Bullshit wrapped in Silk

The Old Ruminator pretty well sticks to news, sports and documentaries when it comes to television. That means the History Channel rates fairly high in this household. But a disturbing trend is developing. It seems more and more “propagandamentaries”, which I suspect are paid by rich Arab States and China….are claiming the Persians and Chinese invented everthing. The latest, has the Chinese discovering North America. Ha!

We’re going to see a lot of this kind of BS as the Chinese start to flex their nationalist sentiments. They have billions of dollars to spend and they (along) with the Muslims of oil rich nations are trying their best to re-write history. As they say, history belongs to the victor and right now the victor, in monetary terms, are the Arabs and Chinese.

The fact is, there is no documented evidence of any kind that the ancient Chinese reached North America. They were barely able to reach Africa and that was a result of a so-called greatest “exploration” in their history….retracing popular routes the Persions had conquered hundreds of years before.

The Chinese loved to document everything. They have millions of old books, maps, drawings, pictograms, tombstones, etc. Not one…..not one….has any documented record of North America.

The Chinese couldn’t navigate by the stars or sun in 15th Century. They knew about the astrolabe …invented by the Persians, but they navigated by using landmarks. They didn’t know how to use longitude and latitude. It is inconceivable that they would reach North America….especially across the Atlantic or Pacific…in boats that were not built for those kinds of rough seas. Chinese boats were very large (they make ridiculous claims about the size of some boats that engineers say are mathematically impossibly large based on the strength of wood) but their boats were essentially overgrown barges for calm seas that would have sunk in an instant the open Atlantic or Pacific.

The Chinese are also making outrageous claims that they invented magnifying glasses, geometry, mathematics, you name it. Odd, how a civilization so advanced could have returned to the stone-age so quickly. It is actually offensive to think that the Chinese would build their society on the work of free Western thought, reasoned philosophy, religion and science….and then flush it all down the historic toilet by claiming they invented it all first.

The Communist Russians tried the same sort of nonsense in their heyday. It’s all BS.

There’s all sorts of BS popping up on the History Channel these days because the Arabs and the Chinese have discovered that they can finance western-based film producers who will create all kinds of bullshit and sell it cheap to cable TV like the History and Discovery Channels who will broadcast it cheap. It’s propaganda dressed up as history. It’s pretty and many uninformed young people, exposed to such nonsense for the first time, fall for it. But it’s bullshit wrapped in silk.