More Muslims Equals Greater Chance of Terrorist Acts says CBC

I watched in stunned disbelief tonight as CBC’s The National finally reported the obvious … the more Muslims a Country has, the more chance that country could face a terrorist act. Mind you, the CBC didn’t actually use the word “Muslims”. The report went something like this; an expert said , Britain has millions of people of whom a percentage might radicalize, Canada has thousands.  Clearly the comment was not about overall population, because of course Canada as millions of “people” not thousands. But we do have “thousands” of people who are Muslim. I think the official number these days is several hundred thousand.

A little later in the show, a panel of so-called “experts” pooh poohed suggestions that Canada should review it’s immigration polices. Surprise! But the good news is that our public broadcaster finally, finally reported an obvious fact which is so apparent to anyone with an ounce of common sense.



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