“Safe” Injection Sites Cause More Deaths

I said it not that long ago, when Vancouver was first considering a so-called “safe” injection site for habitual drug users and I’ll repeat it now. These so-called “safe” injection sites encourage and condone drug addiction and are leading to record numbers of overdose deaths. They, ultimately are the cause of an epidemic of drug addiction in Vancouver which far outstrips anything that existed before the so-called “safe” injection sites were implemented….against the wishes of the Federal Government of the day…but with the blessings of our idiot-run courts.

Not that long ago, we were a society which had a profound and clear message to all youth. Drugs are dangerous and will destroy your life. Alon with that message, was another bit of advice for all young people. “Only you can decide whether you are going to become a drug addict. It’s your choice, so choose wisely.”

But the so-called “safe” injection sites sent an entirely new message to a new generation.  “It’s OK if you’re a drug addict.  It’s not your fault. And all we ask is that you don’t hurt yourself. We’ll even help you with unlimited free needles and a supervised place where you can shoot your brain silly without anyone passing judgement.”  It was a disgraceful message to be sent to young, impressionable minds and it ultimately has resulted in ever increasing and record numbers of deaths year after year.

Oh, I can hear the drug apologists now. But it’s the opioids….it’s the over-prescriptions…it’s the Fentanyl and supercharged chemicals. We need more “safe injections sites” in every community and every neighbourhood!  Indeed, in recent weeks we have heard news reporters calmly reporting on the ridiculous proposition that more “safe injection sites” should be opened.


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