The Conceit of the Obamas

When Michelle Obama recently claimed the election of Donald Trump represented a loss of hope for America, one couldn’t help but feel a twinge of embarrassment for her. Just how self-centered and conceited can one get? But her husband completely went over the top on the day following Christmas with the pompous claim he could have been re-elected if it were he who were running instead of Hillary Clinton. Barack Husein Obama is a fool. Obviously a corrupted by power fool, who like the Emperor with no clothes is wearing a cloak of aggrandizement. He is like so many historical figures caught up in the trappings of power to the point where they believe they have been appointed by God to lead the world. Now, in the last death throws of his current administration he is desperately trying to establish some sort of lasting legacy by hastily rushing through a host of Executive Orders and Criminal Pardons. But even that isn’t enough. Turns out he believes the world will need to hear his enlightened opinions while in retirement, so unlike most of his predecessors who had the decency to pass the torch, he says he will continue to weigh in on important issues of the day. I’m sure we’ll all be holding our breath to hear what the Great Obama has to say about this or that in the years to come. It’ll be great stuff for cocktail chat though.

Ancient Nature Misbehaves? Blame humans.

This Boxing Day (that’s the day after Christmas for all you non-Canadians out there) the Old Ruminator, as usual, decided to veg. But instead of picking up my usual reading material (history) I thought it would be a good idea to honestly appraise the latest arguments NASA, NOAA, UN, etc., is making about anthropomorphic global warming.

I was particularly struck by the NOAA explanation of global warming, which starts off sounding like a high school kid’s attempt to win an A+ in his exam about global warming. But as one digs deeper, the certainty of the case is undercut by a wide a array of “possibles” and “approximates” and “unknowns”. When one actually wades through the whole thing with some healthy skepticism, a definite conclusion is that it’s all half-baked. As we all know, one of the troublesome facts negating the human-induced warming argument is the fact that the world was certainly as warm and likely warmer 5000 years ago as it is today. It may have actually also been as warm about 1000 years ago, during one of three Medieval Renaissances. But the period 5000 years ago really has the climate theorists squirming. This period is what the pinheads call the Holocene Climatic Optimum. Problem is, we keep turning up evidence of human civilization, previously buried under the now-retreating glaciers of Europe and North America. So, clearly the climate was warm enough to support vibrant human habitats where glacier-filled valleys now exist. But what could have been the cause back then?  We can be pretty certain our ancient relatives wern’t burning petroleum and natural gas. So now there are two new theories at work. Instead of considering the possibility that there are natural cycles to the Earth’s atmospheric mean temperatures (ice-age anyone?), the latest is that a quirky spin in the earth’s orbit could be the culprit. The other, pinhead theory is that human agricultural activity caused it all. You heard it right. Turns out our ancient ancestors, by clearing land for crops and animal grazing, might have caused global warming 5000 years ago. So our Grampas didn’t start planting stuff because it got warmer….they started planting stuff and that made it warmer. Just why it only lasted for a relatively short period although human populations continued to grow around the globe is a bit difficult to figure out, and remains a mystery.

Look. I get it. According to temperature records (some of which were pretty bad in the old days) the world seems to have been gradually warming over the last 140+ years……by about 7/10ths of 1 degree F. Even the experts say there’s, at best, a 50/50 chance human activities have anything to do with it. So on that little bit of “fact”, we are on a grand experiment to entirely abandon the benefits of fossil fuels at the risk of our economies and ultimately our civilization.

Michelle Obama affectation

Just a small thing. But why is it that when President Elect, Donald Trump makes a small error such as misspelling a word in a twitter post, it’s front page news. But when Michelle Obama and her husband Barack Hussein Obama, fails to enunciate properly, the mainstream media covers for them.

Here is how the printed media covered a video quote from Michelle while being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

“You see, now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.”

But here’s what was actually said.

“See, now we’re feelin what not havin hope feels like (sic)”

It has been my observation that Mr. Obama, fully capable of enunciating his words, deliberately falls into working-class dialect when talking about so-called “folks”. And there are actual instances where he lapses into a full-out black ghetto style dialect when talking to black audiences. Is it a deliberate affectation, or simply someone getting caught up in the moment and resorting to some sort of root language? Perhaps we’ll never know.

DNC, not Russia, the True Culprit

Lets just take a step back and look at the bigger picture regarding the controversy over alleged hacking by Russia to subvert Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.

Firstly, it is important to note that Wiki Leaks Founder, Julian Assange, has categorically denied that the leaked emails came from any government entity. There is, in fact, a report by the Washington Times claiming the emails were leaked by a DNC staffer who was upset at corruption in the Clinton Foundation and the attemped scuttling of Bernie Sanders’ campaign. But if we assume, for a moment that Mr. Assange is mistaken and the Russians actually hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, should we:

  1. a) be surprised?
  2. b) blame the Russians or the DNC and John Podesta?

Another assumption being made by mainline media in Canada and many outlets in the US, is that Russia leaked the emails to benefit Donald Trump. But how would the Russians know that Donald Trump even had a chance of being elected when all the mainstream media and all the pollsters claimed he was toast?

Isn’t it more logical that, if they were the leakers, they were simply trying to sow seeds of doubt and attempting to undercut Ms. Clinton’s electoral mandate?

I believe the Russians were as surprised or even more surprised than anyone else at Mr. Trump’s victory and I also believe they are now extremely worried. Trump has already demonstrated his no-nonsense approach to international diplomacy. Just like Ronald Reagan, who was pilloried by the mainstream media for calling the Soviet Union an “Evil Empire”, Mr. Trump is not afraid to call a spade a spade. He’s doing so with that bastion of civil rights, China. And he will do so with Russia as well. We can be absolutely certain that Vladimir Putin is losing sleep tonight over the potential actions of the unpredictable, but principled President to be.