Trump’s Faults Pale in Comparison to Hillary’s Dirty Tricks

I think we can all agree that President Trump could raise the demeanor of his public utterances via Twitter. But nothing the President has done during the election campaign or subsequent to his swearing in ceremony comes even close to the disgusting and vile tactics of Crooked Hillary’s Election Campaign.
Last night’s explosive expose from the Washington Post that Crooked Hillary’s Campaign and the DNC paid for the so-called “Russian Dossier” has completely obliterated any claim of campaign ethical superiority by the self-righteous, hypocritical Democrats. The revelation that a Candidate for the President of the United States would finance the creation of an obscene and despicable web of lies in a vile attempt to destroy the reputation of her rival, goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the history of western democracies.
And the revelation that James Comey’s FBI relied heavily on the dossier shows either a shocking lack of Intelligence sophistication or a deliberate interference by America’s leading law enforcement agency in a Presidential election campaign.
The Old Ruminator was a news editor in the days of Watergate. Writing copy has a way of imprinting things on one’s mind and memory. I can tell you, this latest revelation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign “dirty tricks” makes Richard Nixon look like a Saint by comparison.

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