How About and Anti-Christophobia Day

With various Muslim groups calling upon Trudeau to officially shame Canadians by declaring an anti “Islamaphobia Day”, (as though all Canadians are Islamaphobes) perhaps those who practice the founding religion of this nation should call for an anti “Christophobia” day to be observed by all new Canadian Muslims.

Something quite disturbing dawned on the Old Ruminator this week. It happened after the little Muslim girl made up the story about some Asian man trying to cut off her hijab. It’s impossible to get inside the mind of a child, but it’s not too much of a stretch to assume she was seeking some sort resolution to a conflict at home or school. One wonders what messages she might have been given by parents or teachers about “Canadians who hate Muslims” or other such nonsense. There is no doubt that vast numbers of Muslims, instead of getting down on their knees and thanking God for their deliverance from the “shitholes” of their home countries, have taken to admonishing as “Islamaphones” the very people who have given them refuge.

So back to Christophobia. What I want to know is why not a single Muslim among the hundreds, perhaps thousand who have attended anti-Jewish and anti-Christian diatribes at local mosques have never demanded that the Imams spewing their hatred by banished? We have been made aware on many occasions of secret recordings from large mosques in Montreal and Toronto, where Imams have vented with hate-filled speeches to spell-bound audiences.

I sincerely believe that if any Christian or Jewish leader had launched a similar attack against Muslims in a church or synagogue, they would be thrown out on their ear. And rightly so. But it seems adherants to the “Religion of Peace” aren’t inclined to such sensitivities. How is it that not one person stood up and demanded that these purveyors of hate be cast out of the mosque immediately…into the gutter where they belong?

Our “sunny ways” PM should be reminded that nothing constructive is accomplished by a society wallowing in self-hatred, negativity and shame. Canada did not become one of the greatest civilizations on earth through guilt and self-abasement. Canada is built on a spirit of pride, decency, common respect for all peoples. To create National Days which would cast a shadow on that truth or suggest our greatness is a lie, would not be wise. Our new Muslim neighbours and citizens should consider these things before making outrageous demands on the society which has rescued them from the “shitholes” from whence they come.

And finally, to repeat something that cannot be overstated.  I don’t hate Muslims. I do hate the Muslim ‘religion’ and most of the primitive cultures associated with Islam. And while their home countries ARE almost always “shitholes”, I don’t hate the people who flee from those countries.  In fact I admire their tenacity and optimism. I just wish they would reflect a bit more on the Christian values upon which their adoptive country was founded.

Is “white privilege” given or earned?

I would guess there isn’t a University campus in North America today where a white student is not subjected to the idea that they must accept some level of guilt for their so-called “white privilege”. The idea of white privilege is an interesting one. Certainly, it seems in today’s world that so-called white people….we all know of whom I speak…live in relatively more prosperous, healthy, creative, attractive and civilized societies than most non-white societies. And no doubt, many millions of white inhabitants of these white societies have done nothing to deserve the privilege they enjoy. These predominately white societies have proven to be very attractive to inhabitants of non-white societies, the extent that millions upon millions of non-whites have flocked to the white societies in hope of enjoying the same privileges.  Of course, what has happened is that many of these non-whites have taken to criticizing their adoptive countries as “colonial, imperialistic, racist” etc. Others have begun to argue that the countries and cultures they fled, are somehow superior or at least equal to the “white” societies in which they now live; a puzzling proposition, to say the least.

Now, it is true that at one time or another, some of the older white societies, practiced slavery, as did pretty well every other society on earth. But the white societies were the first to abolish slavery, whereas many non-white societies continue to practice slavery and the subjugation of women and children to this day.

Given all the above, I think a very good argument can be made that the overall “privilege” enjoyed by white societies were earned by hard work.  That’s right, hard work over many centuries; self sacrifice, personal restraint, civility and charity to others, essentially the practice of a fundamental Judeo Christian ethic.

One could go on forever, but my point is; the so-called “white privilege” one hears about today, was not “given”….it was not “taken”…it was earned through hard work.  And every white student in University today should take great pride in their race. Their ancestors established the greatest civilizations the world has ever known through discipline and hard work.

But, those countries ARE shitholes.

The Old Ruminator has attended a few executive type meetings over the years. As a matter of fact; meetings with some of the leading business people in the world.

Every now and then, at one of those meetings, one or other of the more forthright, strong CEO’s would swear. They would use a profanity and certainly “shithole” might have even been one of those words. I can’t say exactly when and where it happened or by whom, because it happened so many times and by so many senior business people, it would be impossible to keep track.

So, to all the snowflakes out there who are offended by a remark President Trump may or may not have made while in closed, private and tough negotiations with other hard-nosed politicians….. I say, get over it.

Besides, Haiti and Ghana ARE shitholes. Is there any doubt that those countries are shitholes? And why haven’t the people in those countries done something about it? Haiti has been independent for several generations, but the residents do nothing about the crime, dirt, corruption and filth that passes as an excuse for government.

There’s a lot of other countries in this world that are shitholes and I think it’s time we said so. Pakistan and Afghanistan are shitholes. Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and any number of Muslim countries in the Indian Ocean are shitholes. Why do we continue to pretend that they are anything else but shitholes?

I think it’s refreshing that this whole matter has come to light. Words are powerful instruments of change and as it is said that we must know our enemy and call him/it out for what it is, so we must be prepared to call out shithole countries when we see them.