“Canadian Values” test contains hidden treasure

Since Conservative Party Leadership hopeful Kelly Leitch unveiled her idea to run all potential immigrants through a “Canadian values” test, the Liberal elite and chattering class have been falling over one another to express their horror. It seems all the columnists and commentators for all the usual big-media outlets are working hard to outdo one another with expressions of righteous indignation. CBC’s National,  unintentionally saw it’s three young media commentators get tied in ethical knots as they tried to wade through the idea that there was no such thing as real Canadian values. Huh? Doesn’t our Muppet PM and every Liberal PM before him, claim to know the truth about what one really means by “being Canadian” (read Liberal)?

As the gentle reader may have guessed by now the Old Ruminator is 100% behind the idea of running potential immigrants through a values test. But let’s not mince words here. We ARE primarily talking about Muslim immigrants. And that is because the nations from which many of these immigrants come (Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, et al) are corrupt, festering hellholes of humanity, where women and gays are burned alive, stoned to death or tossed off rooftops. These immigrants’ Muslim countries hold one thing in common. They hate Christians, pagans, atheists and even other versions of Mohamed’s delusions.

A Columnist for MacLeans magazine asked this week, would we deny a Catholic immigrant who did not believe in Gay Marriage. Well, yes we would, if that Catholic believed everyone involved in the marriage, including the couple, deserved to be stoned to death.

The Old Ruminator believes there is a hidden treasure of unintended consequences flowing from the concept of a Canadian Values Test. Firstly, the questions alone will make it clear to every Muslim immigrant that Canada is not place for “more of the same” from back home. Women and gays have equal rights here. There is no such thing as “honour killings” here. We were founded on Judeo-Christian principals and our Constitution is an expression of Christian ethics. If you are a Muslim or any other religious adherent, who is not prepared to accept that fact, then see-ya-later!

Here’s the thing. Immigrants are arriving by the hundreds of thousands every year from the most corrupt countries in the world. I have met many who have not idea that most Canadians are repulsed by the “values” many of the them hold back home. If every potential immigrant was compelled to respond to a question such as “Do you believe in equal rights for men and women? Do you believe in the rights of all citizens to practice their religious beliefs free from any condemnation no matter what religion?” A serious of such questions would leave no doubt whatsoever what at least is expected of potential immigrants. Oh yes, they could lie…and likely would, but at least they can’t claim their repugnant value system somehow “strengthens” the “Canadian mosaic”.

There has been scant mention of the fact that several European nations have now adopted such a “Values” test and the sky has not fallen. They are doing it a bit late, mind you, as the horse is pretty well out of the barn in places like the Netherlands and Sweden. But Canada, while quickly becoming obsessed with all things Muslim, is still are predominately a secular/Christian nation.

So is the Old Ruminator an “angry white male”? Well, as a proud part of the demographic who essentially built this nation you’re damn right I am. Angry at the gone-soft, sycophantic, pantywaist, elitist media that has the audaciousness to assume the role of conscience of our nation.

Postal Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you ever find yourself wanting to engage a Postal Letter Carrier, or “mailman” as we used to call them, ask the person about his/her thoughts on dogs.
You will be entertained for hours.
Having a very close relative who recently retired from Canada Post, I am constantly amazed at the untold number of varying stories he is able to recall about horrific, funny and basically bizarre encounters with mad/crazy dogs and their most-often dysfunctional owners.
I always thought the stories hilarious, that is, until I met a new neighbour who is also a recently retired postie. We began sharing stories over a few beers recently and he revealed that he is literally haunted by horrific encounters with dogs in his former work. Seems he often is shocked awake in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, madly trying to kick the daylights out of some miserable mutt attacking him in his dreams. And the stories he tells really are frightening. There were occasions when it seems he actually feared for his life. It was literally a “blood duel” between him and some caustic canine. I think there may be some legitimate grounds here for some disability benefit and the Old Ruminator predicts that is exactly what will show in the news in the not too distant future. When I was a kid, my father and pretty well all my friends’ fathers had their “personal demons” left over from the second world war. For my generation, there was the mental anguish resulting from the Vietnam War. Then, around the time of the Gulf War, we really began hearing about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for those involved in heavy combat. Then it was PTSD for policemen and firefighters. Lately, ambulance and first-aid attendants have joined emegency room nurses and doctors on the PTSD lists.
Can it really be very long till the posties climb aboard the PTSD bandwagon?