Force Europe’s Migrants to Convert



It seems hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people….the vast majority being Muslims….. are fleeing their hellhole Muslim homelands for the liberties, freedom and wealth of Western Europe. It’s an invasion greater than all the Muslim armies which have unsuccessfully tried to conquer the west for the past 1400 years.

I would suggest that European countries accepting these migrants initiate a two stage process. First all the migrants seeking to live in the Christian West should be asked to convert to Christianity (baptizing them would suffice). When one considers that the foundation of Islam was based on Mohammed’s army forcing victims to convert or be killed, the Muslims should understand and accept this condition of Christian nations.

If they refuse, they should be put on ships and transferred to other Muslim hellholes with no liberty or freedom, but lots of wealth. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. Countries of untold oil wealth and almost limitless resources, should be required to admit their fellow Muslims without question.

If these Muslims truly are ready to contribute as new citizens for the sake of their children, then they should be willing to denounce the yolk of Islam. If that is just too much for them to handle then let them live out their faith in some the more wealthy Muslim countries of the Middle East.

It is a tragedy that so many innocent Muslim children are caught the wars of their fathers. And it is a tragedy that the 100 or so Muslim countries on earth are ALL either festering, poverty stricken hell holes, dictatorships, or theocratic tyrannies. Europe and the West should not feel obliged to solve a problem caused by Muslims.

Those who feel all this is a bit unfair, might want to consider the estimated 200,000 Christians killed by ISIS and another 700,000 Christians forced to flee countries their ancestors had occupied before Mohammed was a glint in his mother’s eye. I’m all for helping the refugees, but let us first lend a priority to the Christian and other religious minorities killed and persecuted by Muslims. Then help all Muslims who are prepared to convert to Christianity. Help the others to move to other Muslim nations.

I am afraid that within a few years…perhaps months… the same Muslims seeking “freedom” in the west now, will be marching in the streets of Western democracies demanding Sharia law. If past history counts for anything we can expect that these Muslims will gather in ghetoes, and be a danger to society and threat to the liberty and freedom of their fellow Europeans. They will try to subjugate and persecute the women of Europe and they will teach their children to hate everything the west stands for. Am I being ridiculous? Well, one only has to look at what has happened in Canada. We have had situations where recent Muslim immigrants have assaulted Canadian citizens in the streets. Instead of getting down on their knees and thanking God for granting them a new home in Canada they’ve insulted Canadians and rejected the Christian doctrine of charity in favour of violence and hate. Instead of accepting the liberties and freedoms of their adopted country, they force their women to hide their faces behind veils and teach their children to hate Christians.


What else can one expect from followers of the only major religion in the world, founded by an adulterous murderer. The warrior Mohammed was an evil phycho who ordered the murder of women and children, who headed an army and attacked cities killing thousands of innocents. His last of several wives was only 13 years old. This, was the founder of a “religion”?


Simply demand that these migrants show they are willing to adopt the founding principals of the countries (Christian) to which they seek to migrate and the problem will be solved. They are not evil people, just ignorant and driven by an evil religion