Canada’s Refugees to Include gays. How about Christians?

With the news in today’s National Post, that gays will be exempt from the ban on young men among Syrian refugees, perhaps we might ask, why not Christians too? Grant it, gay Muslim jihadists would be very rare indeed but Christian Jihadists are an impossibility. So why not let young Christian, and for that matter, Yazidis and other religions enter Canada. Why indeed. Could it be that there are to be no Christians at all among the 25 thousand potential jihadists entering Canada under Trudeau’s hair brained scheme?
I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Liberal government, which is tying itself into knots with this nonsense, is completely ignoring the estimated 700-thousand Christians who were forced to flee ISIS due to fear of actual DEATH, not just economic or social hardship as was the case for most Muslims.

How is it, by the way, that we’ve gone from “Oh, all the refugees have been fully screened by the UN and pose no problem” to banning all young men (except gays)? This is a farce on a grand scale.

While we’re on the subject of just who will sponsor who, perhaps I might suggest to some of our Muslim Canadian Associations that they make a point of sponsoring some Christian families. It would be sign of good faith and although it would a very small number compared to the tens of thousands of Muslims being sponsored by Canadian Christians, it would be nice to see.

I’m tempted to say here “Good Luck” with that. After all, we know that for many if not most Canadian Muslims, Canadians are actually to BLAME for the refugee problem. We’re getting what we deserve. We were the war-mongering infidels, “crusaders” who invaded their peaceful Muslim lands to wreck havoc. So for many Muslims the $1.2Billion Canadian tax dollars to be squandered importing of Jihadism to Canada, is money well spent.

Stop Syrian Refugees to Canada before its too late

With hundreds dead and injured in the latest ISIS attack in Paris, it’s comforting to know that Canadians have absolutely nothing to worry about. At least, according to our new Liberal Defence Minister, Harjit Saijan. The day before the Paris attacks the Minister was on CBC news in a coying interview with a CBC reporter declaring that Canadians shouldn’t worry because our security officials have everything under control. Reports now say that two of the terrorists killed in Paris were carrying Syrian passports and were among the rufugees who had recently passed through Greece. Wonderful. So we shouldn’t be worried as Justin Trudeau follows through with his juvenile promise to rush in 25-thousand Syrian refugees before Christmas. No doubt our wonderful security system will make sure they all love Christians and Western liberal democracy.
Mark the Old Ruminators’ words. This decision is going to come back to haunt us. I can just see thousands of young male Syrians….coming from a lifetime of extreme Muslim violence and hate….fitting right in to Canadian society. NOT!
As I’ve said before, the only way this hair brained scheme has any chance of working is if the refugees are genuinely fleeing religious and cultural genocide. If they are Muslims forget it. If they are Christians, Yazidees, Jews or any other religion, there’s a chance they might integrate into our society. But it is more likely that Muslims will, as they have everywhere else in the world, develop a hate for the Christian values upon which Canada was built.

Oh No! Liberal arrogance shows within minutes of election

Well, that was one of the kindest, friendliest elections the Old Ruminator has ever witnessed. No attack ads, no fear mongering, just some light-hearted joking about the front-runner’s “nice hair”.  Ha. Ha. For the life of me, I don’t know where all the Liberal media claims of a “nasty” election are coming from. One wonders if any of them are old enough to remember the days of PM Chretien.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cronies coddled together 39.5% of the Canadian popular vote….actually a bit less than the percentage received by Stephen Harper in the 2011 election…yet, within minutes of being elected our “Dear New Leader” was talking about reclaiming “true” Canadian values. (read Liberal)
Here we go again. Those of us who are old enough to remember previous Liberal governments will recall that the Liberals somehow believe only they hold the key to the “true” values of Canada. And it seems the media, whose darlings have now recaptured parliament, are only too willing to oblige this myth with lip service. MacLeans magazine has a two-page “Election by the Numbers” spread of graphics in this week’s edition, but nowhere can one find the popular vote breakdown.
On the day following the election, leading newspapers featured a smiling Justin Trudeau being kissed by a woman wearing a hijab….apparently too modest to show her hair in public but not too modest to plant a big fat kiss on a total stranger in public. I’ve noticed that almost every subsequent stock news footage of Trudeau shows him in the presence of the ubiquitous hijab. (Apparently the modern day equivalent of the the turban of the ’90s) By the way, the Old Ruminator is holding fast to his belief that allowing turbans in the RCMP was a mistake. I believe the hijab will be next for Muslim female RCMP officers.  Hmmm. Wonder if the Supreme Court elites will allow RCMP members to wear the burka face covering? Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Or how about Ambulance crews? Does one’s Muslim proclivities allow one to lift one’s burka to administer life saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

Continuing with the fawning liberal media theme, I note that the CBC featured a newspaper cartoon depicting a victorious Trudeau, while Harper and Mulcair slink away dressed in full burkas… though the burka issue had given Trudeau the Victory. Excuse me, but it is important to note that Harper and Mulcair, both of whom opposed the wearing of the burka at citizenship ceremonies (well, Mulcair tied himself in knots a bit, I admit) garnered the votes of 6 out of every 10 Canadians.
It seems “true” Canadian/Liberal values will mean an open door to 25-thousand refugees (mostly Muslim no-doubt) before Christmas (many of whom could pose a serious security risk) a weakening of Canada’s fight against ISIS terrorists and more resources wasted on the pipe dream of anthropogenic global warming.

If we must open our doors to a flood of refugees from Iraq and Syria, we should at least ensure they are from amongst the persecuted and not the persecutors. We should also focus on families with children and choose those who aren’t just fleeing economic hardship or internecine war-fare but actual threats of death…such as Christians and Yazidis.