Why Do Muslims Hate Music?

With Christmas around the corner, it seems the whole world is busy celebrating the season with music of one form or another. Concert and symphony halls throughout the world are filled with Christians, Jews, Confucians, Hindus, Buddhists, you-name-it. Shopping Malls….even office buildings…are filled with familiar (and too often cheesy) music. No doubt, most people’s spirits are lifted and souls restored over the winter solstice with the aid of sublime music.
Music, it seems, has the power to give us a glimpse of the divine.

But not for our Muslim friends. For many, if not most Muslims, music is “haram” an evil distraction. So while the divinely inspired and devoutly Christian music of Mozart, Haydn, Bach and Handel (to name a very few) bring so much of the world closer to God, Muslims, like Grinches, want nothing to do with it. But why? We do know that some Christian and other religious sects have, over the years, sought to deny themselves many earthly pleasures such as music and dancing, art, and even modern technology.  It’s kind of understandable that a few well intensioned but misinformed individuals might join a cult and deny themselves life’s pleasures. But Muslims comprise almost a fifth of the worlds population. How is it so that so many, supposedly intelligent individuals would reject one of life’s greatest and most innocent of pleasures.  Well, even Muslims are not sure about this. In Islam, there appears to be no direct prohibition against music in the Quran. Rather, it seems more than a few malcontent Imams have declared from on high that music is not allowed.

One is tempted to say that this is simply another example of Islam’s apparent inability to pull itself out of the dark-ages (that famous period in which civilization in western Europe seemed to go dormant). But even throughout the dark-ages, music produced by Catholic Monks flourished. Complex and intricate chants, still marvelous by today’s standards were being produced and sung every day and even today are a delight to any sincere music lover.

Was Muhammed musical? I am not aware of any historical source saying so. One suspects that the brutish man who led armies to slaughter women and children, wasn’t too keen on music. His world was more inclined to dark, austere, obedience; not joy and love.

It seems Jesus, on the other hand, enjoyed music or certainly tolerated it. We know from the Gospels that the angels sang to shepherds in the fields to announce Christ’s birth.  Jesus’ first miracle, turning water to wine, at the wedding of Cana, certainly indicates the Lord was not opposed to music. Pretty well any fool knows that a Jewish wedding must certainly have been a celebration filled with music and dancing (as it is today) In Matthew 26:30 we hear that Jesus and the Apostles sang together at the last supper. “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.” Additionally, St. Augustine mentions in his “Confession” in the fourth century, that many church goers were singing hymns. Ever since then, the Christian church has not only supported and encourage musicians; through it’s auspices the greatest music the world has ever known has been nourished and preserved. Pope Emeritus Benedict, is an accomplished piano player and loves Mozart. We know that the currant Pope, Frances, also loves all kinds of music.

We know that pretty well ALL the greatest composers of this world have been devout Christians. Secularists and Muslims would wish to deny this, but it seems ALL the worlds greatest music has been inspired by Christ.

Maybe that’s it.  The Muslims know, they haven’t got a chance when it comes to Mohammed inspiring music. Let’s face it, not many Muslims have inspired anything.  Oh we hear about the concept of the numberal “0” (borrowed from Indians) the numerical alphabet (borrowed from the Indians), Muslim philosophers (borrowed from Aristotle) Muslim architecture (borrowed from the Romans and Greeks). The great advances in the so-called Muslim Golden Age, were mostly carried out by Christians and Jews, dominated by the Muslims in the middle east.

Even the so-called great poets of Islam, such as Omar Khayyam, was clearly not a Muslim. Come on!

“A jug of wine a loaf of bread

And thou beside me in the wilderness

And wilderness were paradise now”

What’s with the “jug of wine”. Clearly, Mohammed declared unequivically.  No booze!

Oh, what a miserable, unfortunate lot is that of the poor Muslims. We must pity their unfortunate state and reach out to them in the hope that one of these days they’ll wake up and realize it’s all been a terrible mistake.

Let them join the rest of the world in Joy and Love. Let them take up musical instruments and burst into song and dance and truly love life. Life short and precious enough and with plenty of personal misery without making it worse with abstinence from those little graces God provides to make it all tolerable.

I apologize

For a couple months now, I’ve been “ruminating” on the issue of Syrian refugees, assuming that they would likely, exclusively, be Muslims. Tonight, Susan Ormanson of CBC reported on the first batch of refugees to board an airplane from Syria, via Jordan. Turns out they were beaming, bubbly, very grateful CHRISTIANS. “God Bless Canada” one bright-eyed, smiling young woman declared as she prepared to be among the first to make their way to Canada. It was wonderful to see individuals who were sincerely grateful to come to Canada and who, obviously, appear willing to adopt Canada as their new home. If, indeed, Christians will be among the refugees rescued from the Middle East then I apologize for my earlier statements.
There was simply no way of knowing for sure who these refugees would be. Certainly, up to last night’s broadcast, every single potential refugee was obviously Muslim with names such as Mohamed, etc. Many of them were seemingly oblivious to the idea of what Canada was all about. I have been saying that we should not turn a blind eye to Christians while focusing on Muslims….who seem to have had great difficulty integrating into many European cities. At least the first plane load of refugees to Canada carried some Christians, which is very encouraging.
So lets’ see how this goes.

Canada coaxing reluctant Syrian Refugees

Along with millions of other Canadians, the Old Ruminator is baffled by the ongoing efforts of the Liberal government to import Islamist Jihadism to Canada….even when it appears the would-be jihadists don’t want to come here.
It’s becoming patently obvious as reporters on the scene in Jordan interview the Syrian refugees as they prepare to board aircraft for Canada. We are being told that vast numbers of would-be immigrants have turned down offers to come to Canada. We shouldn’t be surprised. They know darn well they are not going to like it here…what with our liberal western ways of accepting women and gays as human beings. Every evening, CBC news has been devoting a major part of it’s broadcast time to “profiles” of various Syrian refugee families working their way through the bureaucratic processes. Turns out even those who have agreed to come don’t seem to have a clue what Canada is all about. They have no idea if they’ll like it here, or even if they really should make the effort. Seems we are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to coax reluctant refugees to come to a land to which they may not fit in ….and may not WANT to fit in. What kind of buffoonery is this? What Liberal idiot thought this would be a good idea?

When millions of peace loving people around the world know about Canada, love it’s freedoms and would risk life and limb to come here we spend precious national treasure bribing and coaxing tens of thousands of those who aren’t sure they even want to be here. And we are doing this with the knowledge that many other western nations such as France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Sweden are struggling to deal with massive Muslim ghettos in their larger cities. Why would Canada be immune to such problems, especially if we have to try and coax reluctant migrants to come here. This is a recipe for disaster.