The light of Sun News will be missed

What a shame.

What a tragedy that Sun News is no more. The liberal press is smugly suggesting that there just weren’t enough conservatives out there in Canada to have supported the network. But no mention of the fact that Sun News was stymied by the CRTC at every step, relegated to non-news network status for it’s four year life, denied the same compulsory funding received by CBC and CTV News Channels. Sun News fought vigorously for a presence on many cable networks but was never available to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of viewers in provinces such as Nova Scotia.

So the little network, struggling on a shoe string to compete against the $Billion/year subsidized CBC and the CTV conglomerate, could no longer sustain itself as a financial venture. It was brilliantly successful in repeatedly exposing stories untold by the mainstream media. But it was fighting for it’s survival against a left-wing establishment determined to deny it equal opportunity on Canada’s media channels.

Notwithstanding the above, I believe the Sun News Network was the one standard bearer for truth in Canadian Broadcasting. It courageously spoke truth against power. It will be sorely missed and Canadians will suffer the consequences as our timid, liberal media, consumed by political correctness and heavily subsidized by taxpayers will continue to drive the public agenda. God help this land if we have to depend on the navel-gazing editorial gurus at CBC to keep us informed.

No longer will we hear the voices that so eloquently identified the Islamic Fundamentalist threat years before the recent terror attacks on Canadian soil. No longer will be hear the truth about Indian leaders syphoning off millions while there people live in abject poverty. No longer will we be told of the underground funding of strident environmental groups by Middle East and U.S. billionaires. We can only hope that courageous journalists such as Michael Coren and Ezra Levant will again find a platform on which to shine the light on truth.

Time for another Crusade

The recent beheading of 21 innocent Christians by ISIS terrorists is a perfect illustration of the provocation that led Christians a thousand years ago to decide it was time to “clean up” the Middle East.  Back at the turn of the first millenium Muslim armies had invaded and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians across North Africa and were threatening the Christian Bastion of the Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople.  Muslims had looted and destroyed the Church of Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and had ordered the destruction of the tomb which was said to have held the crucified body of Christ. Thousands of Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem were being robbed, raped and murdered by Muslim  marauders.  The call went out for a “Crusade” to re-claim the former Christian territories that had been occupied so ruthlessly by the Muslims.  The Christians of those times knew the evil that was posed by Islam. They had fought back Muslim invaders for 400 years and they had had enough.

Today, the West is waking up to the reality that the Muslim religion is a religion of hate that glorifies death, subordinates women and uses lies and deceit to corrupt weak minds.

At this critical time in the world’s history, the last thing the West needs is another Neville Chamberlain. But that is exactly what we see in U.S. President Obama; a fool who refuses to identify radical Islam a problem. A man who refuses to even mouth the words “radical Islam”. Here’s a man who spent 20 years attending a fringe church whose pastor “damned” the U.S. A man who thinks the best way to defeat ISIS is through job creation programs. And that we could stop the beheadings of innocent Christians if the west would only stop provoking to the poor Muslim kids in Islamic hell-holes of the world.