Trump is right. Western Civilization in Peril

There’s been a lot of bleating from the Liberal elite lately concerning President Trump’s recent eloquent speech to the Polish people. Harkening back to similar speeches by JFK, President Trump provided  a marvelous summary of the struggle underway to preserve the greatest civilization the world has ever known. That, of course, is Western Civilization, which every historian knows is built upon the pillars of Christianity.

When Liberal elites describe Trump’s speech as “White Supremicist” they might want to review speeches and many written texts by one of the greatest, if not the greatest world leader of all time; Winston Churchill. Was Winston Churchill a racist? I daresay there are some University Professors out there who believe so.

I’ve been reading an excellent book called “Churchill and God”, in which the great leader’s fundamental belief in Christian Civilization is explored in depth. Churchill knew that the Anti-God Nazis posed a threat to Christian civilization which, of course, is the foundation of Western Civilization. But Churchill also had considerable contempt for those he described as Mohammedins….the force which has been trying to destroy Christian Civilization for fourteen hundred years.

The latest news is that Statistics Canada has crunched the numbers and within 20 years, Canada will be predominantly a land of people who will be ignorant or downright hostile to Christianity and the civilization it spawned. Most of the new immigrants will come from Asia and many if not most of them will come from Muslim countries such as Pakistan. The Old Ruminator has nothing against Asians. For the most part they are wonderful, bright, hard working human beings. But a nasty current of cultural evil runs within the Asian Continent; Islam. It has created vast swaths of human misery, destroying nations such as Pakistan and threatening others such as the Phillipines and Indonesia.

The Globe and Mail reports “A massive demographic change is taking place that could alter Canada’s economic, political and education systems and exacerbate the divide between rural and urban communities.”   Of course, one element is glaringly missing from the Globe’s report….the “cultural” change which is coming. The Globe and other media outlets don’t want to go there. Too sensitive. But the truth is, Canada will change and I believe NOT for the better.

Goodbye Canada. Goodbye to the Christian Civilization upon which you are based. Goodbye to the Christian based laws which established you and allowed you to flourish and become the world’s greatest nation. Goodbye to the values, which by the way, welcome peoples of all cultures and faiths to adopt Canada’s Liberty.

Unless we are extremely lucky and new immigrants learn to adopt Canadian values, we could see the Muslim “no-go” zones familiar to so many residents of Sweden, France and Belgium.

All the more reason to support efforts to ensure all new immigrants are familiar with the Canadian values which make our great nation what it is today and that they swear allegiance to those values upon entering the country.

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