Canadian Turks Try to Refute Armenian Genocide

A reprehensible half-page ad appears in today’s National Post. I was disgusted by it, but in the spirit of ‘freedom of speech’ must accept the author’s right to have it published. If only those who paid for the ad, also believed in truth, and freedom of expression.

In a nutshell, something called the “Turkish Canadians Peace and Solidarity Platform” (TCPSP) which one suspects is a cover group for a Turkish government propaganda arm, is claiming the Armenians are somehow subverting Canadian cultural diversity by propagating lies about the Armenian Genocide. The general claim is that many many Muslims were also killed in the First World War, so why point fingers at the Armenian Genocide?  It’s the classic smoke and mirrors/ red-herring campaign. Instead of getting down on their knees and apologizing to the Armenians, Turkish Muslims are stridently blaming the victims for bad press about the genocide.  The TCPSP has the unmitigated gall to claim that Armenians are somehow upsetting Canadian cultural peaceful coexistance by pointing out that Turkish Muslims systematically murdered or starved to death millions of Christian Armenian men, women and children at the turn of the century. (Actually, tens or hundreds of thousands of boys were kept alive following the murder of their parents in order that they might be forcefully converted to Islam or kept as sexual slaves. This is the Islamic practice of “devsirme”, practiced for the last 14 hundred years upon all conquered peoples.)


France and Mainstream Media Bias

I admit I don’t know much about Marine Le Pen, but only a casual read of the day’s news coverage following her spectacular showing in the French election ‘primary’ suggests she will have an uphill struggle against the mainstream media.  And we consumers of news in North America will have to take the reporting of events in France with a hefty dose of skepticism.

My first example is from an online CNN report today

“In the next two weeks, Macron will build on his pro-European, centrist message while Le Pen made it clear she would intensify the nationalist, anti-Islamist rhetoric that propelled her into the second round.”

Notice that our neutral, objective CNN reporter juxtaposes Macron’s “message” against Le Pen’s “rhetoric”.  Hmmmmm

In many other reports in Canadian media today there are innumerable references to Le Pen’s “pessimistic” and “dark” policies, compared to Macron’s “optimistic” policies.  Look, I get it that different people will interpret things differently, but the media is SUPPOSED to offer an unbiased interpretation of world events. Is it not possible that those millions for French citizens who voted for Le Pen, may actually believe her policies to be “optimistic” and “bright” for France’s future? As a former senior journalist with one of Canada’s leading News Organizations, the Old Ruminator, is perfectly capable of understanding events without some junior reporter, fresh out of a left-leaning University with a Communications degree, lending their worldly opinion to the day’s news coverage.

Trump Explained – America First

It seems, that after seven months, the mainstream media is still completely incapable of figuring out Donald Trump? Or, more likely, it’s just a continuation of their willful ignorance in an attempt to complicate and obfuscate his policies.

The President’s recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan are being interpreted by many mainstream media leftists as “flip-flopping” on his position of “America First.”  Well, perhaps a Canadian, can explain things to them.

In my humble opinion, President Trump’s “America First” declaration is primarily aimed at repudiating the years of Obama kowtowing to the UN, and his many public statements denigrating the United States. It is also aimed at economic policies such as Free Trade Treaties which risked or sacrificed American jobs and weakened America’s geopolitical influence. It is also aimed at Obama’s history of imperiling American self-interest in favour of some pie-in-the-sky theory such as anthropomorphic global warming.

“America First” does NOT mean a complete retreat to isolationism and Trump has never suggesting any such thing. Where it is felt that American’s safety or interests may be threatened by activities elsewhere in the world, Trump will by all means take action to influence foreign events in American’s favour. That’s what “America First” is all about; not some mamby pamby notion that by joining hands with countries such as Iran and singing Koombaya, the world’s problems (and by extension, America’s) will be fixed.

“America First” is about leading from the front. It’s about standing firm on principals enshrined in the American Constitution. It’s about facing down tin pot dictatorships in Syria and loony tune tyrants in North Korea. No, there will be no Nobel Peace prizes or UN glad-handing. But America please know, there are people in this world, outside of United States, who are damn glad you have elected President Trump who is re-establishing your nation as a beacon of freedom for the entire globe.

Canada’s History – Courtesy of CBC tax dollars and an LGBQT? Committee

A politically correct, social activist version of history.

You’d think after all these years I’d know better, but the eternal optimist that I am, I ventured to watch the opening couple episodes of CBC’s “The Story of Us”. I actually held out hope against hope that the modern CBC, bad as it is, might actually come up with something resembling an accurate portrayal of Canadian History to celebrate our 150th year of Confederation. After all, didn’t the CBC produce an entertaining and informative TV version of Pierre Burton’s “The National Dream”, 30 or 40 years ago?

Well, what we get for God knows how many millions of wasted taxpayer dollars is a mish mash of half witted nonsense which clearly was written by a rather large committee of LDBGDQ etc., and native activists. Every episode has at least one or more aboriginal hero, no matter what the subject matter. Ditto, for the brave women of yesteryear. As for the bumbling white male colonialist puppets….well they are often portrayed as fools who would have perished if not for being rescued by the much wiser and smarter Indians and females.

Then, in order to completely destroy any semblance of objectivity, the “docudrama” rolls out cameo statements from a host of 2nd rate Canadian actors who clearly haven’t got a clue. I mean do we really need fringe actors spewing siropy sycophantic nonsense at every turn. How about some bona fide historians? Maybe that would help put things in a proper context.

Look, anyone with half a brain knows that women and native peoples played a key role in Canada’s formative years and ongoing history. But it’s as if a committee of left-leaning radicals sat down and decided they were going to re-write history to capture every modern-day grievance rolled out at our so-called “universities” and confront those grievances through revisionist history. Kind of like what the Marxists did to the Romanovs.

I really don’t have the courage or the stomach to tune into any further episodes of this farce. I fear of running across a gay Sir John A in bed with Cartier, maybe with a lesbian native servant who rescues them from reputational ruin with the help of a few transgendered former slaves fleeing the imperialist U.S.