Refugee Law Loophole Threatens Chaos at Canadian Border


A dramatic spike in refugee claims at the Canadian Border has caught Canadian Immigration officials completely off guard. With the Canadian Prime Minister telling millions of illegal immigrants from the United States that they are “welcome in Canada”, things could get a lot worse.

There are media reports of hasty re-assignments of Border Protection Agents as hundreds of migrants , many of them phony refugee claimants, flow across the border daily.

It’s all because of a loophole in the Safe Third Country agreement between Canada and the U.S. The deal is aimed at refugee claimants already in one country from making a refugee claim in the other. It’s based on the principal that if you a true “refugee” you shouldn’t be “shopping countries”. So a “refugee” showing up at either border crossing is sent back to be processed by the host country.

But there’s a loophole in the law. The Agreement only cites instances where claimants show up at an official border crossings. If they illegally sneak across the border at an area unprotected, they must be given all the rights the Canadian Supreme Court has proscribed for them. Free welfare, accommodation, free medical care (a privilege which many Canadian citizens do not enjoy), free legal assistance, etc. So, once again, those who break the law are rewarded while those who adhere to the law are punished.

Refugee advocates are calling on the law to be dropped altogether, which is total nonsense. They disengenuously claim that people who risk crossing the border at unofficial locations are in danger.  While it is true that a couple of Africans suffered some frost bite, this is hardly a unique occurance in a Canadian winter. I suspect there were thousands of cases of Canadian citizens suffering frostbite this winter. What laws could be change to avoid that?

The law must be changed immediately to close the loophole and apply to all refugee claimants at any point of the Canada/U.S. border.

With an estimated 14million illegal aliens in the U.S., it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict what’s going to happen when President Trump begins his crackdown. But our Liberal PM and his incompetent Minister of Immigration is completely unprepared. Instead of announcing plans to deal with the looming crisis, they timidly say they are “monitoring” the situation. Well the Old Ruminator is also “monitoring” the situation, but that doesn’t accomplish a hell of a lot.

Time for another prediction from the Old Ruminator. I’m batting 1000 on these, but I hope I’m wrong on this one. I am predicting a major crisis at the Canadian borders beginning around the first day of Spring, when things start to warm up across the 4000 mile unprotected border with the U.S.

Mainstream Media Really Loves Trump

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to comprehend the basis of the so-called progressive left wing mainstream media’s attacks on President Trump.

After one month is office it is peculiar to hear how concerned the mainstream media seems to be regarding Mr. Trumps ability to “get his message out”. With several dozen high profile and extremely ambitious executive actions already under his belt and after having met with 30 world leaders in 30 days, while at the same time assembling the greatest cabinet of all time, all we hear from the mainstream media is how dissappointed they are that President Trump isn’t saying the right things in the right kind of way. It’s as though the mainstream media is saying we really would like to report on all the great stuff Trump is doing, if only he’d lay off the twitter thing. If only he wasn’t so flamboyant. If only he’d behave more conventionally. So, are we to believe the media really is concerned about Trump?   NOT! as the Trumper would say in any given twitter post.

So it seems as far as the mainstream media is concerned the problem with Trump isn’t substantive in nature. Rather it is Mr. Trumps style which is the the problem.

Of course, this is a complete smokescreen. The media is desperately casting about wanting to talk about anything other than Trumps substantive accomplishments. At the same time, they continue with the willful misinterpretation of everything he says. e.g. their knee-jerk, almost psychotic reaction to Trumps claim that Sweden has a serious problem with several hundred thousand refugees.


Open Boarders will Destroy Canada’s Environment

Perhaps the most concerning repercussions of Trudeau’s open border policies is not cultural but environmental.  A number of Liberal kooks have taken to the media in recent weeks calling for a Canada of 100Million people. That’s about three times our current population and about 33 times the population of this nation when I was a child.

The Old Ruminator remembers a Canada filled with wild life. Fishing and hunting was a common and successful pastime for almost every one. Kids could safely head into the wilds and camp for days never seeing another human being, returning home after several days. It was a vast, wild beautiful world which has been lost forever.

Even as a young adult, the City of Vancouver, with less than 600thousand inhabitants, was a verdant gem. One could easily ski on a Saturday morning on nearby Grouse Mountain and garden or go fishing in the afternoon.  Now, countless millions of immigrants have despoiled the land, polluted the water, fouled the air to the point where salmon stocks have crashed and local wildlife is seen as something to be shot on sight by “wildlife officers”.

Toronto is a cesspool of filth. Five million people scrambling for a piece of “home”, having arrived from other regions of the world even more overpopulated and despoiled. Our youth today are consumed by urbanity; thoughts of night clubs, restaurants and food but nary a care for the natural world around them.  Remember Greenpeace. Founded right here in Vancouver by my generation, by people who wanted to preserve the natural environement.  Incidentally, the Old Ruminator is not that far out on the right in this one. Greenpeace and the David Suzuki Foundation have also called for a halt to unlimited immigration to Canada so that nature might be protected.

Tripling our population would destroy Canada as we know it and believe me, it ain’t what it used to be.  Instead of a vast, wild beautiful land shaping the psyche of it’s peoples, we would have another overpopulated, dirty, filthy, crime-ridden, cesspool of humanity….so common to most other nations on this earth.

