Trump Explained – America First

It seems, that after seven months, the mainstream media is still completely incapable of figuring out Donald Trump? Or, more likely, it’s just a continuation of their willful ignorance in an attempt to complicate and obfuscate his policies.

The President’s recent actions in Syria and Afghanistan are being interpreted by many mainstream media leftists as “flip-flopping” on his position of “America First.”  Well, perhaps a Canadian, can explain things to them.

In my humble opinion, President Trump’s “America First” declaration is primarily aimed at repudiating the years of Obama kowtowing to the UN, and his many public statements denigrating the United States. It is also aimed at economic policies such as Free Trade Treaties which risked or sacrificed American jobs and weakened America’s geopolitical influence. It is also aimed at Obama’s history of imperiling American self-interest in favour of some pie-in-the-sky theory such as anthropomorphic global warming.

“America First” does NOT mean a complete retreat to isolationism and Trump has never suggesting any such thing. Where it is felt that American’s safety or interests may be threatened by activities elsewhere in the world, Trump will by all means take action to influence foreign events in American’s favour. That’s what “America First” is all about; not some mamby pamby notion that by joining hands with countries such as Iran and singing Koombaya, the world’s problems (and by extension, America’s) will be fixed.

“America First” is about leading from the front. It’s about standing firm on principals enshrined in the American Constitution. It’s about facing down tin pot dictatorships in Syria and loony tune tyrants in North Korea. No, there will be no Nobel Peace prizes or UN glad-handing. But America please know, there are people in this world, outside of United States, who are damn glad you have elected President Trump who is re-establishing your nation as a beacon of freedom for the entire globe.

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