Syrian Refugees Hate Canada

So it was with considerable surprise that I heard a rather lengthy documentary this weekend on CBC describing Syrian Refugees as ungrateful, disrespectful and downright resentful of Canadian’s efforts to integrate them into our society.
It seems the refugees expected a great deal more than free hotel rooms. They were very unset at the quality of food in Canada. So our helpful Liberal government decided to hire Syrian cooks. Several of the Syrian refugees interviewed made no bones about it. “It was much better in Syria” they complained. Meanhwhile, a significant number of low-income earners who had been staying at a subsidized hotel in Mississauga, were kicked out to make room for the ungrateful refugees.

Meanwhile, here’s a personal story I heard today directly from an eyewitness. It seems a very large group of Syrian teenagers were recently given a tour of a City of Surrey Public Library. A librarian of Syrian ancestry was giving the tour and speaking in their native tongue. As part of the tour, the group came upon a gay display celebrating Gay Pride. Suddenly, one of the young men in the group took it upon himself to begin ripping “innappropriate” pages from a nearby library book. Seems it was not acceptable to show such things during Ramadan.

Well, all I can say is that we should all keep a close eye on that young man.  He’s a prime candidate for cause of another Muslim inspired tragedy.

Congratulations to Prime Minister Trudeau and your idiot Minister of Immigration.