa Senators, but it seems the NHL, through it’s suspect officiating, is offering a hand anyway. In tonight’s Game 4, with the Penguins leading the series 3-1, a Penguin player deliberatly kicked in the first goal. Even CBC commentators, who tend to remain relatively circumspect on such issues, were quite certain the goal would be disallowed. But Gary Bettman has decreed that we cannot have a Canadian Team in the finals and therefor Ottawa is toast. Now, if the same “goal” had been scored by a player of a Canadian team….let’s say one of the Sedin twins, doesn any sane hockey watcher believe it would not be dissallowed? Come to think of it….didn’t exactly that happen in last years’ play-offs. Ya. A Sedin accidentally glanced a puck with his skate in an action nowhere resembling a kick and, of course, it was disallowed.
I think it’s interesting to note that since Gary Bettman took over and decided to push hockey down the throats of the good citizens of the American sunbelt States, most of those Southern teams have actually won the Stanley Cup. Teams with empty buildings most of the year and in danger of declaring bankruptcy have won dozens of highly controversial and contentious games on dubious officiating calls. Miami, Dallas, Carolina, Anaheim, Los Angeles. Last year the Phoenix Coyotes, on the deathbed of financial stability….made it all the way to the finals…with no talent but a LOT of very favourable officiating. But Gary has done an artful job of holding on to his core support in the north as well……at least in the American cities. In fact every one of the original six US teams has won a Stanley Cup in recent years. Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston. Yup, they’ve all won a cup and in several of those “championships” (for example the Boston and New York ones) I can recall entire series, game after game, of corrupt one-sided anti-Canadian officiating.
I’ve loved hockey for the last 50 years, but I’m starting to turn off the TV in the first period of a lot of games, realizing I’m being sucker punched by the NHL and Bettman, who are more concerned with big bucks then with the game.

Neil MacDonald Farce

Poor old Neil MacDonald is obviously infatuated with President Barack Obama. So much so, that it seems he wants the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to be more like him. More “Presidential” Neil? No, apparently he just wants Harper to hold a lot more news conferences and spread a lot more bull….just like the President does. Neil presented the most bizarre, farcical report I have ever witnessed on CBC News Wednesday evening, claiming the Barack Obama is “accountable” while Stephen Harper is not.
His report was apparently based on the fact that Obama appears daily before the press to spew BS, while Harper apportions his BS more moderately. Neil didn’t mention the BS that Obama spread for weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 4 American Diplomatic officials. Obama directly lied not only to reporters, but at the United Nations. Obama claimed the terrorist attack was just a bunch of angry Muslims, rightously outraged by a horrible obscure video which apparently told the truth about the “prophet” Mohammed. Neil seems to have forgotten all about that load of bull in his almost reverential description of Obama’s ‘accountability’. Why they give this guy so much air time to spew this nonsense is beyond me. Apparently Neil is all agog about Obama’s daily press briefings….essentially love-ins between the President and Neil’s left wing press buddies. But Neil hates the Canadian Question Period, which actually presents some fairly tough questions from time to time.
It’s hard to believe that the CBC would want Canada’s Prime Minister to act more “American”. That’s been a great crime in the past. But Neil loves Obama. As they say, “Love is blind”. It can also be pretty stupid.

About Religion

Some time ago, a favourite nephew asked me about religion and I responded. I came across that old email today and thought….what the heck, I’ll publish it, as it seems to summarize my point of view fairly simply. So here goes, my response to a young person’s inquiry about why we should believe in God.

I think, these days, many people just have never seen the need to really think about their life. Our world today is completely filled with stimulation. TV, movies, music, the social scene. And our society has closed out religion, except of course, the religion of David Suzuki, et al. That is, the default position of science must be atheistic, by its very nature. Science requires demonstrable proof. And God, doesn’t oblige so easily. So our schools, our TV shows, all have to, by default, take an atheistic attitude.

