Trudeau’s ill conceived self-righteous Tweets

Only Justin knew what was going through his mind over the weekend when he foolishly reacted to President Trump’s border restrictions with self-serving, self-rightious tweets. Trudeau falsely implied that President Trumps’ measures amounted to, at best, a ban on all refugees and at worse, a ban on Muslims. Trudeau’s knee-jerk reaction, taken clearly without speaking to anyone in Foreign Affairs who actually understood what was going on, was a sign that Trudeau is as dangerous or more so with a Twitter account than his famous counterpart to the south. The fact that he took a “holier then thou” approach ridiculously inviting ALL Syrian, Libyan, Somalian, Iranian, Iraqi and Sudanese refugees to come to Canada, won’t go over well in the White House. Perhaps Justin couldn’t help being swept up in the hysteria of his Liberal-Democrat colleagues, but it all was very unseemly. Among those Canadians who actually support Mr. Trump (and there are many) Trudeau’s tweet was seen as extremely distasteful. Imagine how Mr. Trump, his government and the majority of US citizens who support him must have reacted.  Not wise!

Andrew Coyne’s Smarmy Attack on Kellie Leitch

We’ve all heard of backhanded complements. What about backhanded attacks? In his National Post column today, Andrew Coyne, says the following; “I do not think it is fair, then, to lay the murders at the Ste. Foy mosque at the feet of Kellie Leitch or Donald Trump….”.

Oh. Really. Well I don’t think it’s fair to lay the murders at the Ste. Foy mosque at the feet of Andrew Coyne or Justin Trudeau. Although, why I would even write such a thing, while precluding all others would be pretty obvious.

Andrew Coyne is being disingenuous in launching a hateful backhanded accusation against a Conservative Leadership Candidate who has simply asked that newcomers to Canada be prepared to fully adopt Canadian values. Mr. Coyne’s “dogwhistle” attack on the idea of immigrant screening echoes the alt-left kooks who are currently protesting President Trump’s perfectly logical and necessary screening of potential refugees from countries infamous for their predominantly Islamist populations and support of radical groups such as ISIS.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Shooting in Quebec possibly insane backlash

The horrible act of terrorism at a Quebec Mosque must be roundly condemned by everyone. There is simply no excuse. No rational mind can comprehend what would drive anyone to such evil.

It will be critical in the days ahead to try and understand the motive behind the attacks in order that further such actions might be avoided in the future.

It would seem from early reports, that the suspect in the shooting is not a radicalized Muslim but perhaps a non-Muslim radicalized in some other way.

However, It perhaps was only a matter of time. 15 years after 9/11 and countless atrocities committed by Muslim radicals it might be expected that some weak-minded individual would lash out irrationally and respond in kind.

We are treading on dangerous ground in Canada as we try to peacefully navigate our way through a massive disruption in our Christian-based civilization as the Liberal government encourages uncontrolled immigration.

In the wake of the event, Justin Trudeau, blamed unidentified others for “sowing discord” and “weakening our institutions”, etc. etc., no doubt completely oblivious (just like Angela Merkel) to the effect his own uncontrolled immigration policies are having on the fabric of Canadian society.


Trump’s Ban Logical

The seven countries chosen by President Trump for travel bans is perfectly logical. All the countries in question are either state sponsors of terrorism (e.g. Iran) or are so hopelessly in turmoil (the rest) that it only makes sense.  While countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and possibly even Turkey should probably soon be added to the list, at least for the time being they have some semblance of government structures in place and have security intelligence sharing agreements with the U.S.

Borg Obama (you shall assimilate or else) has created such a fiasco, with 14 million illegal immigrants on the ground (many of them convicted felons) and wide-open borders, it only makes sense that a “pause” on border traffic be initiated to allow proper controls to be put in place. That is what is happening with President Trump’s TEMPORARY ban. He is allowing officials with Homeland Security to catch their breath, in order that proper vetting procedures may be put in place.  It makes perfect sense.

While, the ban does in fact ban Muslims, it also bans any other religious or atheistic citizens from the countries singled out. So this is NOT a ban on Muslims per se…..although that is how the media and left wing kooks will describe it.  Meanwhile Borg Obama has inappropriately stepped into the fray, voicing a bald-faced lie (again) that citizens are right to demonstrate against a Muslim ban.  So he lies (claiming the ban is a “Muslim” ban) when it is not. Borg Obama should be ashamed.

Meanwhile, it is perfectly normal to expect temporary problems on the first few days as this ban is put in place. There certainly have been substantial and adequate warnings. Anyone caught by surprise by these events just hasn’t been paying adequate attention to events going on in world.

Canada needs a “Trump”

Within minutes of President Trump announcing restraints on the uncontrolled influx of Muslim refugees from countries serving as terrorist breeding grounds, Muslim advocates in Canada are calling for a dramatic increase of Muslim refugees. Canada, with one tenth the population of the U.S. admitted about 40thousand Muslim refugees within the last year….half of whom, a year after arriving, are still collecting welfare.

Statistics Canada warns that within 20 years Canada will be predominantly newly arrived immigrants and children of immigrants (most of whom come from uncivilized Muslim countries like Pakistan). But Muslim advocates don’t want to wait.  They want Canada to open the doors wider to the hundreds of millions of Muslims who would bring their religion of hate and sharia law to Canada right NOW.

Canada desperately needs a Prime Minister who will protect Canada’s Christian Civilization (as described by Winston Churchill). Our current Prime Minister is in the pocket of a Muslim Religious Leader and has appointed a Muslim immigrant as our Minister of Immigration.

Of Note:  In reaction to today’s news of President Trump’s restrictions on Muslim immigrants a Muslim American citizen is quoted on CNN as saying there would be no problem if “America stopped bombing” other nations.  We can certainly read a pro-ISIS, anti-American sentiment into that type of comment. After all, it is precisely ISIS terrorists who are currently being blown up by American, Canadian and allied forces in the Middle East. I have heard a disturbing number of Canadian Muslims saying the same sort of thing, which is extremely worrisome. One wonders…whose side are they on?



Obama’s National Security Hiererarchy Politicized?


Regrettably, it seems one can no longer assume that when the US Intelligence Chief appears before a Senate Committee there is going to be an objective, factual presentation. Instead, what we get is grousing about the legitimate skepticism expressed by the incoming President.

Obama’s appointee, National Intelligence Chief, James Clapper has been publicly griping about the incoming President’s criticism of the various agencies that report to him. But what does he expect? Barack Husein Obama told outrageous lies to the American People about the Benghazi Terrorist attack, claiming it was all due to some obscure video. And we have since learned that senior officials of the CIA were complicit in that lie; officials, appointed by and beholden to Obama. Obama, when faced with the fundamental truth of Islamic terrorism, will not utter the words and we have learned he has ordered the CIA and the FBI have been ordered to do the same. How can we expect to hear truth from agencies, which for the last eight years have been held hostage by political correctness and whose leaders are judged not by their anti-terrorism skills, but by their ability to verbally weasel their way around issues of national security?

The world is anxiously waiting with anticipation as the new President assumes office and “drains the swamp”, which of course, includes the politicos who have acted as Obama’s surrogates.