NHL Officiating Bias against Canucks Continues

Tampa Bay’s in town and in the second period,with the Canucks killing off a penalty,  in a minor scuffle in front of the Tampa net, following a close-call by the Canucks, the refs call an unbelievable penalty on a limp wristed tap by Canuck’s Alex Burrows on a opposing player who had just crashed him in the crease. Now the Canucks are down 5 men to 3 and, of course, Tampa scores.

The Old Ruminator is a patient man, but this son-of-a-bitchen bastardly, gutless officiating by the NHL against the Vancouver Canucks is sorely hard to take.


One thought on “NHL Officiating Bias against Canucks Continues”

  1. You think you have it bad…try being a Hab fan.In their last game, against the Canucks, the limp wristed tapper,Alex Burrows, delivered a hit to Alexi Emelin that the NHL categorized as”both interference and a late illegal check to the head”. Although the NHL has since suspended Burrows for three games for the hit there was no call on the ice. As Emelin lay half conscious on the ice the Canucks went in on a two on one to score a goal. Fighting back to tie the score and send it into overtime Montreal was given a penalty for a pick play making it a 4 on 3 power play. As anyone who follows hockey knows, a 4 on 3 is almost as hard to defend against as a 5 on 3. A pick play? Who calls a pick play in overtime. They certainly didn’t call the pick that the Canucks executed on a Montreal player who was trying to block a point shot while trying to kill the 4 on 3 in overtime. Needless to say Vancouver went on to win while scoring on that power-play.
    I do agree with you on the bias against ALL Canadian teams, as mentioned in previous articles, when playing against their American opponents, especially come playoff time. Why promote hockey in Canada when the rinks there are already sold out?

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