How to make a Muslim Terrorist in Canada

As so many other Canadians, the Old Ruminator spent the better part of today glued to the TV in search of details concerning the insane attack by a Muslim Terrorist in Ottawa which resulted in the cowardly murder of a young Canadian soldier and an assault on Parliament Hill.  An earnest Peter Mansbridge and many other news hosts repeatedly asked “What could have possibly driven a Canadian-born citizen to such depravity?”.

Well here’s some wild speculation from the Old Ruminator.


Low IQ
Moderate Mental Instability
Inclination to be easily led by others


First take a moderate dose of Islam, (or any other “Religion of Peace” that preaches the need to convert or murder all “infidels”.  Mix this with a generous portion of stupidity and low IQ, blend in a tendency toward mental illness of some kind and you’ve got the characteristics of the modern-day Jihadist.

PREPARATION TIME:   4 to 6 weeks

SERVINGS: Enough trouble for an unlimited number of people

The two losers who killed two Canadian soldiers in two separate incidents this week, weren’t the brightest stars in the Universe. The guy who launched the attack in  Ottawa was a convicted doper and drug dealer from Quebec who also faced charges of uttering threats on the West Coast not long ago; a perfect candidate for the nonsense which is Islam and one easely indoctrinated into that religion’s substantial radical wing.

The other clown who plowed his car into two soldiers in Quebec, was another loser….an outcast from society who had recently found in Islam answers to his perverted view of the world.  Here is a religion, founded by a blood-thirsty war-monger which has ravaged Christian Civilization since the 7th Century and has repeatedly appealed to people of low, and simple intelligence. So naturally, it appeals to dim-witted losers of the types who were shot to death this week after committing their little jihadian rampages.

I predict, as I have been predicting for the last 13 years or so, that this is going to end in a very bad way. There will be a reckoning between Islam and all the other people of the world some day, perhaps not too far away. At some point, decent, peace-loving people will wake up to the fact that Evil is at their door. It is real….it is blood thirsty, it wants them to convert or to die. And there are millions of dim-witting low-lifes who are ready to take up Mohammed’s call to slaughter all infidels. It is when civilization is ready to call it by it’s real name and stop spewing nonsense such as “Islam is a religion of peace”, that this evil force will once again…as it was in centuries past, be relegated to the hell-hole breeding grounds of the Arabian Peninsula from which it sprang.

What We Can Do

Canada can begin to address the problem by being ready to call a spade a spade. It would help if our national broadcaster would begin to use the word “terrorist” instead of “extremest” and use “Muslim Conversion” instead of “radicalization” to describe these nuts. More importantly, our immigration laws must deny all professed Muslims from entering the country. Islam is an ideology somewhat similar to Naziism. We would not have accepted Nazi immigrants to Canada during the Second World War and we should not accept Muslims to Canada now…..unless, perhaps, they are willing to lay their hand on the Quran and pledge undying allegiance to Canada for them and their children. Even then, I would be suspect as there is a profession in Islam which encourages lying in aid of the spread of the faith.

ISIS Loyal to Mohammed

It is an historical fact that when Mohammed, the “Merchant” led his army against a city, his men came to him, after killing all their male adversaries and asked what they should do with the women and children of the city. Mohammed replied “Rape the women and kill the children”.

This is an indisputable historical fact recorded at the time by first-hand account and dutifully recorded and is available for anyone interested in getting at the truth behind “the real Mohammed”. Of course, you’ll never hear this in the popular media because they are too busy preparing documentaries questioning some nuance of Jesus’ life. It’s odd that we have so many documentaries over the years on the “Life of Jesus”, perhaps hundreds over the years, and not one……not one….on the life of Mohammed.

Odd, isn’t it.  Especially, since Mohammed lived about 700 years after Jesus and should be easily accessible to historical research.  And then there’s the sad fact that so many fools, innocent fools, have adopted the simplistic and evil philosophy of Islam. One would think this would be a prime subject for historians, documentarians, etc. Why don’t we see the PBS or NBC or anyone do a real historical documentary….a critical documentary on the “real” Mohammed?

Well, as a former Documentary Journalist, the Old Ruminator, completely understands just why there are no documentaries by independent, responsible, free-world media outlets, on Mohammed.  It’s because, a responsible journalist would be faced with the profound dilemma of having to tell the truth about Mohammed and therefor having to suffer the outrage of all the fools who follow him. Because the truth about Mohammed hurts…hurts a lot. He was a womanizing, pedophile, with delusional dreams. He was an illiterate man.  He obviously never wrote the Koran (oddly even Muslims know he was illiterate, they claim his writings, were a “miracle”). Yes…well.  The facts are that hundreds of his followers, soldiers among them, who had finished raping and murdering children, set about creating a legend about Mohammed and it took root in the tribes of the Arab peninsula, eventually appealing to the simple minded of the world, of whom we know, there are many.

Now to ISIS; the bloodthirsty beasts who behead innocent journalists and aid-workers not proudly, but cowardly, hiding behind masks.  There’s nothing new here. This is something the Muslims have been doing since the 8th Century. The Muslims have been constantly at war with the West since their founding. They have stormed Europe century after century, even reaching the gates of Vienna at one point. It was precisely because Muslim marauders were robbing, raping and murdering Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem at the turn of the first millenium, that the Crusades were initiated.

The Muslims have been the greatest threat to Christian civilization for 14 centuries and they are not about to stop now. They’re also determined to take on the Hindus, Confucians and Buddists, which may be a big problem.  Not to mention the two or three billion secularists, pagans, celts, etc.  There will be a day when all this nonsense comes to a head…when the enlightened world simply says they will not allow it to continue. That will be a sad day for Muslims.



NHL Officiating Bias against Canucks Continues

Tampa Bay’s in town and in the second period,with the Canucks killing off a penalty,  in a minor scuffle in front of the Tampa net, following a close-call by the Canucks, the refs call an unbelievable penalty on a limp wristed tap by Canuck’s Alex Burrows on a opposing player who had just crashed him in the crease. Now the Canucks are down 5 men to 3 and, of course, Tampa scores.

The Old Ruminator is a patient man, but this son-of-a-bitchen bastardly, gutless officiating by the NHL against the Vancouver Canucks is sorely hard to take.