Flake named ‘Colbert’ disgraces CBS


I’ve never watched the show that someone named Steve Colbert hosts on CBS late at night. Ya, I’m a senior and I tend to go to bed around 11PM unless I’m enjoying the company of friends over another glass of wine. Anyway, there’s a big stink over some sort of monologue that this Colbert guy recently gave.

I finally saw a clip of the episode on Fox News’ Hannity tonight and was genuinely shocked that such a profane, disrespectful, disgusting rant would be allowed to the air on the (formerly) distinguished CBS network.

As a former news man, I always respected CBS for it’s perspective….that is until the famous scandal involving Dan Rather’s phony story on President HW Bush’s military record.

Anyway, CBS should issue an apology at least and it would be great if they completely banned this buffoon Colbert from the air. Actually, I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t some sort of legislative prohibition against this disgusting episode.

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