The Cheapening of Canadian Citizenship

Justin Trudeau, our Muppet Prime Minister, announced today that his government will repeal Conservative legislation which denies Canadian Citizenship to convicted terrorists. What insanity is this? Some left-leaning pointed heads might think that this will strengthen the bonds of citizenship, but it will only serve to weaken and degrade the value of citizenship. It’s common knowledge that anyone with a substantial bank account may now buy Canadian citizenship. And we even hand it out free to 25-50thousand Muslims who despise the Christian values upon which Canadian citizenship was founded. Now it seems convicted terrorists need not fear that they will lose their citizenship. Is this what Canadian citizenship is worth? Nothing? Even a convicted terrorist….even a rich power broker from Hong Kong….even a Christian/Woman/Gay hating Muslim…can easily obtain Canadian citizenship. When something is cheap and easy….when it can be retained those who would destroy the country to which they “belong”….it’s value is cheapened. How sickening!
God help us.

Syrian Refugees get perks most Canadians can only dream of.

Like proverbial Chinese water torture, the Liberals of this fair nation just keep on going with the gradual but irreversible destruction of Canadian values. The National Post reports today that 70% of Canadians are opposed to any increase in the admission of 25-thousand Syrian refugees to Canada. Yet, in another newspaper on the same day, we hear that the feds are determined to provide free, unlimited health care to all refugees. I only wish the same could be said for Canadian citizens. I know of a young father of three little boys who works from 7AM to Midnight five to six days a week, at two jobs, to keep his family afloat. This same young father, gets notices every month from the BC government that he’s behind in his monthly health care premiums. He does his best to pay off the bills, but they keep coming relentlessly. If he were on welfare, it wouldn’t be a worry. Or if he were a Syrian refugee, it wouldn’t be a worry. But he’s a hard-working tax-paying Canadian who has been contributing to the economy of the nation for almost 20 years.

It’s bad enough that we must watch as Trudeau tears apart the social fabric of the nation with his hair-brained schemes of filling Canada with anti-social Muslims. But must we also provide them with a gold-plated support structure, superior to that which most hard-working Canadians cannot afford?