Blame the Courts, not Trudeau for Kadr Fiasco

I’m not a fan of Justin Trudeau, but the blame for the multi-million dollar payout to terrorist Omar Kadr, must rest with the nation’s courts, not its government.

Those among us who have lived as adults for a few years may recall the case of Maher Arar…the Canadian/Syrian dual citizen who travelled overseas to his homeland not long after 9/11 and got into trouble upon his return.  For whatever reason, he was misidentified by American authorities as a potential terrorist and was returned to Syria where he was tortured.

Upon his eventual return to Canada, Canadian courts in their infinite wisdom decided that efforts by the Canadian government to repatriate Mr. Arar were not strenuous enough and that Canada’s so-called complicity in the whole caper warranted a ridiculous pay-out to Mr. Arar of 10 million dollars.  It set a very bad precedent. The government of the day, a Conservative Government under PM Stephen Harper, fought the payout tooth and nail, but the government was no match for the ivory tower pin-heads who control Canada’s highest courts and eventually the government was forced to make the abominable payment to Mr. Arar.

Those among us who have any knowledge whatsoever about a citizens’ ability to sue the “crown”, are aware that centuries of legal precedent have denied that opportunity to individual citizens in almost all cases. But not, it seems for dual-citizens like Mr. Arar who, by keeping his Syrian citizenship was maintaining his patriotic ties to a despotic dictatorship.

Now, we move forward about 10 years or so, to the case of Omar Kadr….another dual Canadian…this time fighting for jihad and trying to kill Americans, Canadians, and other allied forces who went to Afghanistan in an attempt to wrest that nation from the grip of Islamic Terrorism.  Kadr ended up killing an American Medic and blinding another soldier. Upon Kadr’s eventual return to Canada it was revealed that during his time in an American prison his captors may have affected his sleep rythms and Canadian diplomats sent to interview him may have been mean to him.

The current government, looking at the legal precedent of Mr. Arar, knew they wouldn’t have a chance in the bizarre world of Canadian jurisprudence and they paid him off to make him go away.

Now, we have reports of Canadian women…perhaps with their ISIS-fathered children, who went to Iraq to join ISIS and screw around with jihadists and who now may wish to come “home”. Lord have mercy on us. What do we do? Well, it seems unless we are prepared to get serious about changing the way our judges are appointed and pampered, we better consider giving each one of these unfortunate women all-expense paid trips back home on private charters and set them up for life with a million dollars each. It will a cheap solution to the alternative.


One thought on “Blame the Courts, not Trudeau for Kadr Fiasco”

  1. The Trudeau liberals should have at least fought it in court to deter every Abdulla,Ahmad, and Muayyad in the world from suing Canada.

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