NYT and Post Hurting America

The General who has led U.S. Special Forces in the defeat of ISIS claimed today that leaks from the NY Times led to the escape of ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, just when they were closing in on him. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Washington Post publishes another “sources” story that, if true (that is that Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. referred to discussions with AG Jeff Sessions about the recent U.S. election campaign) could only have come from the highest level of a U.S. security agency. But, did it not occur to the Washington Post that the Ambassador to the Kremlin would of course be aware that his calls were being “tapped” and that in true Russian style, he would be sorely tempted to mention a red herring in an attempt to bamboozle intelligence officials?  Surely, officials with the Washington Post could not possibly be that dumb, could they? Useful Idiots for the Kremlin?  Well, based on the raft of Fake News coming from the NYT and Post in recent months, I guess one shouldn’t be surprised.

But my point in all of this is that these two grand old mainstream media outlets have completely squandered any credibility they might have had in their blind rage towards Donald Trump. They’ve let their emotions control their reason and severely tarnished their reputations and possibly caused the loss of American and Allied lives.  After all, by publishing news that would allow the leader of ISIS to escape, the NYT essentially aided and abetted ISIS.  ISIS has been “dismantled” and is on the verge of complete collapse with conservative estimates of at least 60 to 70,000 ISIS terrorists killed. But with the ISIS leader still loose, there is still a dim hope for his dwindling followers and he serves as an encouragement to them to continue their rampage against Christianity and Western Civilization.

Shame on the NYT and Washington Post.

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  1. With all the fake news today we need at least one news outlet that is verifiably true…maybe a “Snopes News”or something. It may not be breaking news but at least we would know it was true.

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