“Advent Beer” Coming soon to your local liquor retailer

I suspect most non-Christians and even many of the younger folks who claim to be Christians haven’t really got a clue about Advent.  In case you didn’t know, it’s a reflective time that serious Christians use to contemplate the arrival of one of the holiest days in the Christian Calendar; the birth of Christ….otherwise known as “Christ Mass” or “Christmas”.

Now the wonderful marketing geniuses at several chocolatiers are latching onto the Advent bandwagon with some special chocolate edition “Advent Calendars” just in time for the Christmas season. Of course the Advent countdown calendars don’t actually mention the anticipated birth of Christ anywhere. It’s all about gingerbread houses and Rudolph the Reindeer

IMG_0846         IMG_0848


As if that isn’t bad enough, I recently heard a check-out clerk at the local BC Liquor Store ask a customer whether he was interested in a case of “Advent” beer!  Well the clerk, as it turns out, didn’t quite get it right. The “Advent” beer was actually a 24-pack of “Christmas Cheer” beer that presumably helps one count down to Christmas, beginning December 1st, with a “beer-a-day”.  Thankfully, the manufacturer didn’t actually put the word “Advent” anywhere….but we won’t be shocked when it happens.