Tampa’s Bishop a Disgrace to Hockey

OK. Maybe it WAS a penalty, but the behavior of Tampa Bay Lightning’s goalie, in tonight’s game involving the Chicago Black Hawks, was one of the most disgraceful the Old Ruminator has ever witnessed. Bishop, brushed in the head by a Chicago player while pursuing the play through the crease, flopped to the ice on his face like he’d been shot between the eyes and lay motionless.

A penalty was called and it was apparent to anyone who has ever played the game that it was nothing more than high drama, the kind of disgraceful act which has brought so much disrepute to the game of soccer.  Is hockey going to turn into a pansy-ass game like soccer now? Perhaps it will if bush-league behavior by a player for a team playing in front of a know-nothing crowd in Tampa continues as it is.  I can tell you that a player for a Canadian-based team would NEVER live down such a display. He would be howled off the ice by his own fans for such a disgraceful act of such unsportsmanlike conduct.

To make matters worse, the Canadian broadcasting panel in the ensuing second period revue, apparently did not notice that Bishop, after having been knocked “cold” by a brush to head, popped back up as soon as the penalty was called and resumed to play the remainder of the period as though nothing had happened.


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  1. Subban was actually fined for diving during the regular season and rightfully so.But he is not the only one doing it, so why was he singled out?

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