TSN denigrates Canadian Blacks

“Wur du Nord”  That’s how the announcer on a current TSN commercial promoting the Toronto Raptors basketball team, pronounces “We’re The North”.  It’s a slap in the face to all Canadian blacks.  A denigrative and insulting commercial which seems to imply that because the Raptors are mostly black athletes, Canadian fans would be pleased to lapse into some sort of American inner-city dialect in order to be “cool” and a fan.

TSN should be ashamed of itself. This is Canada and, for the vast majority of Canadians, and I daresay the vast majority of black Canadians the Queen’s English is the preferred dialect.

Why TSN thinks it’s cool to promote the Raptors with an announcer determined to speak with something akin to a speech impediment in a lame attempt to mimic inner city American Black Getto Rap culture is beyond me.  It is insulting to all Canadians, but particularly the vast majority of sophisticated and intelligent black Canadians who contribute so much to our society. Shame on TSN!

Curtail Muslim Immigration

Political Correctness, be damned! The Old Ruminator has reached an age and a stage in life where he no longer has to worry about being fired or disenfranchised in any way for his opinions.

So here’s one old goat who will state unambiguously that Canada must curtail the immigration of Muslims.  Yes, I know. Most Muslims are not violent. But. It is so obvious that the Muslim religion is an evil, negative force in the world, that we must ensure it becomes no stronger than it already is within Canada.

I gather that within the 20-30 years the Muslim population has grown from about 20-30 thousand to 900-thousand. We have Muslim youths planning to blow up Parliament and behead the Prime Minister. We have dozens of young Muslims taking up jihad wars in foreign lands (e.g. Omar Kadar) and hating their Canadian homeland.  Is there any real value in welcoming Muslims to a society such as Canada…founded on Judeo Christian principals?  I think not.

Of the 100 or so Muslim countries in the world,  can anyone name one that is a developed, progressive democracy?  Turkey came close for awhile. But only because of a brutal clamp down on Islam for several decades.  Pretty well all Muslim countries are dirty, filthy, lawless, depraved states where women and children are mercilessly persecuted, abused and killed in the name of Islam or Sharia “Law”.

Why, in God’s name, would Canada want to import Islam? It’s not a religion of God in my opinion. In fact, I believe Islam is the work of the devil. Mohammed was a violent, woman hating pedophile who used brute force to spread his repulsive beliefs. The History Channel and every other western form of media is scared stiff of actually reporting any of the truths surrounding this corrupt anti-Christian (Anti-Christ?) individual. Why do we never, ever see any historical information within western  media about Mohammed?  Because the truth is so odorous, it would be guaranteed to garner the wrath of every two-bit jihadist living in the west. And, as we know, when a poll was conducted of the 900-thousand Muslims in Canada following the 9-11 attacks, fully 12% of respondents were sympathetic to the jihadists.   Enough said.


“Jobbed” by Mr. Lube

So the Old Ruminator was looking for an oil change the other day for his trusty Honda Accord. The Old Ruminator used to always change his own oil, saving enough money to buy a case of beer every 5000 Kilometers or so. But with arthritis setting in (the joys of old age) crawling under the motor to struggle with a cranky oil-pan bolt or trying to replace an oil filter is not a joyful prospect.

So I went online for some coupons. Checked Jiffy Lube first and they had a few bucks off some sort of “Supreme” package.  The Old Ruminator doesn’t like the cost of “Supreme” packages, so passed on that one. Then went to Mr. Lube and there was a $10 off coupon for any oil change.

Leary of being conned into something I really didn’t want, I approached the local outlet cautiously looking for some sort of signage concerning costs.  None anywhere!  As I approached the entry bays a friendly old geizer motioned me forward to an open door. But I wasn’t going anywhere till I knew what I was in for.  After all, arthritis or not, I know what oil costs at Canadian Tire and I’ll do damn near anything for a free case of beer.

So I asked the old geiser what the costs were.  He handed me a brochure containing a table of perhaps 15 different oil changes ranging from $49 to $89 bucks.  “Can I have that one?” I said, pointing to the $49 “Standard” oil change special. “Absolutely” he helpfully said and in I proceeded forward.  Oh, I never met such a pleasant bunch of characters. “Sir”, this and “Sir” that.  But after popping the hood and undergoing some preliminary checks I heard my main service repair guy say….as he pecked at his computer “That’ll be $57 before taxes”    Whaaaa?

“Hold everything” I said.  “How did we get from $49 to $57?”  I says, and “Don’t forget my $10 coupon”.

“Oh, that’s becuase you car uses 5 W20 oil instead of 10W30”. He says and his partner in crime helpfully shows me the Honda Engine Oil thingy which, naturally enough, has 5W20 written on it.  At that point we began a long and protracted discussion about the costs of oil and I was determined to convince them that there is NO DIFFERENCE in cost.

A half-hour later and almost $60 bucks poorer, I was at my local Canadian Tire checking out oil prices.

Here they are, as of April 10th, 2014.

Castrol Edge Synthetic – Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $11.99/litre

Motomaster Formula 1 Synthetic – Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $9.79/litre

Mobil 1 Synthetic – Both 5W20 and 10W30 – $12.29/litre

Pennzoil Platinumb Synthetic _ Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $6.29/litre (on sale)

Mobil Supreme – Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $7.29/litre

GTX High Mileage -Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $4.79/litre

Quaker State (Conventional) -5W20 =$ 5.79 and 10W30 =$5.99

Penzoil Conventional Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $5.99

Motomaster Formula 1 (Conventional) Both 5W20 and 10W30 = $5.29

In summary. In ALL cases the price is the same. Except that the Quaker State 5W20 is actually CHEAPER!

So Mr. Lube.  Is this some sort of rip-off?  Clearly, there should be no premium price for 5W30 over 10W30. God knows what kind of gunk your selling in the first place, but it’s pretty clear you are “stealing” from your customers and you just lost a customer that came to you for the very first time.



No Rules for Bruins

Watched with delight tonight the Leafs overtime win against the Bruins.  But what the heck is going on with the goal crease rule?

Did I miss something.  TWO of the Bruins goals were scored with a Bruin clearly well within the blue-painted goal crease of the Leafs. No penalty. Goal allowed.  In another case, a Boston Bruin player was clearly, intentionally positioned dangerously within the crease, in which case he was knocked backwards into the Leaf’s goalie, Bernier, who had to be removed for the game due to injure. NO PENALTY!. What the hell is going on?  Once again the Boston Bruins are getting a free ride from NHL officiatiing.  I am sickened and angered by all this.