Are There No Conservative Comics?

It seems a plethora of would-be left-wing comedians have seen their careers resurrected with the election of Donald Trump. I’m quite puzzled by all this, because it has always been Conservatives who claimed Liberals have no sense of humour. Scores of right wing commentators, including myself, have made the point that feminists, gay activists, academics are so politically tight-assed that nothing remotely borderline in terms of political correctness could possibly make them laugh. And with the latest round of late-night profanity the common rejoinder is; “they would never have allowed such things to be said of Hillary.” It seems there are millions of Hillary Clinton fans who stay up past their normal bedtimes to listen to Late Night TV hosts lambaste Trump with so-called ‘humour’. Now maybe Liberals just normally stay up late but haven’t been watching TV in recent years and this serves as a kind of catharsis following Hillary’s humiliating defeat. Whatever the reasons, it seems to me someone is missing out on a potential ratings bonanza by not going after the millions of voters who supported Trump.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the ‘right’ to have it’s own late night TV show, complete with a Conservative host making rude and disgusting jokes about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? I mean there’s a boat load of material for anyone with a half decent ability to wright a gag. And, at least for a short while, millions of lefties would tune in, just to be outraged. It’s a winner.  And it certainly would go a lot further in addressing the imbalance currently at play in the spectrum of political comedy.

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