Canada is a Christian Nation

Ooooo. This is going to be sooooo politicially incorrect. But truth is truth and is not biased.

It is a good idea, every now and again, to re-affirm for the benefit all those out there who are drawn along with the current PM’s agenda of a secularist government, that Canada has forever been a Christian nation. We were founded by Christians on Christian principals. There were no Sikhs, Buddhists, or Hindus, or any other non-Christians among the Founding Fathers. Our national anthem, in it’s original French version, proudly describes our nation as a Christian entity bearing a cross.

Our Constitutional head of government, the Queen, is also the religious leader of one of Christianity’s major branches (the Church of England). All new Canadians, regardless of their religion are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

Unlike the United States, whose constitution distinctly mandates a separation of Church and State (the so-called “establishment clause”) there is no such reference whatsoever in the Canadian Constitution.

Many of Canada’s provinces have constitutionally protected funding for Christian/Catholic schools. Many of the leading hospitals and Universities were at one time ALL Christian owned and operated and today, still many are owned and operated by Christian/Catholic entities.

The vast majority of Canadians are Christians and more than 3 out of 4 Canadians believe in God.

Contrary to popular belief, Canadians have not always been welcoming to immigrants; especially non-Christian immigrants. It was only within the last half of the 20th Century that Canada began to welcome non-Christian immigrants, with the clear understanding that they MUST adapt their culture to Canadian Christian values.

Our current Liberal government, in appealing to the non-Christian vote, has adopted a revisionist historical storyline suggesting that Canada has always been “multi-cultural”.  Well, to the extent that the French, Irish, Scottish and English were of different cultural backgrounds that might be true. Then, came the Germans, Ukranians, Italians, Poles, Swedes, Greeks, etc. All predominantly Christians of one sort or another.

In the last 20 to 30 years, there have been millions of non-Christians admitted to Canada. So many non-Christians have been admitted that many new immigrants now seem to think Canada has always been a multi-racial, multi-religious society. That is not true. Up until about 1970 Canada was essentially a homogeneous, religiously Christian and culturally European society. There were very small pockets of non-Christian, non-European populations in only the very largest to our cities. And in rural areas, Canada’s indigenous populations were inevitably practicing Christians.

Just setting the record straight.

“Identipols” pass foolish Grit and NDP “Islamophobia” resolution

Well the Liberal and NDP stooges who pass for elected representatives of ALL Canadians did their best this week to drive a wedge through Canadian society by playing identity politics. They rammed a nonsensical but dangerous resolution through Parliament which implied that the only religious group suffering injustice in Canada are Muslims.

The only adequate response to this is for Conservative MPs is to introduce identical resolutions; each one with identical language EXCEPT simply replacing “Islamophobia” with “Anti-Semitism”, “Christophobia”, etc.

That will require the Liberals and the New Democrats to either support or shoot down the resolutions; the latter action clearly identifying them as race baiters and identipols. (Def. Individuals who exploit cultural or religious differences to gain political advantage)

British Home-Grown Muslim Terrorist No Surprise

It’s one thing when Muslims raised in far-flung Muslim hell holes  want to destroy Western Civilization. But it’s particularly concerning that a Muslim, born and bred in Britain’s freedom loving society does it. Yet, we shouldn’t be surprised.  Khalid Masood was born in Britain but one must suspect the ever present and false Muslim claims of victimhood and racism got his blood boiling.  And it probably didn’t help that his sense of subjugation was egged on by Liberal commentators and ivory tower academics claiming Islam ( a so-called “religion of peace”) has been victimized for centuries by Christianity.

We don’t yet know what lies his father and mother might have told him in his formative years. But one suspects he got the usual Muslim indoctrination that all Muslim kids get. Basically, that God supports Muslims killing others for the sake of Islam.

Masood probably got another dose of indoctrination at school. The absurd Liberal historical revisionist who teaches that the Crusades were all about Christian conquest while ignoring 14 centuries of Muslim atrocities on Christians, Jews and others, is playing into the hands of weak-minded and easily led fools like Masood.


Where is the Outrage? No Riots Following Ban on Laptops from Islamic Countries

So, when President Trump tries to restrict undocumented potential terrorists from Islamic hell holes of the world, it’s “racist”.  But now that Federal Aviation officials have banned laptops and other electronics on flights from Islamic countries, where’s the outrage? Doesn’t it follow that if banning people from only “Predominantly Muslim Countries” (as CNN and CBC likes to phrase it) is racists, then banning their stuff is also racist?

Or could it be that there’s a damn good reason to ban the people and their stuff from Muslim countries?  Perhaps because they are flying out of lawless countries riven with Muslim terrorists and terroist wannabes and there is no valid way of tracking them, it is a good idea to restrict their flow into the civilized west.

I am heartened to see the Washington Post, The Independent and the BBC all describing the current electronics ban as being placed on “majority Muslim”or “Islamic” countries.  The media in Canada is having great difficulty navigating their way around reports of the ban even going to the extreme of naming all ten countries or so while avoiding the obvious; they’re ALL Muslim and they’re all coincidentally among the same countries whose citizens were banned by Trump.

Trudeau Dithers as Terrorist Threat Grows

Canada’s “swiss cheese” border is a laughing stock. Hundreds, perhaps thousands (no one really knows) are illegally sneaking across Canada’s southern border with the U.S.   This week, the head of the Immigration and Refugee Board called for action on thousands of asylum seekers starting to clog up the system. The Premier of Manitoba told the feds to “Stop standy by”, claiming asylum seekers were straining provincial resources. All we get from Liberal government Ministers is that they are “monitoring” the situation. But as weak and ineffectual as that statement is, it almost certainly is also a lie. Because the government and border officials have no idea how many illegal and possibly terrorist motivated “refugees” are sneaking in daily.  Even at many “official” crossings, such as those on the Canadian prairies, border officers are no where to be seen. Threatening signs advise would-be terrorists that crossing into Canada is illegal. Wonderful!

