Why the mystery about game time at World Cup?

The Old Ruminator is not really a fan of soccer. But it beats bowling, stock-car racing and darts, so when all else fails and there’s nothing else on the tube….it’s the World Cup that gets the most time while I perform the nightly ritual of channel-scanning.

It’s a weird game, that’s for sure.  I don’t get the offside rule. It seems to completely ruin about 9 out of 10 scoring chances.  One can watch the game for interminably long times without a single shot being fired towards any net. Just guys kicking a ball around, feigning injury, etc.

But the weirdest thing of all is the timing of the game. I gather a game is supposed to take 90 minutes. But the clock never stops running, even when the ball is out of bounds and players are lolly-gagging around killing time and sucking some wind.  Then at the 90-minute mark, it seems the referee, without any other official overview, can arbitrarily determine how much time was wasted while players feigned injury and were being carted of the field or whatever.  Attention soccer. This is the 21st Century. We have digital timers that could easely be linked to the referees stop-watch, for example.  Then, everyone, including the players, could see how much time is actually left in the game. Wouldn’t that kind of make things more interesting…not to mention honest. Let’s face it, soccer is probably the most corrupt sport in the world, next to professional boxing and wrestling.  Wouldn’t it lend a bit more credibility to the game if we could all see how much time is actually left.

I’m not aware of any other sport in the world, where the actual athletes can kill time, and for that matter have no certainty whatsoever how much time is actually left in the game that they are playing in. It’s a joke!