Bruins Find Favour with Officiating – Again!

I’ve literally be writing for years about the way in which NHL officials favour the Boston Bruins and last night’s game again Montreal Canadians (Mar 24th, 2014) was another fine example. Montreal, despite missing two important players, managed to harness the lumbering Bruins with clever forechecking and superior speed. Montreal entered the third period with a lead of 1-0. The officials decided it was time to intervene.  Four penalties in a row were called against the Canadiens and at least 3 of those penalities were totally uncalled for.  Incidentally, the commentators on the broadcast I was watching were also very puzzled by the calls. In one of the calls a Canadiens Defenceman made an outstanding hockey play only to be sent to the penalty box for doing so. What a desecration of the game! Eventually, of course, the Bruins tied things up….near the end of the fourth penalty.  Thankfully, the officials decided they had pretty well stretched things to the limit in terms of their favouritism and the Canadiens eventually won the game in a shoot-out.

Is it because the Chair of the Board of the NHL owns the Bruins?  Is it because the son of NHL Executive Colin Campbell played for the Bruins?  Is it because someone’s getting paid off, or because the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman owes a favour?  We don’t know why, but any sane person watching this and so many other Bruins games must wonder just what the real reasons are behind so many lopsided calls.

The Russians are behind MH370

OK. Let me add one more theory to the mix. The Russians, skilled at chess and strategic planning as they are, devised a complimentary issues management strategy to augment their scheme to capture the Crimea Peninsula. They figured, accurately enough, that armed soldiers in the Ukraine would have a tough time competing for TV news airtime with the mysterious “disappearance” of a jetliner.  Isn’t it a bit curious that of all the nationals aboard that missing jet, the only three passengers who have not been authoritatively identified and background-checked yet are from Russia and Ukraine? Apparently those nations have not been cooperative with investigators in providing profiles of the three.

Obviously, agents.  Posted on board the plane to hi-jack it at the precise time that Russian troops were to invade the Ukraine. It didn’t completely obliterate the negative PR associated with the invasion, but it did divert some of the world’s attention. Of course, it would also divert considerable attention of the various intelligence communities at a critical time. The Russians calculated that the Crimea should be theirs. They devoted thousand of unmarked troops, vehicles and military resources to the cause. It was planned for months, perhaps years in advance. They planted a simpleton to run the Ukraine, knowing that he would foment a revolution. When the revolution occurred, they rushed in “militia” on the pretext of maintaining the peace. But Putin knows the power of public opinion at home and abroad and it would be a timely beneficial diversion if a jumbo jet full of passengers were to mysteriously go missing on the eve of his invasion.

Science has all the answers

“The entire universe was formed from a point smaller than a single atom.” This is the direct quote from a promo for a new science program  broadcast on the National Geographic channel.  What bugs me is that this very same program recently had pompous scientists expounding on the glories of the ability of science to answer humanity’s  most profound questions and problems.  It wasn’t just that they were claiming science was good (which of course it is) , but it was as though they were saying that anything other than scientific method and process was akin to superstitious nonsense. Huh?

What conceit.  What arrogance. What bullshit.   If you, or anyone else you know, understands how the “entire universe began from a point smaller than the tiniest atom.”, then I assume your are:

1. A qualified candidate for the Nobel Science Prize and a certified mathematical genius.

2. A bullshiter

3. Crazy

Look, the Old Ruminator was a very successful science student and relatively accomplished math student, chess player, etc. While the universe may very well have been “formed from a point smaller than a single atom”, what do I really learn from that?  I certainly do NOT understand how that is possible. But what difference does it make. Does it really fulfill my quest to understand the meaning of life? Hardly. God has given us answers through the practice of science but also a never ending stream of questions. We will never completely understand the infinite universe and that is as it should be; so that we may use our intellect to accept him on our terms. God loves us so much, he would never “force”his omnipotence upon us with obvious knowledge of his existance.  He makes the world complex intentionally so that we cannot believe in him 100%.  If God were to make himself “obvious” or beyond contradiction or doubt, then we would compelled to honour and “love” him. But being pure love, God, does not want to “force” us to love him. Love must be given without condition. True love cannot be compelled.

In this vain, it occurred to me recently that the gradual evolution of life on earth is a perfect example of God’s intention of giving us an explanation for our existance without giving us an obvious, ultimate answer.  Let’s face it. If there was compelling evidence that we were simply ensconced here on earth then what would be the point of living?  We might as well cash in it all right now to go join the creator. God has created a magnificent balance of infinite possibilities and sublime consciousness to keep us guessing. He comes to us and makes himself known to us if we simply ask.