I believe Canadians must wake up the reality of the tremendous threat which uncontrolled population growth, mainly in the form of unhindered immigration, is having on the very nature of our country. No longer True North, Strong and Free. But polluted, cesspool of humanity.

Disgusting CNN

Was channel hopping this evening and, once again, ran across a grossly biased piece on the “Don Lemon” or whatever his name is, segment of CNN. Some sort of disgusting allegation that because the President did not specifically call-out anti-semitism in recent statements that he was somehow is anti-semetic.  One of the most rediculous “commentators” was Alan Dershowitz, who should be ashamed of himself. Mr. Dershowitz has an impressive background as a civil libertarian that I, as a person of the same generation, is very familiar with. But he’s gone down hill big time in recent months as he’s serving the role of the “useful idiot” on CNN these days.

I still respect the job that CNN does on certain stories and shows, but the Don Lemon (or whatever his name is) is a disgusting nightly attack on reason.

Pakistan bans SAINT Valentines Day.

Well lets chalk up another one for the “religion of Peace”. Seems the Mullahs in Islamabad (how appropriately named) can’t stomach the idea of anyone actually expressing their love for anyone else.  “We can’t have that sort of subversive Western culture in the capital of Pakistan!”. So they’ve banned St. Valentines Day.  Maybe it’s not the “love” part but the “Saint” part that galls them. After all Saint Valentine was martyred for his Christian beliefs by the Romans back in the second century. Surely any Muslim leader worth his salt can’t have even the remotest reference to Christian Martyrs being celebrated.


Well I’ve gotta give Justin a little more credit than I thought was likely. Turns out he managed his meeting with the U.S. President just fine. Although it was painful as hell watching both men sticking resolutely to their written scripts. Neither of them has the knack of lifting words off a page like Obama could.

So, Canadians can all take a deep breath and relax a bit until the next time.

Trudeau: Please don’t embarrass Canada

Here’s hoping Justin won’t embarrass Canadians when he meets with the U.S. President today.

Lets face it. Justin has gotten a pass from Canadian media with his statements about admiring Communist China and the late Fidel Castro but American media may not be as forgiving.

I’m worried Justin might try to ingratiate himself with the left with some sort of kooky pledge to take in the worlds refugees or some such nonsense.

Presumably the PM has had some sort of briefing by senior career diplomats and trade officials and one hopes he’s able to stay to script.

Galling Silence after Riots by Progressives

The young progressives who rioted in Berkeley last week, destroying public property and successfully stopping a conservative pundit from giving a speech, have no shame.

But more galling than any lack of remorse by the rioters is the total silence from elected progressives in the U.S. Congress and Senate. The progressive media, politicians and pundits have completely failed to address the fundamental issue at hand; that young progressives launched an assault on the First Amendment.

Muslim MP Calls for prohibition on Criticism of Islam

Under the guise of anti-hate laws a Muslim Liberal MP is calling for new laws in Canada to limit “Islamophobia”. That is…the hate or fear of Islam.

Last time I looked, Islam was a religion. A convincing argument can be made that it is not a religion at all but a political ideology of world domination in the guise of religion. But for now, let’s accept that it is a religion. Should we not have the right to criticize any religious beliefs in a free and democratic society? If someone disagrees with Christianity, or Buddhism, or Hinduism or Islam, they should be free to criticize, even condemn that religion as much as they want.

That is NOT to say that it is acceptable to hate the people who practice any religion. It is perfectly legitimate to hate what individuals believe but not hate the individuals. That is simply the right of exercising one’s freedom of conscience through the freedom of speech.

Why would one want to hate the Islam religion, you might ask. Well, for starters let’s look at its founder. Unlike the founder of any of the worlds other great religions Mohammed was a violent murderer, who led armies of conquest. We don’t know exactly how many wives he had, but they were many and at least one was possibly as young as nine years old.

He claimed to have dreamt up the Koran…. that an angel had come to him in his sleep. (He also claimed to have winged his way to Jerusalem in his sleep one night) Whatever. His first impression of these dreams was that Satan was trying to influence him and he was tormented by them. He clearly was a nut case.

Here’s what James A Lyons, U.S. Navy retired Admiral, Commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and Senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations has to say about the Koran, a book based on Mohammed’s dreams.

“The actual biography of Muhammad aside (which is a veritable litany of rape, pillage, and plunder), there are at least 109 verses in the Koran that sanction violent acts against the “unbelievers” or “infidels.” For example, Koran 2:191 compels Muslims to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” IS and its affiliates demonstrate this on a daily basis in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. Koran 5:33 lays out the penalties for those who “wage war against God and His Apostle” [i.e.,fail to submit to Islam] or commit “mischief through the land”: “execution, or crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides.”

So the Liberal motion would make it illegal to criticize Mohammed or the contents of the Koran. While we’re at it, perhaps we should make it illegal to criticize Nazism and Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

We must be extremely cautious of all attempts by Muslims to stem criticism of their “religion”. In predominantly Muslim countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, one risks the death penalty for criticizing Islam. For this reason, people in the 100 or so Muslim nations of the earth, are trapped in an unforgiving hell of obedience to theocracy. We must fight any attempt to bring the same restrictions to Canada.