Historical Jesus vs Myth

The Mythology of Jesus and God
There is a powerful philosophical and theological train of thought that myths (e.g. Plato’s cave) have the power to approach the truth and to touch the human psyche more profoundly than any historical text. I believe God did enter into human history through His son Jesus Christ who could have, but did not leave anything written by His own hand. The nebulous nature of Jesus’ historic existence is a divinely inspired tactic of God to allow us to discover the truth through reason. God does not appear daily to us as a Great Being sitting in the clouds because he loves us too much to have us love him as subjects. So it was that Jesus had to enter history at a time and in a way which would allow us to discover the truth of his teachings without it being shoved down our throats through historical facts. There is room for doubt and we all have the free choice to believe or not to believe in God. No one can be certain either way….just as it is with His son, Jesus.