I apologize

For a couple months now, I’ve been “ruminating” on the issue of Syrian refugees, assuming that they would likely, exclusively, be Muslims. Tonight, Susan Ormanson of CBC reported on the first batch of refugees to board an airplane from Syria, via Jordan. Turns out they were beaming, bubbly, very grateful CHRISTIANS. “God Bless Canada” one bright-eyed, smiling young woman declared as she prepared to be among the first to make their way to Canada. It was wonderful to see individuals who were sincerely grateful to come to Canada and who, obviously, appear willing to adopt Canada as their new home. If, indeed, Christians will be among the refugees rescued from the Middle East then I apologize for my earlier statements.
There was simply no way of knowing for sure who these refugees would be. Certainly, up to last night’s broadcast, every single potential refugee was obviously Muslim with names such as Mohamed, etc. Many of them were seemingly oblivious to the idea of what Canada was all about. I have been saying that we should not turn a blind eye to Christians while focusing on Muslims….who seem to have had great difficulty integrating into many European cities. At least the first plane load of refugees to Canada carried some Christians, which is very encouraging.
So lets’ see how this goes.

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  1. I too was reassured by that newscast but I believe that first wave was already processed and earmarked for transfer by the previous government!

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