Refs still screwing with Canucks

It’s the second intermission of a game involving the Vancouver Canucks and New York Islanders. The Islanders have high-sticked two Canucks, sending one to the ice in a lump and the other to the bench with a bleeding mouth. No penalties. The Islanders have hooked, tripped and cross-checked the Canucks. No penalties. The Canucks have two penalties….one deserved and one from a phantom hooking call.  The Canucks, despite all this, are leading 3-1 at this point but at this rate, how long can they not only deal with the competition but with ongoing NHL bias.  This is the fourth game I’ve watched in a row…(missed a couple games over the New Year) without a single power play in the Canucks favour.

Now I don’t think the Canucks are actually going to go anywhere this year. They are way too small a team without enough grit and without enough big, strong power forwards. The Sedins, while good, have seen their best years and are really playing a very light style of hockey….certainly not scaring anyone. But it is really frustrating to see this bias against the Canucks…game after game…..year after year.