Meanwhile our darling, cute, PM poses daily for selfies with adoring teens and tweets foolishly about “welcoming” refugees turned away by the U.S. The Liberal elite media is quick to jump all over President Trump for alleged foolish tweets. But nothing Trump has ever tweeted can be compared to the self aggrandizing and foolishly naive tweets of our PM. What the hell was he thinking!

The government must quickly, lowdly and unequivacably state that it Canada’s intention to send all refugees back to the U.S. in keeping with existing treaties between the two countries.  Although liberal immigration lawyers MIGHT argue that there are loopholes in current agreements, there is no question as to their intent. Both Canada and the U.S. have a long-standing agreement to return refugees to countries from which refugees cannot legitimately claim they are refugees (e.g. the U.S.). So Canada should begin returning all refugees immediately, before a crisis occurs and let the courts sort out the matter in the long run. Although I wouldn’t trust Canada’s Supreme Court to get a cup of coffee, at least the immediate return of all refugee claimants to the U.S. would give Canada some breathing space.

Mad Dogs and Machineguns

It is somewhat ironic that many of those who would blanche at the thought of banning crazed dogs such as Rottweilers, wouldn’t think twice about condemning the sale of assault rifles to the general public.

Now I’m not suggesting assault rifles should be readily available, I’m just puzzled at the apparent contradiction.

The Old Ruminator’s home town City Council has decided, in it’s wisdom there really isn’t such a thing as a bad dog…..only bad dog owners. So, while dancing on the head of a pin, they are going to implement some sort of hair-brained scheme of gradual classification of bad dogs.  So, if a dog bites you, twice, it’s bad and should be put down. Never mind if it’s a 2lb Chihuahua or an 80lb Doberman, they’ll all be treated the same.

Meanwhile, these very same City Councillors would no doubt be aghast at the idea of lumping assault rifles in with BB guns in terms of public prohibition.

I personally have no idea why anyone would want to own an assault rifle. But I can see how it might make more sense than owning a vicious dog. At least it might kind of fun to try a couple times, shooting at tin cans in the bush or whatever. And I wouldn’t have to take the assault rifle to the vet every year and feed it every day and clean up it’s crap, pethair, etc. I suppose the idea of a big, ugly, violent dog trained to attack and kill might appeal to some people but really, what is the difference, in principal between allowing the ownership of a gun which is a killing machine (not suitable for hunting) and a dog specifically bred as a killing machine.

You just can’t have it both ways.

Farcical e-petition on Islam’s “contribution” to civilization


Why are my tax dollars paying for a Parliamentary sponsored e-petition which falsely claims Islam has contributed to civilization?


I am shocked that it appears to have garnered a considerable number of signatories, although I suspect the vast majority or those signing are either Muslims or “useful idiot” Liberals.

While we are at it, why not a petition about how Nazism also has contributed. After all, think of all the positive things that came out of World War 2.

For 1400 years Islam has been the continuous, murderous enemy of civilization. Countless millions of humans have died or lived lives of destitution because of Islam. Countless wars have been waged by Christians fighting back Muslim hordes as they invaded Europe. Regions not so lucky, like Turkey and parts further east weren’t so fortunate.

Following the violent conquest of the Levant and Bysantine Empire by Muslim armies, that part of the world began a death spiral into it’s sad state of today. Further west, Europe was rescued from the brink of calamity by heroes such as Charles Martel and Charlemagne.

If not for the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, it is likely that part of the world would also now suffer from the anti-civil influence of Islam and would never have become one of the worlds great colonial powers.

It is complete and utter nonsense to suggest that a religion as vile and violent as Islam, which subjugates hundreds of millions of women around the world, which has plunged a third of the world into a cesspool of violent degredation and which today is the most malevolent force on earth, should be given a petition on a Canadian government website suggesting it is a positive force of “civilization”. Disgusting!

Obama Bureaucracy out to get Trump


Donald Trump took on the Washington Establishment, the Media, the Pollsters and the billion dollar financed DNC and Hillary Clinton. He won. But his biggest challenge may yet lie ahead, as hundreds of Obama surrogates….judges, bureaucrats and Obama appointees do everything they can to sabotage Mr. Trump’s legislative agenda.

Trump might benefit from comparing notes with former Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper. Shortly after Mr. Harper had slain the Liberal Dragon and resurrected the Conservative Party, he observed that he was facing an uphill battle against the Liberal-appointed bureaucracy and the Liberal-appointed Judiciary. Howls of protest from the Liberal elite media (most notably the CBC) followed Mr. Harpers perfectly legitimate observation. The media claimed Harper was paranoid….an irrational Conservative.

That’s how it’s going to be for Mr. Trump. No matter what he does, he will have to smash through an entrenched Liberal bureaucracy who believe their role is not to serve the American electorate, but to defeat the “tyrant” Trump.

It has been revealed that anywhere from 90 to 99 percent of all political donations from made by senior bureaucrats in Washington during the last election campaign, were made to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Can there be any doubt what their agenda will be?

President Trump must realize he is in a war and his first priority must be a complete sweep of the bureaucracy. Fire them all and rehire people who will honour the Constitution and uphold the democratic principals of a neutral bureaucracy dedicated to serving the government elected by the people.