Muslim refugees wreck havoc in Europe. Told you so!

Well, I wish I had been wrong. But when the Old Ruminator predicted mayhem from the millions of Syrian Muslim refugees invading Europe, he was right. Now with over 850 women attacked and sexually assaulted in cities across Europe by Syrian refugees, one can only wonder what’s next. They hardly had time to get a new set of clothes (no doubt provided by the State) before these beasts were brutalizing women on the steps of Cologne’s great Cathedral. I told you so!

If you’ve ever been to Cologne and stood in front of the unbelievably beautiful Cathedral there, you will know that it is an awe inspiring place for anyone with an intellect. It is, of course, a profoundly Christian monument and perhaps that rubs Muslims the wrong way because there is little, if anything, of comparable beauty in the Muslim world. I’m afraid the Cathedral is nothing more than a “pearl cast before swine” for the thousands of Syrian Muslim “refugees” who have invaded that city.

We can only hope that Canada does not suffer the same fate now that Justin is doing everything he can to flood our cities with Syrian Muslim migrants. In Vancouver there are stories of the Muslim refugees complaining about their hotel accommodations and the money they receive for food. Several hundred were put up at the Airport Sandman Hotel and I guess the accommodations weren’t up to the standards they expected. So there was complaining and grousing about how they were being treated.  I told you so!

Has the Saudi Grand Mufti also been “radicalized”

SaudiMuftiIt’s amusing how the media is careful to identify every terrorist as a “radicalized” Islamist.  Not just a Muslim, or an Islamist, but a “radicalized” Muslim. It seems anyone willing to kill others or just terrorize them, or just plain act crazy in the name of Islam, must be “radicalized”. If that is the case then we must assume the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has also been radicalized. The Grand Mufti would the Saudi equivalent of the Pope for that country’s brand of Islam. He’s quite a character, announcing Fatwa’s almost weekly. The media conveniently ignores that it is Muslim leaders like the Grand Mufti in Saudi Arabia and his equivalent in Iran (and all other Muslim countries) who regularly pass out Fatwa death sentences on people like Author Salman Rushdie. So the Muslim faith’s leadership are “radicalized” according the media’s own self-imposed definition…but the average Muslim follower is not?  Some how, it seems the average peace loving Muslim is able to follow the teachings of evil, mentally imbalanced individuals and remain followers of a “religion of peace”.

The Grand Mufti’s latest declaration is that the game of chess is evil and Muslims should avoid it as it is “haram”….kind of like music is in the Muslim world. It seems the Mufti’s reasons (that chess involves gambling) is a beautiful illustration of just how stupid and asinine Muslim leaders are. Anyone who has ever played the game of chess knows it has absolutely NOTHING to do with with gambling. Even if you were to consider “gambling” with a particular move on the chess board, you would soon be toast. Lord, this whole Muslim business just keeps getting more bizarre day by day.

One more word on the origins of this peculiar religion. As far as the Old Ruminator can tell, it is the only major world religion founded by one who may have been illiterate. Many believe Mohammed could not read or write. He apparently was chosen by God who sent the “angel Gabriel” to him REPEATEDLY and apparently against his will, he began to “recite” what this spirit was telling him.  The Old Ruminator suspects this was indeed an “angel” but not Gabriel.  How about Satan?  Think of the world’s great religions and the individuals that inspired them. All peaceful, thoughtful and obviously highly intelligent. Mohammed was none of these. He was the perfect vessel through which an evil force might enter the realm of man in order to halt the explosive spread of Christianity throughout the world in the 7th Century.

Found this interesting LINK on the dark origins of Mohammed’s revelations.