Of course, no scientist can prove there’s no God, just as no Christian/Jew/Hindu/ can prove their is a God or Gods. However atheism is for simpletons…..people too lazy to actually think things through. One has to be a fool to believe in something which is unprovable, where the default result could lead to eternal damnation. Whereas, at least a belief in God and behaving morally, creates a default position of possible eternal redemption.
So the default position for most young people is agnosticism…..They might not really really believe in God, but they act like there is a creator….just in case. They say… “There is some sort of power or force out there but surely nothing that can be clearly described by religious hocus pocus…..etc.”
But what if there is this “Agnostic God” of theirs, and they haven’t taken the time to explore the most important question of their lives? Why is it that the greatest minds all through the ages struggle with the ultimate question. “Why am I?” This is not a question for fools as today’s secularist atheistic media seems to imply (there is a constant derision of religious thought).
If there is a chance there IS a God, isn’t there a chance he expects us to use our intellect to try to discover what the meaning of life is?  After all, if there IS a real God he must have created people. If he did, why did he? Wouldn’t he have given us the intellect to understand such a thing? And wouldn’t he also require that we use our intellect to do so? If God were so apparent that he presented himself to us every day sitting on a cloud….would we have free will? Wouldn’t we be forced into some sort of psychic submission…… making us inhuman? So, it makes sense that God requires us to seek him out and then, when we do, he makes it easier for us.

These questions have been considered by the greatest minds of humanity, going back to Aristotle and Plato and before them, the inspired authors of the Old Testament.  The Catholic church believes that ancient, pre-Christian philosophers actually did come very close to discovering the truth. (Both Plato and Aristotle essentially rule out the possibility of their being anything but one monotheistic creator….God and a Good, loving God) This internal knowledge or sense of God and of good and bad, which every sane person is born with, is known as the Logos. It is the moral compass which God has planted in every human being. At the same time he has given every human the choice of listening to this Logos or not.

Oh I could go on and on…..and I often do. Ha.


Real Estate Values will plummet with NDP win in BC

The Old Ruminator is actually old enough to remember quite a number of NDP governments in BC, beginning with that of Dave Barett. It was the NDP who instituted the Agricultural Reserve, one of the greatest accomplishments of any government in the history of this beautiful province. But it was also an NDP government (that of Glen Clark) that brought the provincial economy to it’s knees in the late 90’s and early 2000.
I’ve often said the NDP are like a small, well-intentioned, kind child. They mean well, but no one would consider putting their 8-year-old daughter in charge of a hot-dog stand, let alone a provincial government. Electing the NDP is like putting your 8 year old kid in charge of the household finances. They’ll try hard. They’ll mean well, but they’ll be a distaster.

I’m a bit startled that no one is talking about the “elephant in the room” in the current BC election. The elephant is the remarkably high price of real estate in BC. There have been all sorts of predictions that the real estate “bubble” is about to burst. The Old Ruminator believes that there will be a remarkable collapse in the real estate market should the NDP be elected. This will be tremendous news for renters, hoping to someday own their own piece of the real-estate pie. But it will be a disaster for the BC economy. Investor confidence is a funny thing and it can be swayed by the simplest of factors. If an NDP government with Communists * among their candidates, were elected, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will happen with investor confidence. Real estate will drop at least 20%, perhaps 30-40% in the first three months following an NDP election. It is an outrage that a Communist would consider running for elected office in Canada. Perhaps we should have Nazi’s on the slate as well. The Communists in China are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people and everything they stand for should  be condemned at all times.

The following is an excerpt from the National Post Newspaper:
*VANCOUVER — Frank Huang was a Chinese communist. He joined the Communist Party of China voluntarily in 1991 after being assigned a government job in Guangdong that had him arranging visits and tours for Chinese expatriates. Mr. Huang is now the B.C. NDP candidate in Richmond Centre, a suburban Vancouver riding with a large Asian population. He says he decided to compete in the B.C. election to better serve his adopted country and province. “I love Canada,” says the 49-year-old.