Trump rightly calls out rude cast of “Hamilton”

I admit, I cringed when I first heard of Donald Trump’s call for the cast of the stage-show “Hamilton” to apologize following their lecture of the Vice-President Elect, Mike Pence. Mr. Pence had attended a performance and was submitted to a rude lecture from a cast-member at the curtain call. Pence took no offense, even telling his daughter that it was the “sound of freedom”. But President Elect Trump is nothing if not willing to say what he thinks and in this case he simply called an ugly, rude incident exactly what it was.
Our society has become rude and brash and it now seems it is all right for the cast-members of a stage play to rudely harass and berate a customer whom they don’t like. The Old Ruminator can remember a society when such an event would be roundly condemned by every sensible, civilized person and right-thinking commentator. The Liberal left seems to think that rudeness is OK if motivated by their personal political beliefs. NOT!
I say Trump deserves to be congratulated for calling out the rudeness of this crass display of politicized propaganda, masquerading as informed comment.

Anti-Trump agents provocateur fomenting racial tensions

I have suspected that many of the more egregious and outrageous acts of “racism” attributed to Donald Trump’s supporters are actually planted by self appointed agents prococateur to try to create havoc.

Here on the sleepy West Coast of Canada a little fact buried deep in a Vancouver Sun report about “racist flyers” in a Vancouver suburb (Richmond) sheds some light on this whole affair.

The story goes that someone had been stuffing mailboxes with racist flyers, which among other things, displayed images of Trump in emperors regalia. Although the flyer was not published, we are told it was racist. Almost the entire report was composed of countless comments from rightly outraged citizens decrying the fact that Canada was now slipping into the grips of Trump-generated fanaticism seen in the U. S.

Except, one paragraph in the report had an extremely compelling fact. When the Old Ruminator was a news reporter we used to call such an act by a reporter, “burying the lead” .

One resident receiving a racist flyer, a Mr. Jordan Reid, is quoted in the Vancouver Sun report as follows:

“Reid said his 24-year-old daughter was leaving their home at about and “got a good look” at the man as she went through the front door and saw him stuffing the flyer into their mailbox before taking off. “My daughter said the guy was black, wearing a hoody. She said he was about 24 to 26”

So. White racist posters distributed by a black? Could it be that the little U.S. Church set on fire and spray painted with “Vote Trump”, might also be a set-up? I think anyone thinking logically can only reach that conclusion. Why, would anyone in their right mind think that setting a church on fire would encourage anyone to vote for Trump? Of course no one would, not even the repugnant KKK is that stupid. But someone trying to tarnish the Trump campaign, just might think such an act would be strategically crazy enough to build hysteria among the weak minded.

Now, following the election, the Liberal left is determined to tarnish the new Presidency. They are not patriots. They are traitors to their nation. I personally believe that a lot of what we are seeing today, regarding the hysteria in the U.S. college student population, is whipped up by agents provocateur whose only intent is to artificially create a legend or theme of Trump racism where none actually exists. I predict that we will discover as many of these so-called racists events are investigated that they were, in fact, created by anti-Trump losers.

Big Media Spoiling for Re-Match following Humiliation by Trump

Like a spoiled teenager who has been caught lying the Liberal media machine, rather then saying its sorry, has swung into full combat-mode against Donald Trump.

Following months of demonization by the Clinton/Obama machine; lies dutifully regurgitated by the media elite now must be “proven true” at all costs. So the Media is doing everything it can to prove it was right all the while and those simple-minded white folks who voted for Trump are nothing more than a bunch of knuckle dragging bigots. So a few very foul and scurrilous themes are now being promoted by the media losers. The key lies are:

  1. People should be afraid
  2. Only whites elected Trump

My brief hope that the upper cut to mainstream media by Trump might be the equivalent of a stunner….that it might actually bring them back their senses, was short lived.

Immediately following the election it was all about the horrendous “fear” that “ordinary Americans”…most notably, blacks, gays, Jews and Muslims must be enduring. Of course, the large number of simpletons who reverently subscribe to the mainstream media agenda (human-enduced global warming anyone?) would naturally be afraid. For heavens sake they’re teaching kindergarten kids that humans are causing the oceans to rise, why wouldn’t they believe it when the media tells them “be afraid…be very afraid..of the demon, Donald Trump”

Yes, Trump has his faults. He’s a bit of an egotist and rather brash. But his alleged clumsy attempts at fondling Miss Universe contestants 12 years ago seems a long way from Bill Clinton’s escapades in the Oral…sorry…Oval Office. And his delay in handing over his income tax files (something not required of a Presidential Candidate) hardly seems as onerous as destroying thousands of emails on a private email server used to handle state secrets (something which is a criminal offence).

Trump is now suffering the same treatment that the media first dished out when Ronald Reagan was elected President. The Old Ruminator is old enough to remember how the mainstream media of the day was beside itself. How could a right-wing movie actor become President of the United States, they blustered. They toiled for four years trying to bring him down, eventually uncovering Reagan’s perfectly legitimate attempt to trade some broken down arms for U.S. hostages. But the American voter, God Bless them, saw through it all and re-elected Reagan, whereupon the President vanquished the Soviet Empire and restored America as the most powerful, influential nation on earth.

I predict that the media will never…..NEVER…credit Donald Trump for ANY success.

They have been totally discredited and humiliated, but they are a proud, pompous, self-important crowd who believe in their hearts that average American voters are fools.

More on Canadian Values

Well maybe testing for “Canadian Values” is not such a good idea after all. My earlier post on this topic came down heavily in favour of giving all immigrants a Canadian Values test. Not so much because I believe they would be completely honest and actually betray values which don’t match so-called civilized values of Canadians, but because I think there would be some benefit for potential immigrants to know that a condition of their living here is that they abandon such practices as honour killings. I think it’s important for all potential immigrants from Islamic Theocracies, for example, to know that Canada frowns on such things. Oh yes, we are all equal in our new “multicultural” society but that doesn’t mean we believe all cultures or all cultural values are equal. And it’s important for anyone planning to live here to know that they better be prepared to abandon the more repugnant practices of barbaric cultures if they hope to make a go of it here.

All that said, the liberal intelligentsia and its media puppets have been in a tither about actually defining what Canadian values would mean. That got me thinking and I also began to wonder. When I read last week that Kelly Ellard, the convicted murderer of a teenage girl, serving a life sentence, is now pregnant in jail following conjugal visits, it occurred to me that the liberal tendency to create an inclusive, progressive society has really got us in one hell of a cultural mess. The Old Ruminator is old enough to remember when there were no such things as conjugal visits for prisoners. It was a liberal, progressive idea that got us in this mess we’re in now. It seems that Canadian values now include allowing convicted murderers to conceive and raise children in jail. What other alternative is there for Ms. Ellart…to set her free? Please remember gentle ready that Ms Ellard was convicted of brutally beating and drowning a young girl under a Victoria bridge while her friends laughed with delight at the goings on. I suppose one might ask it that’s any better than the liberal value of allowing a woman to kill the child within her womb up the minute of actual birth. Our liberal Supreme Court pin-heads deciding that a child in a mother’s womb is not a “person” and therefore has no protection against murder. Let’s give a cheer for Canadian values!