Nashville latest to be screwed by bad NHL officiating

The Nashville Preditors were f…ked by NHL refereeing tonight in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Is anyone really surprised?  Now the Nashville fans have a taste of what so many Canadian fans have had to endure in recent years as Gary Bettman and the NHL focus their efforts to ensure big markets like Boston, New York, Chicago and Pittsburg take home the trophy.

In a call which was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong, a perfectly legitimate goal by the Nashville Preditors was dissallowed because some fool of a referee blew his whistle in a panic while the play was still alive. Lord help us. Why do we tolerate this BS? I just can’t be bothered to go into all the details but over the years there have been too many cases of a Stanly Cup being awarded due to incompetence of malevolence on the part of NHL referees.  It’s sickening.

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