Stop Syrian Refugees to Canada before its too late

With hundreds dead and injured in the latest ISIS attack in Paris, it’s comforting to know that Canadians have absolutely nothing to worry about. At least, according to our new Liberal Defence Minister, Harjit Saijan. The day before the Paris attacks the Minister was on CBC news in a coying interview with a CBC reporter declaring that Canadians shouldn’t worry because our security officials have everything under control. Reports now say that two of the terrorists killed in Paris were carrying Syrian passports and were among the rufugees who had recently passed through Greece. Wonderful. So we shouldn’t be worried as Justin Trudeau follows through with his juvenile promise to rush in 25-thousand Syrian refugees before Christmas. No doubt our wonderful security system will make sure they all love Christians and Western liberal democracy.
Mark the Old Ruminators’ words. This decision is going to come back to haunt us. I can just see thousands of young male Syrians….coming from a lifetime of extreme Muslim violence and hate….fitting right in to Canadian society. NOT!
As I’ve said before, the only way this hair brained scheme has any chance of working is if the refugees are genuinely fleeing religious and cultural genocide. If they are Muslims forget it. If they are Christians, Yazidees, Jews or any other religion, there’s a chance they might integrate into our society. But it is more likely that Muslims will, as they have everywhere else in the world, develop a hate for the Christian values upon which Canada was built.

One thought on “Stop Syrian Refugees to Canada before its too late”

  1. We do not need want or welcome these refugees.their way of life and system of beliefs are not ours.These people as a religion actually believe that we are beneath them despite the fact that when it comes to basic human rights they have demonstrated that they are still in the dark ages.They can go to other muslim contries that might want them.WE DONT.

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